Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 737

Chapter 737 All The Undead Lets Dig A Mine

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Inside the labyrinth in its palm, the Zombie Scarecrow was walking back and forth in the maze. Inside the entire labyrinth, its figure was even smaller than that of an ant.

Fatty Big Sea lifted the labyrinth in its hand. “How should we deal with this fellow?”

A crowd of monsters gathered around it and stuck their heads into the circle.

In the sky, red clouds at sunset were reflected in the dark sky. A gust of wind blew past. Suddenly, many pairs of eyes occupied each corner of the sky. The Zombie Scarecrow froze for a moment before realizing that it had shrunk in size.

One of the rows in the sky seemed to have the most pairs of yellow eyes. The eyes were also the most densely-packed. The pairs of eyes covering the entire sky blinked. The next moment, the sky turned black.

Fatty Big Sea had put away the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth. As for how to deal with this fellow, it would have to go back and discuss it with Gao Peng.

Zhu Yan said menacingly, “I hope that you’ll definitely kill this fellow when the time comes.”

The One-Legged Bull said in a low muffled voice, “If it were me, I would have definitely killed it to seek revenge for the son of the Dragon King. But you captured it alive… so you resolve it as you wish.”

“Deal with it yourself. You captured it.” The Eternal Night Vulture averted its gaze after glancing at it. It didn’t look upon this monster favorably. The Eternal Night Vulture lifted its head and said coldly, “Hand Bai Ze’s body over to me. I’ll go and retrieve her soul and merge it with her body again.”

Zhu Yan was unwilling to do so. It hugged Bai Ze’s body in a tight embrace. Zhu Yan couldn’t put a finger on why, but it didn’t like this fellow whom it had never seen before. It didn’t know itself whether it was due to its gaze or its movements.

Bai Ze’s spirit stood in the wind. Its light-gray spirit outlined the entirety of its face. When the wind blew, Bai Ze’s spirit swayed slightly.

“If the spirit and the body are separated for too long, it will adversely affect her foundation and increase the difficulty of attaining the God tier.” The Eternal Night Vulture continued, “Right now, we’ve already wasted a significant amount of time.”

Zhu Yan lowered its head. It looked at Bai Ze in its arms and remained silent for a moment. Then, it slowly placed Bai Ze’s body onto the ground. The Eternal Night Vulture folded its wings and transformed into a black rainbow that reached into the distance. Bai Ze’s spirit and body disappeared from where it had been.

Zhu Yan’s knees fell to the ground with a thud, its arms supporting its body. It felt great despair and grief.

The One-Legged Bull took a look at its surroundings and sighed. Then, it nodded at Fatty Big Sea before turning around to leave.

The sounds of the battle that had broken out here earlier caused alarm to the crowd that had gathered. They stood far away in the distance and watched what was happening without daring to move closer. Many of them who had been bathed in blood had never witnessed a battle of such a large scale.

The aftermath of the earlier battle had truly been way too extreme. This probably represented the greatest battle they would typically witness at the Quasi God level.

The doppelganger of the Level 100 Mythical Grade demon, the Level 99 Eternal Grade Eternal Night Vulture that was also in control of a divine artifact, and a Quasi God reincarnated from a God that was in control of three divine artifacts. On top of that, a Quasi-God of a certain high grade had also been involved in the battle.

Gao Peng let Goldie out. The moment Goldie was released, he was eager to have a go. “Where is that Zombie Scarecrow?”

Fatty Big Sea took out the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth. At the moment, the Zombie Scarecrow was trying to find the exit to the labyrinth. Upon seeing the faces above its head, the Zombie Scarecrow paused briefly before opting to ignore them.

Upon seeing this, Goldie was delighted. How has this fellow become such a tiny thing? It even wanted to poke it with his fingers, but Fatty Big Sea stopped it.

“The labyrinth was damaged to begin with. If you ruin it and let it out, we’ll be in trouble!” Fatty Big Sea warned Goldie.

“Oh, oh…” Goldie retracted its finger. “I won’t touch it then.” It stuck his finger down its pants and scratched its butt.

“I want Gao Peng to get a divine artifact for me, too,” Goldie muttered softly. Then it turned its head and said in alarm, “Why have all my workers collapsed?!”

“Oh. We couldn’t protect them in time when the Death Tornado came earlier.” Fatty Big Sea nodded.

Numerous demons were lying haphazardly on the upward slope of the mountain behind them. The bodies of these demons had already lost their lives. Their corpses remained intact, so it looked as if they had fallen asleep.

“There’s no need to look. Their spirits have been led away by the Death Precepts.” Fatty Big Sea cast a sweeping glance at them before averting its gaze.

The battle-seasoned Fatty Big Sea had firsthand experience of the Death Precepts. This was a very advanced precept that was on the same level as the Time Precepts. However, it was exactly because of its high level that there were various limitations to it.

Just like Silly’s Space Precept, it was weak in the beginning but became more and more terrifying as time passed.

“Okay.” Goldie stood up from the ground. It’s a little regretful that I no longer have any workers.

“So now who’s going to dig the mine?” Goldie scratched the back of its head.

Gao Peng, Fatty Big Sea, Desolion, Da Zi, Silly, Flowing Light, Moneymaker, the Dragon Ant, Xiao Cao, and White Paper all turned their heads away in harmony. The corners of Goldie’s lips twitched. However, Goldie felt slightly comforted when it saw Dumby sitting on the top of the mountain and feeding White Clam.

Dumby was still the best.

White Clam swallowed the crystals and closed its shell contentedly. Dumby held White Clam carefully with its left hand. It turned around and stood up. In a trance, it looked down at the masses beneath it as if it was a king high above them, commanding the crowd of demons!

Undead, resurrect! It raised his right arm. The shrill and sharp cries of the undead rose and fell in volume, echoing from various places.

The pupils of the undead skeletons burned with the Flame of the Undead. They roared as they trampled over the land. All the land within a radius of a hundred miles instantly turned into the undead’s territory.

The crowd watching from afar gulped furtively. What is this?

“We are at your command, Master! Annihilate all the powerful enemies!” roared countless undead angrily. “Kill, kill kill. Eradicate all the survivors!”

At the Master’s silence, a menacing undead shouted loudly, “Silence!”

Some time later, Dumby’s raspy voice traveled from the mountain peak. “All the undead, listen to my command. Dig a mine together right now. Deliver all of the soil dug out to the designated areas.”

The undead remained silent for a moment. It was as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water over their heads, completely extinguishing their collective atmosphere of burning excitement. The crowd of undead obediently went to dig a mine.

“What should we do with this fellow?” Gao Peng and the group of familiars gathered together and looked at the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth that had shrunk to the size of a basin, as well as the Zombie Scarecrow that had been thrown inside and was searching for the exit. The Zombie Scarecrow had already walked around in circles a hundred times.

The Zombie Scarecrow sensed the gazes on the top of its head. The aura surrounding it became even gloomier. Look, look, look, what the hell are you looking at?! Just wait, I’ll kill all of you once I get out!

“…has it been subdued?” Desolion asked hesitantly.

“This fellow is the doppelganger of a demon god. Even if we have subdued it, there’s a very high chance that something will go wrong.” Fatty Big Sea shook its head.

“It’s quite powerful,” Dumby remarked earnestly while nodding.

The crowd of familiars started arguing.

“My spirit isn’t strong enough. I can’t sign the contract,” Gao Peng said resolutely.

“Oh, oh… If you can’t sign the contract, why are we even discussing this? It’s a waste of time. We should just kill it and let it decompose,” Fatty Big Sea ventured.

“The problem is, how do we kill it?” Gao Peng looked at Fatty Big Sea.

Although this fellow had been sealed into the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth, the power of the labyrinth alone was insufficient to destroy it. If they wanted to kill it, they would have to either let it out or let the familiars in to confront it.

Now they had a problem…

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