Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 731

Chapter 731 Combat Force Unit

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Zhu Yan swung its arm, giving a thumbs-up to the grey vortex.

“Good teamwork.”

This Gutela was very strong, not at the usual level of Quasi God demons.

Any Quasi Gods who can make a name for themselves in Abyss are extraordinary, at least at the level of Desolion. This Gutela excels in long-distance explosive attacks, so it has the combat power of around 1.2 Desolions.

Dumby finished devouring the soul. The giant hand of death retreated, leaving the Quasi God demon’s body in place.

Zhu Yan didn’t hesitate, walking up to pick up the body. A Quasi God demon’s corpse is quite valuable.

Dumby, who switched to Yin Soul Dominator condition suddenly noticed something, turning to look below the center of the Battlefield.

A thick blanket of blood covered that spot, corpses piled up like mountains.

After a while, Dumby withdrew its gaze, Maybe I saw wrong….

Half a day later, the battle was entering its final stages. Being on the battlefield means watching out for attacks from all sides, as well as keeping up a high energy throughout. This is demanding for any monster.

The main demon troop on the Battlefield had already been decimated. Only some remaining individuals were scattered in the corners of the Battlefield.

Some Mythical Familiars and Monster Trainers who weren’t done enjoying the battle chose to continue chasing after the remains of the demon army. But most monsters chose to return to rest or heal their injuries.

Another victory.

Gao Peng let out a sigh of relief.

In fact, ever since the establishment of the World Vortex Battlefield, 99.99% of battles ended with victory by Jiutian Shidi.

The number of times Abyss World has won can be counted on a single hand.

This was normal, because although the World Vortex Battlefield was a battlefield where the two worlds’ forces met, it was still the home field of Empyrean.

Abyss World allocates only a part of its forces here, while Jiutian Shidi goes all out.

If World Vortex Battlefield falls, behind it is Jiutian Shidi’s base camp.

One side is only tentatively attacking, while the other is giving its all to protect its home.

Of course, the falling here refers to the Yang Battlefield–that is, the fall of the Battlefield of Gods–but not the Yin Battlefield of monsters below God Tier.

Even if the Yin Battlefield collapses, it would lead to the Yang Battlefield. These demons below God Tier are no threat to God Tier monsters.

The real portal to Jiutian Shidi is located in the Yang Battlefield. That’s why King of Robotics said the Yin Battlefield is Jiutian Shidi’s training grounds.

It has the brutality of a real battlefield, but not the threat of enemy occupation.

“Silly, you fool. I think we need to have a good talk about why you threw me into that demon mob.” Da Zi did not look friendly.

Seeing Da Zi’s expression, Silly knew it was in the wrong. Its courage fell by 70%.

“I slipped up.” But, as if suddenly recalling something, Silly said righteously, “Why are you shouting at me? It wasn’t me who attacked you, but those demons! I didn’t want to send you there either. Why don’t you go beat those demons?”

Hearing Silly say this, Xiao Cao thought it was being rather reasonable.

“Alright alright, Silly is just changing the concept here. You’re just as stupid.” Gao Peng rolled his eyes. In fact, remembering that Xiao Cao’s original form was a plant, he felt he couldn’t ask a plant to have a very high intelligence.

“I dug it out,” a demon exclaimed. It couldn’t believe it actually dug something out from the dirt.


“Let me see what it is.”

A crowd of demons gathered.

Goldie walked up with its feet pointed outwards, sending them flying with a kick to their behinds.

“What are you looking at? Go do your own thing.” Goldie rubbed its hair, “Jeez, all you know how to do is laze around.”

Then Goldie jumped into the big pit, picking up an ore at the bottom. The ore was a crimson color, giving off a curious sheen. It also had the thick smell of blood.

Goldie sniffed it, then softly poked it with its finger.

It made a carrot-sized hole on the ore.

Goldie was surprised, it didn’t expect it to be so delicate.

A mass of red fluid flowed out of the hole on the stone. As more fluid came out, the ore shrunk smaller and smaller, finally disappearing in Goldie’s palm.


It’s gone?

Goldie felt guilty, how was it going to answer to Gao Peng?

I’m inept at my task, it might lower my position in Gao Peng’s heart.

In a trance, Goldie felt like it saw Gao Peng with his hands behind his back, looking at it with a face of pity: “Goldie, you used to be my favorite Familiar, even Da Zi couldn’t compare. But I can’t believe you made such a low level mistake like this. How am I supposed to trust you, how can I continue letting you perform important tasks?”

Goldie shivered, I refuse!

It rolled its eyes, and had an idea. Goldie picked up a demon next to it and punched out all its teeth.

“Gao Peng, this demon dug out an ore, and I found it trying to hide it! I was going to bring the ore over, but this demon poke a hole in it, and that ore began to bleed continuously, and disappeared!” Goldie accused.

The demon trembled, trying to explain, but its teeth were all knocked out, so it could only make whining sounds from its mouth.

Gao Peng glanced at this toothless demon. Goldie said righteously, “Gao Peng, I’m going to punish this fiend today.”

He let out a quiet sigh, this idiot…it even knocked out the demon’s teeth, what a poor lie.

“Wait,” Gao Peng said coolly.

“Huh?” Goldie sensed something off in Gao Peng’s tone. It panicked, Did Gao Peng find out?

“Tell me, why are its teeth gone?”

“It wouldn’t give me the ore, so I had to take it by force, and accidentally knocked out its teeth,” Goldie gave the excuse it thought for a long time.

Goldie was proud of itself. It only spent three minutes making up that excuse.

“I don’t like being lied to. You know I can tell when you lie,” Gao Peng said calmly.

Goldie: “(⊙o⊙)…”

“Tell me the truth. If you lie you’ll be doubly guilty.”

Goldie was dejected, it told Gao Peng everything that happened.

“Do you know why I’m mad?” Gao Peng asked.

“Because I broke the ore.” Goldie was very depressed.

“No, it’s just an ore. I wouldn’t blame you even if you broke a Divine Artifact,” Gao Peng said.

“Really?” Goldie’s face lit up.

“Really, but only if it’s by accident. If you break a Divine Artifact on purpose I would keep you from seeing Flamy for 10 years,” Gao Peng said sharply. “I’m mad that you learned to lie. You used to be such an honest duck, how did you become like this?”

Goldie stood still. It pinched its fingers like a child on detention.

Then Gao Peng called Xiao Cao over to heal the demon, letting its teeth grow out.

“Go back to work, I’ll keep my promise. As long as you mine an entire year for me, I’ll let you guys go home,” Gao Peng said to the demon.

The demon was ecstatic it survived. It didn’t expect this human to be so trustworthy.

After the demon returned, Gao Peng pointed at its back and said to Goldie, “These demons will work harder after they return, because now they have hope.”

Goldie was in thought, Seems like I have a lot more to learn from Gao Peng.

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