Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 728

Chapter 728 Sillys Breakthrough

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“What? Not from Empyrean? Then don’t continue divinating, you’ll be exhausted.” Zhu Yan was taken aback, then scratched its head, “That makes sense then, I was wondering why that guy was so strong.”

“Yeah.” Bai Ze nodded, changing the topic, “You fought against it?”

“No no, I just had a competition of strength against it.” Zhu Yan waved its hand.

Since he’s already exposed his strength, Gao Peng no longer needs to keep it a secret. Digging dirt was fruitful, but the items that come from decomposing Quasi God and Saint Tier monster corpses are more valuable.

According to King of Robotics and the old Bi Fang, fighting against Abyss World is “politically correct.” If you make a big contribution here, and kill a lot of abyss monsters, you’ll be valued by the bosses.

Compared to the small risk of exposing his abilities, clearly there are more advantages.

The real bosses of Jiutian Shidi are not Mutated Tribe or humans, but the Mythical Familiars, Ominous Familiars, and Mutant Familiars who have ruled over Jiutian Shidi for centuries.

They have longer histories than the entire human and Mutated Tribe races. They are the real antiques.

Their existence is also the reason Abyss World has not been able to infiltrate Jiutian Shidi.

In the following battles, Liuguang, Da Zi, and Desolion fought with all their strength, and made a reputation for themselves.

The three of them plus Goldie makes four Quasi Gods. In addition to Gao Peng’s identity as a Monster Trainer, having four Quasi Gods attracted the attention of some other forces.

“Have you confirmed? He’s really from Mingyu Country?” A dozen people sat in the palace, the one in the highest chair was a noble man who wore a robe spun of gold.

“Your Highness, those people haven’t responded yet, it’ll take at least another 2 weeks for their return.”

“Do you think he’s really from Mingyu Country?”

“How can that kind of small, remote country have a prodigy like this?”

“Four Quasi Gods, he’d be considered a top prodigy no matter where he is.”

“Most importantly, we’ve never heard of him before.”

“That’s what’s strange.”

This crowd discussed animatedly.

“Alright,” his Highness said with a low voice from the main seat. “Send someone to get in touch with him. I want to know if we can subdue him. Even if we can’t, we should try to get on good terms.”


Once everyone left the room, his Highness slowly closed his eyes and fell into thought, “Able to form a contract with four Quasi God Familiars, he really has a gift…. If they can break through Quasi God and become God Tier, I’ll have a bigger chance of inheriting the throne.”

He didn’t consider sending someone to kill Gao Peng or to make an enemy of him. Although he was jealous of Gao Peng’s gift, he knows you can’t take someone else’s gift by force. Rather than envying, it’s better to maximize profits — that is, become the gifted person’s friend.

“Gao Peng, we’re back from hunting.” Da Zi fluttered its wings and landed. In its claws were two corpses, one of the corpses gave off the aura of a Quasi God Tier.

Seeing their food, all the nearby Familiars swarmed up.

Da Zi sighed like an old man. It felt like a worried old father raising a bunch of chicks.

“Divide the spoils, divide the spoils.” Silly floated over excitedly, landing on Gao Peng’s head and gazing at Da Zi with eager eyes.

Da Zi raised its head proudly. It seems to have forgotten that it killed this Quasi God monster with the cooperation of Desolion and Liuguang.

Setting the Quasi God corpse on the altar, it quickly broke down into some essence that floated above the altar.

“Give this essense to Silly, Silly’s about to break through Quasi God,” Gao Peng said.

The Familiars were quiet. If Gao Peng says so, then they have no objections.

Just leave it to Gao Peng to distribute.

Silly swallowed this Quasi God’s Meat Essence, and began to squeal wildly. It turned from a silver jellyfish into a pink jellyfish.

“Wah wah wah–”

A wave of strong Spatial Essence leaked out from Silly’s body.

Vanity Distortion, space was folded inwards like a piece of paper.

Silly’s body flashed, then vanished in place, appearing 10 meters to the left.

“Big Sea, conceal its aura.” Gao Peng didn’t want other entities to find out about Silly’s breakthrough…. Though he definitely couldn’t fool that Celestial Beast, but the fewer the better.

Fatty Big Sea nodded, and took out the Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth. Goldie used it a while ago to dig soil, so Fatty Big Sea kept it on its body to wash with water.

The Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth floated in the sky, its Power of Devouring created a black hole, which swallowed all the surrounding light and waves.

In a faraway valley, Bai Ze raised her head. She sensed a strong devouring power.

“Is it a Taotie?”

But she soon gave up this speculation. This generation’s Taotie is probably not born yet.

“Boom!” The aura in Silly’s body grew stronger and stronger, reaching a bottleneck.

With Silly in the center, the space within a 1000 kilometer radius fell into disorder.

Liuguang didn’t get to speak, it was taken up by the Power of Space, and appeared 100 meters to the left the next moment.

Da Zi’s eyes glowed, sensing a Spatial Whirlpool gathering ahead. It ran towards it, and was teleported 300 meters by the Power of Space.

“This is fun!”

Goldie’s eyes twinkled. The surrounding Power of Space hit it like waves against a rock. They made foam, but the rock stood firmly.

“Alright, stop fooling around, let’s get out first.” Gao Peng didn’t know if they would disturb Silly’s evolution by staying here. You can never be too careful.

Da Zi flew out reluctantly.

Gao Peng seemed to have remembered something when he saw that scene. Silly’s powers strengthened. Now it could transport not only itself, but also other monsters with the Power of Space.

With practice, Silly’s ability would be useful in combat. It would allow other Familiars to have the ability of teleportation.

Gao Peng fell into thought.


Silly stretched its back, a circle of spatial waves spread out around it.

The chains in its body were finally shattered. Silly’s aura grew multiply imposing.

The 10 meters of space before Silly gradually distorted as if grabbed by a large, invisible hand.

Standing in the distance, Gao Peng saw the hills behind the distorted space also refract and twist.

Like a taut string, once it reached 180 degrees, it could no longer twist, as if hitting some limit.

If that limit is broken, space would shatter like broken glass.

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