Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 730

Chapter 730 Eliminating A Strong Enemy

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Behind the spatial rift was Abyss World. It’s always been Abyss World that infiltrates other worlds, never have other worlds come up to its face like this before.

The surrounding demons didn’t know how to respond.

We’re demons! Demons!

Saying our name can frighten a crying child into silence.

It’s bad for appearances if you just come up to us like this.

The six-horned demon Quasi God swung its arms, piecing the Crescent Soul Casting Hooks together, instantly forming a colossal bow.

The ends of the bow were extremely sharp. Rather than a bow, it was more like a double-bladed weapon.

A blood-red silk thread extended out from the ends of the bow, forming a string.

“I just remembered, I think this is Moonchaser Gutela from the 65th dungeon,” a demon cried in shock.

Hearing a demon mention its name, Gutela grinned imperceptibly. But it soon hid it under its usual cold mask.

Only the cold and brutal demons can gain the respect of other demons.

Drawing its bow, Gutela’s eyes rolled suddenly, its two eyes split into four.

The four eyes locked on Da Zi from different angles.

You have nowhere to run!

No one can run out of my lock!

The four eyes seemed to have some sort of magical power. Alarms went off in Da Zi’s mind. It suddenly turned around from its Thunder Meteor attacks. Looking through the mass of demons, it locked eyes with the six-horned Gutela amongst the countless demons, and saw the drawn bow in Gutela’s hands.

“Soul Slay!”

Gutela’s eyes grew heated. It was thrilled–it was hysterical–it liked the pleasure of eliminating strong enemies.


The arrow left the bow, tracing a long, red line in the sky.

The demons between Da Zi and Gutela cried out painful wails. Their bodies expanded or distorted, sharp bone spurs jabbed out of their skin.


Among the shrill wails, bones grew madly, forming an inferno of bones. Spurs sprouted crazily like thistles, forming a shield that blocked the arrow.

The two caused a violent explosion upon impact.


The bone-thistle barricade tore open. A red arc lingered in the sky.

But its remaining momentum wasn’t enough for it to pierce the protective barrier of a Mythical Grade Quasi God.

“That’s…the Power of Bone.” Gutela was astonished, the opponent was an expert at controlling the Power of Bone.

It’s reached the level where it can control other living beings’ endoskeletons without contact, mutating their insides to form a barricade in such a short time.

Such cruelty….

Gutela licked its lips, What an interesting opponent.

Dumby, who stood behind Gao Peng, raised its head. The Soul’s Flame burned calmly in its eyes.

“Go if you want,” Gao Peng said with a smile.

Dumby was silent, its upper torso leaned forward slightly, placing its right hand on its shoulder.


An invisible flame burned. The black robe on Dumby’s body billowed without wind. Dumby became a cloud of smoke and vanished in thin air.

“When death approaches, you will hear my footsteps.”

Dumby’s deep voice resounded in the air.

The souls of demons who died on the Battlefield became slivers of smoke that dispersed into the sky, finally converging at a point in the dome.

At first no one noticed, but as the number of ghosts grew, a grey vortex formed in the sky.

Pi Xiu, who had been secretly observing Gao Peng’s crew from the edge of the Battlefield, showed a sign of astonishment in its expression.

Ever since Pi Xiu was beaten by Goldie, it reflected on its painful experience, and decided to follow Gao Peng’s crew. It decided to discover these people’s secrets on its own.

Pi Xiu has secretly watched Da Zi, Liuguang, and Desolion, as well as that skeleton that just attacked. Pi Xiu even felt the threat of death from the skeleton, it was a being that was no weaker than that duck.

“Curiouser and curiouser….” Pi Xiu secretly observed Gao Peng.

Those from Empyrean also noticed the mysterious entity consuming souls in the sky. But it was only consuming demon souls, so they didn’t do anything to stop it.

Consuming the souls of Mythical Familiars or monsters from Empyrean would be a different story.


A giant, white hand reached out from the grey vortex.

The giant hand blocked out the sky. It was translucent, as if it had no physical form, and passed right through these demons.

The demons who were penetrated looked like they lost their souls. Their bodies stiffened and fell from the sky like dumplings into a pot.

“Death·Hand of Annihilation.”

The giant hand slammed down, its target was Gutela.

Gutela sensed danger, if it were struck by this hand it definitely won’t have a good end.

It shifted its body and fled into the distance like a flash of light.

The giant hand in the sky followed.

One in front, one behind.

Because Gutela was in the midst of the demon army, where it ran was also filled with demons. The innocent demons along its path were destroyed.

Gutela bit its teeth, not slowing down, but turning to draw its bow, shooting out nine arrows one after another.

Red light disappeared into the hand, immediately creating a fist-sized cavity. But compared to the size of the entire hand, these wounds were insignificant.

Gutela’s face fell, if they continued like this it would never end.

As the demons along its path got their souls taken, the wounds on the hand healed automatically.

Gutela’s forehead was soaked with sweat, it suddenly took on a violent expression, “You wouldn’t dare to chase me there!”

Gutela turned its direction, flying towards the home base of Empyrean army.

“This guy wants to lead the damage to someone else.”

“If this giant hand is a strong individual from Empyrean, it might halt.”

“The only ones on this World Vortex Battlefield are from Empyrean or Abyss. If it’s chasing after an Abyss Quasi God, then it’s definitely from Empyrean,” Zhu Yan responded to their discussions bluntly.

At the same time, Zhu Yan kept its eyes on Gutela who was approaching. Two orbs of flames burned in its eyes. It grinned, “Take this from Grandpa Zhu!”


With a roar, Zhu Yan’s body size expanded tens of times.

Demonic flames flared around it, the bloodthirst in its eyes apparent, its ghastly fangs giving a mad roar.


It stomped its right foot, and swung a fierce fist towards Gutela with the intent to kill.

Gutela roared as well, choosing to take this punch.




Gutela was sent flying like a baseball. Ghastly wounds and rivers of blood ran down its body.

The giant hand attacked, grabbing Gutela. Countless sharp teeth on its palm ripped at its soul. In the sound of wailing, its soul was completely devoured.

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