Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 729

Chapter 729 Transportmissed

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“This region of space has been strengthened, it’s more stable than ordinary surface spaces.” Fatty Big Sea had the manner of a professor, which gave Gao Peng’s crew confidence.

“Then if it were Jiutian Shidi, Silly can break the space.” Goldie exclaimed, “A strong space breaker! Silly is ahead of us.”

Of course, Silly didn’t get the reference about the space breaker, but knowing Goldie was praising it was enough.

The little guy was very pleased, it twirled around, looking very content.

You used to call me a dead fish, but now I’m strong.

“Silly, now you can make other people Spatial Shift too.” Gao Peng called Silly over. Silly floated in front of Gao Peng. Gao Peng pinched Silly’s soft, umbrella-shaped head, like pinching a piece of jello. It felt very nice.

“Yes!” Silly raised a tentacle and made a heart, showing that it’s super strong now.

“Don’t make a mistake,” Gao Peng said cautiously. It’s the Power of Space, which is regarded as a high tier attribute everywhere. Even within the precepts, Spatial Rule is a rare rule.

Rare doesn’t necessarily mean strong, but certainly scarce.

Silly was unhappy Gao Peng seemed to doubt its abilities.

Gao Peng thought in silence. He rubbed Silly’s big mushroom head, “We didn’t let you participate in combat in the past because you used to be weak. Rare attributes like Space and Life are not very combat effective in their earlier stages, but now you can defend yourself.”

Silly objected, What do you mean I used to be weak? I was completely defenseless! You can’t sully a dead fish’s pride.

“Alright, then let’s start training,” Gao Peng said, “You’ve never participated in battle in the past, so in the next couple days we’ll cultivate your teamwork skills. You’ll participate in the next Abyss Infiltration, too. Get familiar with each other in the next two days.”

Valley of the God of Fire.

Plants flourished outside the Valley of the God of Fire, but in the heart of the Valley was an enormous active volcano.

Black volcanic rocks covered the ground, making it hard for plants to survive, not due to the heat, but because every time the volcano erupted, lava would spurt out, and solidify into new volcanic rock.

“What you need to do is jump into the volcano,” The old Bi Fang said with a kind expression.

Flamy stood at the edge of the crater and stuck her head in. A scorching pillar of air gushed out from the volcano, the air temperature was over 1000 degrees Celsius.

Flamy’s expression changed. She thought it was an ordinary volcano. She can bathe in those without a problem, but this clearly wasn’t an average volcano, otherwise it wouldn’t be on the backhill of Bi Fang Clan’s ancestral grounds.

“You sure I have to jump?” Flamy creased her chubby face.

“In the past couple days I collected the flames of a hundred different monsters for you to devour, aside from other Fire Type Familiars’ flames,” the old Bi Fang said slowly. “You’ve already reached the peak of flames below Fire Mythical Familiars.”

“So if you want to make more progress, you have to consume Fire Borne of the Sky and Earth.”

Flamy fell silent for a moment, she turned and plucked a feather from an inconspicuous spot on her back and secretly threw it into the crater.

The heat wave blew the feather upwards….

The gentle old Bi Fang looked at this feather with a smile.

Flamy’s cheeks were burning, she was exposed.

If she’s already exposed, then…might as well do it openly!

Flamy didn’t change her expression.

She reluctantly plucked three feathers at once and crumpled them into a ball before throwing it into the volcano.

Bubble, bubble.

After a while, the feathers rose from the lava, floating on the surface.

Flamy let out a sigh of relief, the temperature is still bearable.

With this thought, Flamy raised her head, and said righteously, “I’ll jump, but once I’m out, you have to feed me 10 tons of Fire Crystal Silkworms.”

Fire Crystal Silkworms are a Mutant Familiar the Bi Fang Clan raises. Their meat is tender, and full of Fire Element and various vitamins. Consistent consumption is good for the body; it can make your feathers even more luscious. Most importantly, they are very delicious.

Flamy wanted to eat it because it’s good for her training.

“Okay, that amount is no big deal,” the old Bi Fang agreed immediately.

Flamy’s eyes glowed, feeling that she asked for too little.

I wish I asked for a few more tons, Flamy rubbed her even rounder stomach and thought with regret.

Flamy spread her wings, and elegantly glided down from the crater.


Ten meters of lava splashed up from the surface.

The old Bi Fang gazed at the crater and reminisced a time past. At last he muttered, “Hopefully she’ll succeed….”


Two days later, another Abyss infiltration

The rift in the sky opened as usual, vast numbers of demons flew out from it. Some creatures scattered around the Battlefield also flew upwards and disappeared into the rift.

The World Vortex Battlefield was the place for both sides to select their strongest warriors. It was Jiutian Shidi’s home court, but its balance required the cooperation of both sides.

Every three days the infiltrating Abyss side sends out many demons. At the same time, remaining demons who have survived on the Battlefield can return to Abyss World through the rift.

Through battle, all the remaining Abyss World demons are the cream of the crop.

They’ve been selected by brutal battles, only the elite survive. These demons are more valuable to the entity behind the curtains.

Silly took a deep breath, motionlessly looking at the countless demons swooping down from the sky.

Glub glub glub….

Silly blew little bubbles from the corner of its mouth.

Its tentacles turned into spaghetti.

“Alright, don’t be afraid. You’re a Quasi God. The demons should be the ones afraid of you.” Gao Peng slapped Silly’s head.

“I’m not scared!” Silly raised its head stubbornly and announced in a loud voice.

“Then go forth.”

“Silly, let’s do a warmup, teleport me right above those demons, I’ll show them something impressive.” Da Zi was itching for a try.

It rubbed its little dragon claws.

Silly nodded firmly, flinging out its tentacles.

The space around Da Zi warped. The next moment, it vanished in place.

The next moment, Da Zi opened its eyes. It was face to face with an Abyss Flame Demon.

The Abyss Flame Demon was taken aback, How did this thing appear?

Gao Peng’s expression changed, Da Zi was transported to the center of the demon army.

Silly seemed to know it made trouble, its face fell.


An orb of thunder expanded in the air; lightning formed chains that covered the surface of the orb

Countless screeching demons were executed by the thunder.

In the sky, a row of demons flew out of the rift in a line. At the end of the line was a tall, black, six-horned demon. Its arms were wrapped in bandages. It held a pair of Crescent Soul Casting Hooks in its hands.

Noticing the expanding thunder orb in the distance, the demon’s face fell, “Is this how arrogant these monsters have become?”

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