Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 741

Chapter 741 Exposed

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“Your Highness, this is all the material on Gao Peng.” A Monster Trainer handed up a stack of paper.

His Highness, who sat on the wide chair, took over the stack and began to flip through it.

As he read more and more, the excitement and astonishment in his Highness’s eyes grew thicker.

“Gao Peng…what an intriguing person.”

The material recorded everything about Gao Peng, including where he has appeared, and in what areas.

The records were very complete.

But the report only has records of Gao Peng appearing in Mingyu Country. Aside from that, there’s no other information, as if this person just popped out of thin air.

“Suspected to be a practitioner from a secret sect, or…a disguised Red Blood.”

“Hei.” His Highness grinned, smiling brightly.

“How interesting, a Red Blood? Summon the staff, I want to know how they came to this conclusion.”

“Your Highness.” Soon, a dozen staff poured into the room.

Standing before this powerful contestant for the throne, they all bowed their heads in respect.

“Who wrote the part about the Red Blood?” His Highness asked with amusement.

“Your Highness, it was me.” A stout man with an English mustache raised his head.

“Oh, its you. I remember you, your name’s Xin Xing right?”

Hearing his Highness call his name, Xin Xing was ecstatic.

“The rest of you may leave, you stay.” The other staff glanced at Xin Xing, then lowered their heads and turned to exit the room.

“How did you reach this speculation?” His Highness’s eyes twinkled, and he asked with thought.

Xin Xing didn’t seem to hear his Highness’s detached tone, and hurriedly said, “Your Highness, the Shengtuo Empire’s intelligence agency is so powerful, we can even find information on Gods, not to mention a Quasi God. Yet for some reason, we can’t find anything on this Quasi God. I don’t believe in the others’ claims about him being the descendant of a sect. Even the most well-hidden sect has tracts we can trace. The only possibility, then, is that he’s lying.”

“What else?”

Xin Xing swallowed to moisten his throat before continuing.

“Why would he lie? There’s definitely something wrong. It’s probably because his identity is unpresentable–he might be a wanted criminal or did something that he doesn’t want others to find out. But if he’s wanted, we should have information on that. But after comparing him and his Familiars with all the wanted criminals, we found none who are similar.” A light flashed across Xin Xing’s eyes, “Most importantly, he saved a group of Red Bloods. This is the exact reason why, combined with my previous conjectures, I concluded he must be a Red Blood!”

His Highness slowly nodded, “Is that so? You really are clever. Seems like this job is unworthy of your talents.”

“You flatter me, I’m not worthy.” Xin Xing was being humble with his speech, but his mustache was nearly flying with pride.

“Can you promise your deduction is correct?” His Highness suddenly asked.

Then a smile appeared on the corner his Highness’s mouth. He put a finger to his lips, and made a shushing noise, “Don’t answer so quick. If you answer incorrectly, you’ll lose your head.”

Xin Xing panicked, fear flashing across his eyes. He knelt down trembling, “Your Highness, I…I dare not make a promise, I’m only 20-30% sure.”

“So you’re lying to me?” His Highness stretched his back.

“No, I wouldn’t dare….”

His Highness stared at him for a while, then laughed, “You seem to be very scared of me. No need to fear, I don’t bite.”

“Come here.” His Highness’s right elbow was propped on his thigh, his palm under his chin, gesturing at Xin Xing with a finger.

Xin Xing ran over cautiously, “Your Highness?”

Darkness loomed over his head, casting a large shadow. Seeing the shadow on the red carpet, Xin Xing’s forehead soaked with sweat. He didn’t dare to raise his head.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your wife and daughter. Their husband and father is a hero.”

“Thank…you, your Highness.”

A black and gold striped python slithered down. It opened its giant mouth and flicked its tongue.

A pool of saliva gathered on the palace carpet.

His Highness narrowed his eyes and looked out the window, his deep emerald eyes seemed to have a vertical pupil.

“Gao Peng, that annoying dude is here again.” Da Zi flew to Gao Peng’s side, pointing outside.

Gao Peng looked into the distance. A young man wearing a golden robe with a sunny expression stood there and looked around. He seemed to have noticed Gao Peng’s gaze, as he raised his head and waved to Gao Peng.

That’s the second prince of that stupid Shengtuo Empire? This guy seems to dislike when people say “second.”

Gao Peng frowned. For the past half year, this guy has been paying him a visit once a week. In the past he kept rejecting by saying he wasn’t around, then he said he was sick, this time….

Fine, if he’s seen already, then he might as well greet him, so he can dispel his ideas.

Gao Peng knew why this prince was looking for him.

No matter what he says, including building relations, small talk, all those come with an intention!

His true objective is for Gao Peng to help him fight for the throne.

This guy was sinister.

Gao Peng didn’t want to get involved, because he’s a human. Red blood flows in his veins; he’s not the same race as them.

Anyone from a different race is not to be trusted.

If he gets exposed, he might become the first sacrifice.

The moment he saw Gao Peng, the second prince’s footsteps quickened, reaching out his hands in an attempt to embrace Gao Peng.

Gao Peng took a step back without a trace, then kicked Goldie’s behind. The second prince hugged Goldie’s gluteus maximus.

Goldie lowered its head, the second prince raised his head.

Their eyes met in midair.

The second prince let go politely, taking a step backwards with his right foot, an awkward but polite smile on his face.

“Actually, I’ve always admired your skill. In my eyes, those top prodigies that everyone brags about are nothing compared to you. I’ve always wanted to become your friend, regardless of your identity,” the second prince said softly, bowing with respect.

Gao Peng’s eyes narrowed, “Goldie.”

Goldie knew what Gao Peng meant. Lunging forward, a sneer appeared on the corner of its mouth.

He brought his fist down!


A black and gold ring hovered in the air, blocking Goldie’s blow.

The strength of the punch tore the earth. Dust flew up from the ground.

“Cough cough cough.”

Goldie was shocked, not expecting its punch to be blocked.

“Don’t get worked up, I really have no malicious intent, otherwise I wouldn’t be here alone,” the second prince said helplessly. This guy really had a bad temper.

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