Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 745

Chapter 745 Cultivating Dragons

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Desolion stood proudly in the wind, its eyes slightly closed. Its fur fluttered in the strong wind. It was a moment of dominant presence and immense power.

Desolion condensed an ice mirror in front of itself, then stood in front of the mirror and gazed at its own appearance. After a long time, it stretched its neck forward so its face was pressed against the mirror, and its ice-blue pupils were clearly reflected.

Slurp. Its tongue licked the ice mirror and left a long mark.

“Wah, Desolion licked its own image. That’s so disgusting.” Da Zi covered its nose in disgust and made a puking face.

They had finally discovered a major characteristic of Desolion. When one first met it, the creature appeared arrogant and cold, but with time, one would come to realize that it wasn’t nearly as arrogant or cold as it first appeared.

Then with more time, one would find him… boring. And also slightly narcissistic.

Desolion wasn’t embarrassed when it realized that its action had been seen. It calmly lifted its claws and shredded the ice mirror, then sat on the ground, from time to time secretly observing its appearance and licking its fur. It was apparently very satisfied with its appearance after evolution.

“The lion is being smug again.” Goldie rubbed its own bald head.

“I have a thick head of hair.” Desolion turned its head and flipped its hair.

Goldie was confused about why that was brought up. “Do you know that you’re annoying?”

“My hair is very thick, ohhh, simply too thick.” Desolion sighed. It let out a breath to blow its hair from its neck so it fell like a waterfall.

Flowing Light was currently at the Epic grade. At this point, they had materials that could help it break through the Epic grade to the Legendary, then to the Mythical grade.

For Gao Peng, these materials had previously been very difficult to find, but with Gao Peng’s increased exposure and the upgrade in his rank, the difficulty of collecting some of the materials wasn’t as high as expected.

Flowing Light was currently a Black Armored Blood Bladed Beast. An hour later, it advanced into a Black Steel Shadowbeast.

Gao Peng heard the origin of the Black Steel Shadowbeast from Desolion. At that time, Desolion had only seen a Black Steel Shadowbeast from afar, so it didn’t know its actual combat power.

In the open space in front of him, a black three-foot-tall shadow stood. It was like a thick black fog. The black fog exuded an evil aura, yet at the same time, it continuously released dark golden light.

Flowing Light’s pair of blades became pure black, and they were covered with a thick layer of black fog. With the emission of the black fog, Flowing Light’s entire body was submerged in darkness.

A particularly strange characteristic was that Flowing Light naturally released a dark atmosphere, infecting areas nearby to convert them into ink-like environments. As long as Flowing Light stayed within this area, it completely integrated into the darkness.

Flowing Light also had a new characteristic.

Darkness Thawing (Borne of darkness, and part of it. Its body constantly emits a poison that is called dark poison.

Passive Effect 1: As long as the target stays in a certain area for a period of time, it will automatically ‘pollute’ the nearby area, and the polluted environment will be completely converted into a dark environment. The dark environment has a corrosive effect that will corrode any other matter that enters the dark environment and turn it completely into a new form of darkness.

Passive Effect 2: When a target is being corroded in the dark environment, it will automatically be hidden in the dark environment.

In this state, the target in the dark environment area will have no perception ability. At the same time, it’s next attack will bring an additional effect of more Dark Power.)

Gao Peng took some time to carefully analyze this ability, this ability along with the fighting style of the Flowing Light and its combative skills can be developed into many new characteristics.

Flowing Light was originally like an explosive assassin, but now it was closer to a ninja assassin. Moreover, Flowing Light had the Death Blood Line Seal ability, which further enhanced its lethality.

“Proceeding.” Gao Peng took out the materials for the Mythical grade. This material was the black god stone that the second prince had brought. It had two sides, and Flowing Light’s evolution required only about four square feet.

Four square feet of black god stone with more than 30 kinds of materials was engraved into a coffin. Flowing Light then squeezed inside. The black coffin wasn’t too big, just wide enough for Flowing Light. After the coffin was sealed, Gao Peng buried the coffin in the soil.

“Let’s wait a month,” said Gao Peng.

“I always knew that Gao Peng wanted to brew it into wine,” Goldie muttered to itself. “He’s so horrible.”

“Come, come over, White Paper,” Gao Peng called to the Dragon Slaying Chapter.

Gao Peng took out a plant that was still attached to the vine. The vines were over 30 feet long, long parts of it dragging on the ground. Eight fruits grew from the side of the vine, each golden in color, the size of a loofah, and as thick as an arm. They were like golden crystal dragons lying on the ground.

Dragon Cultivation Fruit. It was a plant that was likely to grow where there was a fallen dragon monster. No one knew the real reason for the birth of this plant.

In fact, although the Dragon Cultivation Fruit was rare, until then, no one had found its use. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been unused for so many years, just like the black god stone. Although people knew it was a treasure, they didn’t know how it should be used.

Gao Peng peered at the Dragon Cultivation Fruit, then snapped away the small white pearls on its ends. This thing couldn’t be swallowed along with the Dragon Cultivation Fruit. It grew with Dragon Cultivation Fruits and contained a highly toxic substance. If it was swallowed together with the fruit, the fruit would counter its toxicity, but the efficacy of the dragon fruit itself would be reduced by 90 percent.

In fact, the Mutated Tribe didn’t know this, and Gao Peng knew by looking at the data frame.

“Swallow all eight of these fruits,” Gao Peng said to White Paper.

There were two seconds of silence from White Paper. “I’m a book…”

Gao Peng touched his chin, thought deeply for a while, and had an idea. “I know, let’s do it this way.”

White Paper lay horizontally on the ground with its stone pages opened. The eight crystal-like Dragon Cultivation Fruits were placed on the page below, then the page above was smacked down. The Dragon Cultivation Fruit was smashed into eight pieces. Juice oozed down the book.

Drip, drip…

The pages of the book were rubbing against each other, and the juice and meat of the Dragon Cultivation Fruit were all meshed into its pages.

When the juice stains had dried, eight dragon-like patterns appear on the pages of the dragon’s chapter, just like beautiful portraits had been drawn on the pages of the book. The dragons in the painting were lifelike and seemed to be dashing out from the painting with outstretched wings. After a while, the dragons in the painting wandered slowly along the pages…

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