Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 735

Chapter 735 True Blood Frenzy

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Like a nightmare that fell from the heavens, the Death Tornado swallowed everything that was alive.

The One-Legged Bull bellowed in a low voice. Gao Peng stored away all the other Familiars into his Familiar Space. Fatty Big Sea placed the divine artifacts on the altar and transformed them into a screen to fend off the Death Tornado.

To their surprise, there were actually some Death Precepts mixed in the Death Tornado. Although it was just a smattering, it was ultimately still a precept. No living thing had the additional energy to help others.


The fatal sickle tore into the white figure in front of Zhu Yan. Fresh vermilion blood bloomed like a flower.

Why is it you… Zhu Yan was stunned.

Bai Ze’s soul was ripped out from her body. Zhu Yan could read the words she mouthed silently. “Live on.”

“No!!!” Zhu yan’s eyes were bloodshot as if something had broken in the depths of his heart.

Scene by scene flashed through Zhu Yan’s mind.

In the quiet little valley, a little creature as white as snow tilted its head, stared at the little monkey in front of it and asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m Zhu Yan!” The little monkey lifted its head proudly.

“Hehehe. Zhu Yans don’t look like you.” The eyes of the snow-white creature narrowed into crescents.

“You… you…” The little monkey scratched its head and cheek anxiously. “My mother told me that the blood of Zhu Yan runs in me.”

“Your mother must have been lying to you~”

“Impossible!” In the heat of the moment, the little monkey sprang up to grab little Bai Ze.

“Good gracious.”

The two creatures tumbled to the ground together.

“Here. This is for you to eat.” Atop the hill, the dirty little monkey placed the apples in its bosom on the ground.

Little Bai Ze stared at the little monkey for some time before moving forward and picking up an apple with its mouth.

“What’s your name?”

“Before you ask for someone’s name, should you state your name first? You’re so rude.”

“I’m the King of the Mountain! This entire mountain is under my control!” The little monkey put its hands on its hips proudly.

Just then, the sound of a tiger’s roar traveled from behind them.

The little monkey’s tail shot up. With a cry of alarm, it picked little Bai Ze up and escaped up the tree.

“Didn’t you say that you were the King of the Mountain?”

“I… I meant the mountain opposite this one. This mountain is outside my boundary. It isn’t my territory.”

“Hmph. Liar.”

The river of stars in the sky shone brightly. Bai Ze and the little monkey lay beside each other on the grassy slope and looked up at the starry sky.

“Do you really want to become Zhu Yan?” Bai Ze asked hesitantly.

“Hn!” The little monkey nodded vigorously. “My mother was eaten by a tiger and my father was eaten by a snake. In the past, I heard my mother say that Zhu Yan is the most powerful ancestor in our lineage. I must become Zhu Yan so that I won’t fear the snake and the tiger.”

Bai Ze said gently, “Our Bai Ze clan can communicate with all living things and know everything about them. If you really want to become Zhu Yan, I can help you.”

“Really?” The little monkey was very surprised.

“Hn.” There was a faint smile on Bai Ze’s face, like flowers in March covering the entire land in spring.

“You have one last step before you can attain your Zhu Yan body. There’s somewhere we have to go.”

On the mountain peak, a large figure and a snow-white creature sat side by side and looked at the red clouds at dusk.

“Where are we going?” Zhu Yan turned his head.

“To the World Vortex Battlefield.”

“That place is too dangerous!”

“The entire Zhu Yan clan is made up of extremely ferocious beasts. According to legend, a war would break out on earth if the Zhu Yan clan appeared. It would be fine if you wanted to become an ordinary Zhu Yan. But if you want to become the king of all Zhu Yans, then you must go to a battlefield that has seen hundreds of battles to build that fearsome body. This has always been your dream.”

“Then… then, are you leaving?”

“Of course not. I must accompany you there. Don’t even think about leaving me behind.” Bai Ze leaned against Zhu Yan’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry. Once I succeed in this remarkable feat, I definitely won’t let anyone bully you at all,” Zhu Yan said loudly.

“Sure~ I’ll wait for you to protect me in the future.”

“Bai Ze. To be honest, I like you,” Zhu Yan mumbled in a voice that was even softer than the buzzing of a mosquito, while gazing at the sky in the distance.

“What did you say? The wind was too strong earlier. I didn’t hear you clearly.” Bai Ze’s voice was as gentle as always.

“Ah. It’s, it’s nothing…” Zhu Yan turned stiff and his face immediately turned as red as a monkey’s butt. “I said that you’re really pretty today.”

A smile blossomed on Bai Ze’s face like a flower and her eyes turned into crescents.

Zhu Yan’s eyes were moist with tears. At this moment, he felt as if a knife were being twisted in his heart.

Didn’t we agree that I wouldn’t leave you behind… why did you leave me behind instead?

I used to think that my dream was to become Zhu Yan, but now I understand that my dream is to be with you forever and ever.

“I…” Zhu Yan felt his throat burn painfully.

He wanted to cry, but he could not make a sound.

“Ahooo!!!!” Zhu Yan’s cornea ruptured and tears of blood fell from his eyes in two streaks.

The tears of blood that flowed down Zhu Yan’s face left behind two tracks of bloodstains. The frosty white feathers swiftly lost their luster and turned a deathly pale.

A brutal aura of pain and despair emanated from Zhu Yan’s body.

Orange flames curled around his scarlet legs as he walked into the fire.

“Without you… what’s the point in me being invincible?” Zhu Yan mumbled to himself.

“She may not be dead yet. Right now, it’s just her soul that has been captured. There’s a chance of reviving her if we can snatch her soul back,” Fatty Big Sea said at a timely moment.

Zhu Yan’s body quaked.

The light of hope rose from the hopeless darkness.

“I…” Zhu Yan turned his head abruptly. His bloodshot eyes stared unwaveringly at the Zombie Scarecrows.


In Zhu Yan’s daze, a gigantic shadow of a thousand feet in height appeared behind him. The demon light from his red eyes penetrated the sky and the earth. It stood on a thousand miles of barren land. The land was littered with corpses and the demon’s body was extremely ferocious.

“It actually awakened the True Blood.” The One-Legged Bull was shocked beyond compare.


The ground quaked with a loud rumble. Cracks formed beneath Zhu Yan’s feet and spread out like a spiderweb. The unevenly-shaped chunks of earth disintegrated and crashed into the Zombie Scarecrows like a bulldozer sweeping the land in a grandiose and frantic manner.

The Zombie Scarecrows stretched their arms out and a faint ring of red light covered Zhu Yan.

“Soul Absorption.”

The vital energy and blood in Zhu Yan’s body boiled. Behind him, the gigantic Zhu Yan shadow surrounded by devilish flames shooting into the sky lifted its head and roared. Its blood and vital energy transformed into a rainbow that fended off the Soul Absorption.

In Gao Peng’s eyes, Zhu Yan’s attribute list had a particular note (+2) at the back of his monster level. His level had temporarily risen to Level 100, the same level as the Zombie Scarecrow. At the back of his name, it indicated that he was in a mode of [True Blood Frenzy].

He threw a fist which was like a heavy hammer. His fist, which was even bigger than a truck, smashed directly into the Zombie Scarecrow’s face. Bang!!!

The Zombie Scarecrow instantly exploded from the hit.

Broken pieces of straw filled the whole sky.

However, the pieces of straw suspended in midair gathered together again in the distance to form the Zombie Scarecrow again. It seemed completely unaffected after its body had been destroyed.

Zhu Yan’s eyes were bright red. His body swayed and collided into the Zombie Scarecrow, crushing it into pieces.

However, before long it regrouped again in the distance.

“I don’t die.” The Zombie Scarecrow said temptingly, “If you’re willing to treat me as your master, I can return this little Bai Ze’s soul to you. What do you think?” The Zombie Scarecrow whipped its hook gently. Bai Ze’s soul hovered above one of the rings in the chain.

The Zombie Scarecrow scrutinized Zhu Yan’s super strong body greedily.

None of its subordinates could have such physical power at this level.

The moment Zhu Yan saw Bai Ze’s soul, it was as if a bucket of cold water had doused all the anger in Zhu Yan’s body. He gazed at Bai Ze blankly.

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