Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 743

Chapter 743 Longwinded Stripey

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Billy Beast? Gao Peng’s face darkened.

When the summoned Billy Beast saw Goldie, its eyes widened instantly. It stared at Goldie with great fascination. Its throat let out a roar that was mixed with inexplicable charm. The Billy Beast’s right leg shifted half a step forward.

Its upper body was slightly bent and its arms bent to make a body-building posture. In the body-building posture, all of its muscles were expanded. However, it was different from Goldie’s figure; although Goldie was muscular, it didn’t have protruding muscles, but a smooth, golden, proportionate shape.

“Whoo, whoo,” the Billy Beast roared excitedly to catch Goldie’s attention.

Goldie rubbed its bald head. It had always thought that this guy looked too intimidating… For the first time, Goldie felt that having too many muscles was sickening…

“Isn’t this what you like best?” Da Zi curled its lips.

Goldie was shocked. Is that what everyone thinks of me? Goldie kept its silence and rubbed its bald head.

“Have you brought the stuff here?” Gao Peng said to the second prince.

The second prince nodded. Looking at the scene, he realized that he might have misunderstood something. He couldn’t help but keep nodding. “Yes.”

The second prince took a red crystal cylinder out of his arms. He pulled apart the cylinder, and a piece of dark red thin crystal ejected from the side. There were light yellow imprints on the film-like crystal surface. It looked like a map.

“To express my sincerity, here’s the first thing that I promised you.” The second prince handed the item over.

Gao Peng took a look at the map. The lines on it were a little complicated, so after looking at it for a while, Gao Peng’s brain ached. “What is this?”

“A map of the place where a god fell.”

Gao Peng’s eyes flashed. Where a god fell? His five fingers twirled the red crystal cylinder skillfully.

“Since it’s a place where gods fall, why hasn’t anyone explored it?” Gao Peng had originally wanted to be demanding, but he hadn’t expected to make such a discovery.

“It was recently discovered. It’s been less than five years since its discovery, and it’s very dangerous. I don’t suggest that you go.” The second prince took a hard look at Gao Peng. “But I don’t think what I said will affect you, so… here you go.”

The second prince handed Gao Peng a white ring. The ring was silver, made of some kind of crystal or platinum material, and it felt like jade or gold. “It’s a Space Hiding Ring. It’s made of very rare metal and is connected to a fixed space.” The second prince handed the ring to Gao Peng.

Gao Peng took it. The ring felt cold and intricate. This was the legendary space ring. Gao Peng played for a while, but he didn’t have elemental power, so if he wanted to use this ring, he would need the help of his familiars.

“I’ve asked my men to get the rest of the other items ready. I’ll send you all the materials in three months,” continued the second prince.

Gao Peng nodded. “No hurry. I’ll be staying in the World Vortex Battlefield during this period.” After he spoke, Gao Peng smiled. “I look forward to working with you.”

“Me… too… By the way, the place where the god fell is a little dangerous. The things in the ring can help you. I don’t want you to die so soon, or I would have invested in you for nothing.”

“Hahaha, don’t worry. Even after you die, I may not.” Gao Peng burst out laughing.

“Wait, wait.” Goldie suddenly chased after the second prince, who had made his exit. It bent over and mumbled something in the second prince’s ear. The second prince nodded with a smile.

When everyone left, Da Zi flew over and asked, “Golden, what did you say just now?”

Goldie coughed and shook its head. “Nothing. And my name is Goldie, not Golden. Golden is the name of a dog.”

“Tsk.” Da Zi soon lost interest in Goldie, then turned around and went to play with the demons.

A week later, the second prince sent over some materials with several extra gifts. These materials were all needed for the evolution of the familiars, but as they were extremely rare, there were only one or two kinds of each evolutionary material. However, this wasn’t the full list of materials necessary for the evolution of a familiar.

Gao Peng placed these materials into Moneymaker’s treasure space, except for a couple of strange items in front of him. He was deep in thought.

“Goldie, why do you need ducks?” On the floor in front of him were a few six-foot-tall white, yellow, and black-feathered ducks walking around. These ducks weren’t high-level, only above Level 30. On this vortex battlefield, they were too weak to even be used as cannon fodder.

“To improve our food options?” Da Zi’s eyes shone.

Goldie said seriously, “No, they’re all my little brothers. To me, they’re just as important as Da Zi.”

Da Zi had no words. I’m just a little brother to you. Da Zi’s point of focus had always been different. It rolled its eyes. “Goldie, are you going to train these ducks into muscle ducks so they taste better?”

“Shut up,” Goldie retorted coldly. “Since a week ago, I don’t like muscles anymore. That kind of thing is too greasy!”

Da Zi widened its eyes. Oh—

In the next few days, other than its usual training and killing of demons, Goldie also trained the three ducks. It was something mundane that it did to pass time. No one knew when it would grow tired of this endeavor.

It was worth mentioning that the Three-Headed Hellhound, Sahara, had been called away by Stripey some time ago. Stripey hadn’t been out for a while and became extremely longwinded. Initially, the other monsters had liked talking to Stripey, but over time, they became unwilling to do so.

They all felt that having Sahara go to Stripey was the right thing to do. Sahara stood on Stripey on all fours, barking towards the sky. “Howl, woo, woo, woof. Howl, woo, woof.”

While Sahara did its own thing, Stripey was on the other side talking. “Did you know that I enjoy going to the movies, but I can’t see them now that I’ve grown up, because the TV is too small… Even books, the words are too small, it’s so hard for me to read, oh… I know that I’m longwinded, so I don’t look for Da Zi to chat. I’m worried that they don’t like to chat with me when I get too long-winded…”

“Howl woo, woof, woof—”

“Hmm, you think I’m right?”

“Woof, woof, woof!”

“I always knew that you loved hearing me out. Let me tell you more. I used to be really powerful, and I’m one of the most cultured creatures under Gao Peng. I can recite the three-character classics and the Analects. Let me say them for you.”

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