Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 727

Chapter 727 Zhu Yan And Bai Ze

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“It is strange that the ground behind Goldie just collapsed,” Fatty Big Sea widened his eyes then squinted.

“Isn’t it that Goldie used too much strength?” Da Zi face was filled with naiveness.

“Would it make such a low-level mistake?” Fatty Big Sea said lightly.

“Are there other monsters out there?” Da Zi frowned.

“I don’t sense other monsters,” Fatty Big Sea shook his head.

“Pi Xiu represents an auspicious beast in ancient Huaxia mythology, and this Pi Xiu has the ability to switch misfortune into good luck.”

“Indeed… That must be it,” Fatty Big Sea nodded, “So it is this ability”.

“This ability is psychotic,” Moneymaker said enviously.

“No matter who you fight with, all kinds of favorable things will support it. Who can beat it?”

“Without invincible ability, no matter how lucky you are, you can’t increase your strength. Luck can save it once but not a hundred times.”

“Ah, ah.” Moneymaker nodded and asked suddenly, “what if luck can save it a hundred and one times?”

Fatty Big Sea, “…”

“Come here.” Fatty Big Sea suddenly said.

“What do you want to do?” Moneymaker went into an alert mode.

“I want to bite you to death,” Fatty Big Sea flicked his tail, leapt over and started chasing and crazily biting Moneymaker.

Pom Pom.

In the dust, one could hear the sounds of punching fist.

Gao Peng suddenly heard a sound getting louder and louder.

At last, there was a loud explosion, the coagulated dust shook suddenly; the next moment, two streams of light burst out from inside, one in front and the other behind.

The one in front escaping was the Pi Xiu, the one chasing was Goldie.

Goldie looked horrible. There were two bloodied wounds on his chest, one was much larger, the other was slightly smaller. Aside from those, there are many bruises on his body.

There were not many wounds on Pi Xiu’s body, the only obvious wound was a slightly swollen left cheek, with a faint red fist mark.


Goldie once again stepped through the ground, and his speed inevitably slowed down for a second. At this moment, Pi Xiu, who was about to be overtaken, took the opportunity to increase the distance with Goldie.

“Stop!” Goldie roared.

“Catch me if you can,” Pi Xiu replied rudely.

When running away, Pi Xiu took a glance at Goldie’s ‘friends’ secretly and noticed that they didn’t step in. Though he was relieved, his heart was very heavy. The duck’s strength was much stronger than it imagined.

No, not merely much stronger, but way stronger!

This strength could be in the top ten of the Carnage Chart.

A key reason it realized, was that the elements in the air around were unknowingly rejected. It immediately realized that the duck has the ability that was like an Anti-magic field.

In this case, one can only fight with this duck through hand to hand combat. Fortunately, its main combat power was close-quarters combat. The element control ability was just supplementary, so the influence of the anti-magic field on its combat power was not great.

When shifting its strategy, Pi Xiu thought for a long time on how to deal with the duck and was not able to come up with a reliable way.

This duck has a strong defence. For other monsters who were not good at hand to hand combat, even if one was a quasi god, getting pierced by its horn several times should result in serious injury. But this duck seems to feel no pain but gets better with each strike.

Secondly, the duck’s strength was also unbelievably strong. It was hard to shake it off when it was caught close to it. Several times, it was its natural gifts that helped it escape.

Pi Xiu was helpless, he can’t fight win in close combat, and his elemental ability was stripped by the anti-magic ability.

“Humph, I’m out of shape today. You wait, I will teach you a lesson the next time!” He roared majestically, after all just because he didn’t win the fight, doesn’t mean he can’t leave with class.

Goldie refused to give up since he said he wants to smash the Pi Xiu into a paste, he must do it and gave chase.

“Let’s follow.” Gao Peng was frustrated. Is Goldie’s brain filled with muscles? Is he not afraid that the Pi Xiu sets an ambush.

In the distance, on the top of the hill, a dog-rabbit lookalike, a white-haired beast with long ears was astonished, “the golden Pi Xiu actually escaped.”

“Seems like there is another competitor in the World Vortex Battlefield,” said a hornless, one-legged bull-like monster with a black body.

The news that the Pi Xiu was chased by a yellow duck soon spread all over the battlefield.

After this battle, Goldie and Gao Peng’s team gained much fame.

Although Pi Xiu held the fourth place in the World Vortex Battlefield, it doesn’t mean that its strength was in the fourth place; but this rank did not differ much from the reality of its ability.

To beat the Pi Xiu and pursue it for hundreds of thousands of miles, was not a feat for anyone.

According to witnesses, Pi Xiu in front and the duck chased after him.

Of course, after the event, the Pi Xiu never admitted that he was running away. Two monsters talked publicly about Pi Xiu ‘s escape, and got swallowed by him; no one ever mentioned this matter in front of him again.

In a remote valley in the World Vortex Battlefield, a white-headed ape strode into the valley and sat on the ground, leaning back. The mountain peak behind him trembled slightly. The wall on which the ape leaned on was without any grass, smooth and clean. “I’m so angry.”

“What’s the matter?” The gentle female voice from the valley said, “who made our big monkey angry again?”

From the deep valley with lush greenery, a strange animal with a lion’s body and sheep’s horn stepped out slowly. Its white fur fell softly against the body like a waterfall, and eyes alert.

“It’s nothing much, just that I overheard them saying that the recently famous duck shares my race, that it has the bloodline of our Zhu Yan Clan. How could we, the Zhu Yan Clan, have ducks?” the angry-looking ape noticed the tyrannical look of the white beast and could not help but calm down. He smiled earnestly at the white beast and laughed, “That’s why I beat up all those slanderous monsters.”

“You are still as grumpy.” Bai Ze jokingly said, “You haven’t changed after so many years, it is just them making something out nothing. Since they want to gossip, let them have their way.”

“I will listen to you,” Zhu Yan scratched his butt, then felt that it might be inappropriate to do such things in front of her, so he placed his hand on his nose and sniffed.

“Disgusting.” Bai Ze rolled her eyes.

“Heh heh.” Zhu Yan gave a silly laugh, snorting like a fat child.

“What is the background of that duck?” Zhu Yan asked curiously.

Bai Ze closes her eyes, the hair wavered without any wind, and finally after a long time, opened her eyes.

“The blood of the monster who defeated Pi Xiu is very special. It doesn’t belong to Jiutian Shidi.” Bai Ze said perplexed.

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