Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 734

Chapter 734 The Extreme Depths Of Fire And Ice

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When they came closer, Gao Peng finally saw clearly what these creatures looked like.

There were twenty-three scarecrows who looked exactly the same.

Every single one of the scarecrows looked terrifying.

[Monster Name] Zombie Scarecrow (demon doppelganger)

[Monster Level] Level 100 (perfect quasi god)

[Monster Grade] Mythical grade / Mythical grade

[Deification Part] The entire body is deified except for the last straw in its body.

[Monster Territory] Soul Captivation Territory

[Monster Skills] Soul Captivation Lv10 Soul Absorption Lv10 Indestructibility Lv10 Misfortune Aura

[Special Characteristics]

Death Tornado (Born from death, the Zombie Scarecrow is the spokesperson for death. It can call upon the Death Tornado to befall the human world.

Effect (1) Active Effect: After activating this skill, the Zombie Scarecrow would summon the Death Tornado out of thin air to engulf the earth. The force of the Death Tornado was commensurate with the power of the Zombie Scarecrow itself. Furthermore, the Death Tornado had a certain probability of causing incidental deaths.)

Enemies all around (Every single straw was a part of its soul and made it extremely powerful.

Effect (1) Passive Effect: After being killed by the Zombie Scarecrow, all living things with souls would automatically transform into Zombie Soldiers. The strength of the Zombie Soldier would be equal to its power when it was alive.

Effect (2) Active Effect: The Zombie Scarecrow could pluck out any number of straws from its body, which would transform into the doppelgangers of the Zombie Scarecrow. These doppelgangers would have fifty percent of the power of its original body within a short time. At the same time, if the original body of the Zombie scarecrow was destroyed, it would be reborn in one of its doppelgangers.

Note: Currently, the Zombie Scarecrow could have a maximum of 22 doppelgangers.)

[Monster Description] The Zombie Scarecrow, born out of the combination of 50 thousand years of killings and deaths on the World Vortex Battlefield, was the doppelganger of the Death Tornado – Gloomy Crow Demon. It was innately cruel and liked to toy around with and devour souls. It liked to play games with others, but it never followed the rules of the games. It only followed what it considered the rules of the game.

[Monster Name] Zombie Scarecrow (demon doppelganger / doppelganger)

[Monster Level] Level 97

[Monster Grade] Legendary grade / Legendary grade


Gao Peng’s expression finally changed. One main body and 22 doppelgangers.

In the past, Gao Peng had always been the one using the tactic of crowding to gang up on other opponents. Now, Gao Peng was finally getting a taste of what it felt to be ganged up on.

“This is… the doppelganger of a demon god. You must be careful,” Bai Ze said weakly from behind.

It would be fine if its attack type was physics or elemental. Goldie would not fear the crowding tactic.

But these 23 creatures belonged to the soul type, the strangest and most unpredictable type.

Goldie would probably be of little use now. The crux of this battle depended on Liuguang, Big Sea and Dumby.

Liuguang was an assassin. If luck was on his side, he could take on the role of killing in a single blow. But it was also possible that he would be… killed instantly instead.

Dumby had the Yin Soul Dominator and could shift between the Soul Type and the Yin Type.

But the enemy was so strong in numbers…

As for Big Sea, he could possibly crush the enemy with a few divine artifacts in a one-on-one battle. But there were so many… even the doppelgangers were of mythical grade. Their power was way too abnormal.

Gao Peng had a major headache.

For the first time, he was experiencing what Goldie’s opponents felt – how can I possibly fight? These fellows are so powerful that it’s disgusting.

“Dong, dong, dong.”

The One-Legged Bull shook and the skin on its body suddenly trembled.

The sound of thunder rolled on. The furious sound of thunder caused the lightning arc on the surface of the Zombie Scarecrow’s bodies to explode completely.

Boom, boom, boom!

An infinite number of lightning arcs were torn to shreds and vanished completely into thin air.

Among them, three of the Zombie Scarecrow’s doppelgangers fell to the ground with a loud bang.

The remaining 19 doppelgangers had suffered injuries to varying extents. Only the main body of the Zombie Scarecrow had endured all the attacks of thunder and had not been injured much.

“This one is the main body,” the One-Legged Bull said in a low and muffled voice as his gaze darkened.

“I’m surprised that you discovered it.” The Zombie Scarecrow tilted its head and stood there unmoving.

Gao Peng was completely speechless. He said secretly to himself, “There might be something a little wrong with this fellow’s brain. It’s probably because it made clones of itself.”

“Let’s play a game together,” the Zombie Scarecrow smiled eerily and said.

“Sure. I want to see what color its soul is,” one of its clones behind it answered its own question. With a flick of its arm, a chain appeared in its palm. A rusty metal hook was attached to the very end of the chain.

The air was filled only with the clanging sounds of the chain swaying.

This chain probably harnessed its power of Soul Captivation.

On the left, one of the clones suddenly flinged its chain outwards. The chain flew around in midair as if it was alive.

Zhu Yan opened his mouth and spit out a ball of fire to cauterize the chain. The chain turned red through and through due to the flames.

Amidst the flames, a chain abruptly pierced through the air and instantly attacked the One-Legged Bull.

The One-Legged Bull had earlier killed three clones in one blow. So, it had landed on the Zombie Scarecrow’s internal list of those it had to kill.

The chain seemed to have patches of rust on it, but it did not have a material existence. It directly penetrated the body of the One-Legged Bull and pierced into its body immediately.

The Zombie Scarecrow pulled the chain outwards. The One-Legged Bull’s soul trembled inside its body for a moment before forming a double image outside its body.

However, its power seemed insufficient to pull the One-Legged Bull’s soul out of its body completely.

The One-Legged Bull was in great pain and its eyes were bloodshot.

Its only leg quaked with a loud rumble and its body radiated an explosively brilliant and dazzling light.

The gold and silver light shot outwards violently in the form of circular light arcs. In the sky, the essence of the sun tore into the dark clouds. Like a scorching column of fire falling from the sky, it landed on the ground and turned into a red circle that spread outwards in all directions.

As it was now daytime and only the sun was in the sky, the One-Legged Bull only summoned the essence of the sun.

The scorching hot airwaves devoured all of the Zombie Scarecrows. The rolling airwaves burned multiple cavities in the ground. These cavities even had magma in them.

Fatty Big Sea’s eyes flashed brightly.

“We have a good chance.”

Fatty Big Sea did not use the Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth which he was most familiar with. Instead, he took out the Divine Well of Darkness from his bosom.

Fatty Big Sea poured all the Holy Water of Darkness out of the Divine Well like a fountain. Although the Holy Water of Darkness was quite precious and coagulated at a very slow speed, Fatty Big Sea did not have the luxury of time to think it through.

Under Fatty Big Sea’s control, the Holy Water of Darkness exploded entirely. The intense blue light bubbled and exploded like a reservoir discharging a flood. The majestic and extremely cold air turned into a northern ice-cold wave that engulfed the whole land.

The ground was frozen over and the magma solidified in the deep-ice.

The 20 Zombie Scarecrows before them were all frozen in the ice.

“They’re dead, right?” Gao Peng asked hesitantly.

“I don’t know.” Fatty Big Sea put away the Divine Well of Darkness with a grave expression on his face.

The One-Legged Bull could not help but glance at Fatty Big Sea. Who were they? How could they be in possession of divine artifacts?

The 20 Zombie Scarecrows were completely frozen inside the cold, hard ice.

Zhu Yan let out a sigh of relief. “We finally settled it. Luckily, we struck first and gained the upper hand. Otherwise, we would really have a difficult time dealing with them.”


Suddenly, one of the blocks of ice cracked. A terrifying and dangerous atmosphere latched onto Zhu Yan. The sky was dark and a dark-red tornado swept the land.

“The Death Tornado!”

Amidst the storm that filled the whole sky, a rusty metal hook latched directly onto Zhu Yan’s neck.

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