Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 742

Chapter 742 Billy

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“Goldie, halt.” Gao Peng suddenly thought of something.

Could this guy be a watermelon person?

Gao Peng ran his eyes over the second prince in scrutiny.

“Have a seat. Silly, bring a chair for him,” Gao Peng said to Silly.

Silly flew over with its eyes to the side. It brought a grandfather chair for Gao Peng, and tossed a little wooden stool to the second prince, then haughtily flew away.

The second prince wasn’t angry. He set the stool into the soil to stabilize it, then sat down and raised his head to look at Gao Peng, who sat before him.

“How did I expose myself?” Gao Peng thought he took great care to conceal his identity, but he was exposed anyway.

The second prince smiled and told Gao Peng exactly what Xin Xing deduced.

Gao Peng sighed, there really are many smart people in this world. His perfect disguise was found out.

“Then why don’t you kill me? Aren’t our races enemies?” Gao Peng asked with amusement.

“Our ancestors were enemies, but not us,” the second prince said. “In fact, I really admire your culture. Back then our races learned from each other, even intermarried. Our race still keeps some cultural traces related to yours.”

Gao Peng suddenly thought this second prince’s thought process was a lot like a certain race.


“Your thoughts are interesting, unlike those Mutated Tribe,” Gao Peng said with a smile on the grandfather chair.

The collar of Gao Peng’s brown trench coat was tied up, covering his jaw.

The second prince looked into Gao Peng’s eyes and said, “For a long time I’ve been pondering a question: why did us Spirit Race become mortal enemies with the Human Race? Empyrean is so big, we can totally coexist.”

“Right now, our Spirit Race doesn’t even cover one-third of Jiutian Shidi’s area, and it’s definitely not because of territories.”

The second prince spoke at length.

Gao Peng was getting a headache.

I was just being polite, why are you actually discussing this?

I’m not interested at all.

Gao Peng’s eyes went blank and stared ahead. That’s the expression he takes on whenever he’s listening to something he doesn’t like.

But in the second prince’s eyes, Gao Peng looked cold and unapproachable, like a lone and proud genius.

This made him respect Gao Peng even more.

It’s normal for geniuses to have strange mannerisms.

In the end, Gao Peng didn’t really listen to anything the second prince said. He must’ve said some tens of thousands of words. From every word, Gao Peng heard “alliance.”

If I can become Shengtuo Empire’s king, I will form an alliance with you, and we can have a win-win situation.

The second prince’s throat felt dry. He didn’t know if his emotional narration convinced Gao Peng.

Gao Peng returned a standard expression of approval fitting of humanoid races.

“You want me to help you become king?”

After a moment of shock, the second prince smiled and nodded.

“You could’ve just said that.” Gao Peng secretly shook his head, These politicians.

Taking an hour to explain something that can be said in one sentence, that’s a skill too.

“No problem,” Gao Peng nodded and answered coldly. “But you must pay a price.”

“What’s the price?” The second prince secretly sighed in relief. That was easy, it’ll be simple as long as he’s willing to talk.

“The price is everything.” Goldie’s deep magnetic voice resounded in the second prince’s ear.

“Huh?” Little Second blanked, that price is a bit too….

“It’s not as great as everything, the price is very small.” Gao Peng landed a kick on Goldie’s behind, flashing eight white teeth with a smile.

An hour later, the second prince left with a long face.

He kept this expression all the way to the palace.

Only then did the second prince take off his disguise. He instantly took on an indifferent expression.

“Master, you agreed to such an excessive request?”

The black and gold python was coiled in an S shape, flicking its tongue.

“Excessive?” The second prince’s eyes narrowed to slits, his feminine face took on a hint of coldbloodedness. “As long as I can take that seat, these demands are nothing.”

“If I can’t…then I’ll take him down with me.”

“Gao Peng is awesome! Truly the legendary haggler.”

Goldie witnessed the bartering process with its own eyes, and its admiration for Gao Peng was like the endless surging river.

“Gao Peng, your muscles are so strong.”

“Gao Peng, your butt is so round.”

“Gao Peng, your voice is so vibrant.”

“Gao Peng, your hair is so…not that bald.”

Complimenting someone was too great a task for this steel straight duck.

Gao Peng couldn’t even tell if it was praising him or mocking him.

“Gao Peng, you must teach me your eloquence.” Goldie decided it must learn Gao Peng’s amazing skill so it can swindle people in the future.

The gold-digger duck was every excited.

“Alright….” Gao Peng rubbed his temples, he really couldn’t take it anymore.

“You can’t learn it.”

“Why can’t I learn it? That’s impossible. I read so many web novels and watched so many movies. I’m the most cultured duck in our village.” Goldie shamelessly clung to Gao Peng’s leg.

Gao Peng couldn’t break out of its hold.

The heck you mean the most cultured duck? More like the most shameless duck. You’re my top shameless Familiar, Da Zi comes in second.

You two together are truly so shameless you’re invincible.

“Wah, everyone come look, Goldie is forcing itself on Gao Peng.”

“Gao Peng is locked!”

One tossed stone raised a thousand ripples.

Even Stripey, who was sleeping, opened its eyes.

“Goldie, show us a man on man!” Da Zi was hooting on the side, this guy loved to stir up trouble.

It’s the happiest when Gao Peng gets pranked, sometimes it even helps others prank Gao Peng. That’s why Gao Peng nicknamed it Husky Zi.

“Uh….So that’s your preference.” The second prince who returned from retrieving something stood in place awkwardly.

He didn’t expect this man to have a hobby like this.

The second prince looked behind himself.

“Chi Tianyang, summon your Familiar to play with his Grace.”

Chi Tianyang nodded, spreading his right hand. A thick puff of pink fog slowly dispersed.

A five-meter tall, ripped, strange naked ape-looking monster walked out of the fog.

[Monster Name] Billy Beast

[Monster Tier] 74 (Overlord Tier)

[Monster Attribute] Poison

[Monster Grade] Perfect Grade/Perfect Grade

[Monster Skills] Sexy Venom Lv5 Strong Muscles Lv5 Billy’s Strength Lv5 Bully the Weak Lv5

[Monster Weakness] Will weaken its abilities before a stronger entity, and cannot directly face the opponent.

[Monster Description] What a terrible monster.

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