Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 744

Chapter 744 Mythical Grade Frost Saint Lion

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“People are naturally good at birth. Their natures are similar, but their habits become different…”

“Howl, woo, woo, whoop, woo woo, whoop…”

A big spider and a small three-headed dog—one taught, while the other learned.

Stripey didn’t need to rely on fighting to improve itself, and it was hard to find opponents with a similar physique. It simply needed to crush the enemy with its terrifying force and volume.

“That’s it. Right, left hook, right hook, uppercut, hammer fist, 360 degree swing…” The hillside echoed with Goldie’s teaching voice. Before Goldie, three brave ducks, one black, one white, and one yellow, were earnestly practicing boxing.

“Good move!


“That’s great!

“You’re really worthy of being Master Huang’s duck. If you fight with these moves, you’ll have momentum!”

The ghouls who were digging by the side put down their work. All of them stood up, clapped their hands and cheered enthusiastically without stopping. Da Zi secretly lay at the hillside to observe the training scene at the foot of the mountain, and couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s so much fun.”

Should I get Gao Peng to help me catch some centipedes for training? Da Zi thought to itself.

The three ducks soared under Goldie’s training and had now reached the King level. This level wasn’t a big deal for Goldie and Gao Peng that day. Even a sneeze from Stripey could kill a person.

Gao Peng also knew that Goldie had been working on these things, but since Goldie thought it was fun, he would let him play as long as it didn’t delay the progress of the ghoul miners.

“Your Highness. The queen has some opinions on the materials you’ve extracted from the inventory recently…”

“Ah, I see. Thank you, Mr. Li.” The second prince adhered to etiquette perfectly in his manner of speech. When the man left, the second prince picked up the things. These materials need to be delivered by him personally. After all, even if it was him, he could only get one copy of the materials.

“There’s no Climbing Rattan, but there’s a Black God Stone in stock,” the second prince handed the materials to Gao Peng.

Gao Peng nodded and gave a long sigh. When the second prince was far away, Gao Peng opened the materials to check.

With all the materials, Flowing Light, White Paper, and Desolion could be promoted to the Mythical grade.

As for the Goldie, it was already Mythical-grade, and the materials needed to break through to the Eternal grade were insane.

The materials for Moneymaker to break through to the Mythical grade were incredibly rare, so it would be almost impossible to gather them.

As for the materials for the other familiars, they were still missing a few.

“Ready?” Gao Peng asked.

“Yes, ready.” Desolion was eager to try. Anyone could see the desire in its eyes. Finally… it’s my turn?

Although Flowing Light was expressionless, its two arms were unconsciously making circles around its body.

White Paper was just a book, so the only way for it to relax was to flip its pages.

Gao Peng took out many white petals. When the petals were exposed to the air, a large amount of white frost condensed on their surface. The frost condensed crystals began to spread outwards.

Desolion wore a look of astonishment. What kind of petals are those?

They were full of strange power and rich with frost element. As the frost element was very thick, it naturally absorbed the heat of the water in the air and then reattached to the surface, forming a dense layer of frost on the petals.

Gao Peng took out other materials. “Moneymaker, give me 17 pounds of dark red grass,” Gao Peng said without turning.

Moneymaker’s tail swayed and accurately cut out the weight that Gao Peng needed. It was very sensitive to treasures, and this sensitivity also allowed it to be very precise about the weight of its data. This made Moneymaker an excellent assistant for Gao Peng.

“Moneymaker, 5.145 units of red gold wood,” Gao Peng said.

A precise amount was cut off and quickly thrown over. Gao Peng reached out to grab the material. The wood was then placed in a solution that had red flames emerging from it. The flames encircled the bottle, but after ten seconds, they gradually extinguished.

After half an hour, all the materials were finally completed. The glass bottles on the table were completely dyed a pure blue color, as if the entire glass bottle was frozen. The white cold frost was constantly spreading out. Even the temperature in the air began to drop.

“Desolion, come over and eat the bottle!”

A confused Desolion opened its mouth and swallowed the bottle. There was a crisp sound from its mouth. After eating the glass bottle, Desolion suddenly found that it was quite delicious, especially the frozen glass bottle…

The lion licked its tongue and bam, fainted. In its sleep, Desolion’s body was constantly transforming; it grew more fur, and its white hair expanded outwards, like a thick white carpet. The breathing of the lone lion gradually stabilized.

The change in Desolion was slow and steady. Of course, the slowness here was relative. If one looked at it again every ten minutes, one would find that the changes in Desolion weren’t occurring slowly.

The bones of the lion’s limbs gradually became larger and thicker, its sharp nails propelled outwards, and its grayed paw pads became tender again. It may have been strange, but generally, the color of the cat’s paw pad was related to its skin color.

If the color of its fur was dark, the color of the paw pad would generally be darker, such as black fur and brown paws. But if the cat’s fur was white, its paws would be very pink.

“Roar…” After an unknown amount of time, Desolion finally opened its eyes. Slowly standing up from the ground, it shook the white fur on its body, which was like a waterfall.

The length of Desolion’s fur was twice as long as before, and it touched the ground. Its strong limbs clung firmly to the ground. A cold white fog came out of its nostrils. Desolion sneezed, its hair shook, and icicles shot all around. Once it opened its lion’s mouth: “Roar—” The vigorous and low tone reverberated in the skies.

[Monster Name]: Frost Saint Lion

[Monster Level]: Level 94

[Monster Grade]: Mythical/Mythical

[Monster Attribute]: Ice

[Deification Part]: Claw, Head, and Tail

[Monster Field]: Glorious Frost Field

[Special Characteristics]: Deso Eternal Frost

Ice Devour

Divine Sound (The Frost Saint Lion is the supreme bloodline of the frost lion family. Its influence on the frost lion family is particularly strong.

Active Effect 1: The Frost Saint Lion can release a divine sound. After hearing the divine sound, all ice monsters will worship the Frost Saint Lion and have a greater liking for it. This effect can be piled on.

Passive Effect 2: All monsters listening to the divine sound made by the Frost Saint Lion will improve their strength for a short period and have a certain likelihood of becoming excitable.)

[Monster Description]: One of the seven holy lions, the Frost Saint Lion is the natural king of the lion family.

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