Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 747

Chapter 747 Sinking Dark Devil

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“What was that? I saw my grandfather and big brother’s souls sucked away by that book.” Red Dragon squinted and looked at the Dragon Cultivation Book in horror.

No! I have to tell the adults in the family about this. That book can devour the souls of dragons, and there will be problems! The red dragon stepped back slowly, blinking its eyes.

“It saw it?” Gao Peng turned his head and frowned. Now, the Dragon Slaying ability couldn’t be exposed.

“Master, it just arrived and was stopped by Stripey, but it should have seen everything,” Dumby said emotionlessly.

This dragon was part of the dragon bloodline. If it went back and shot its mouth off, I could get into big trouble. The dragon bloodline was a large family. Under the dragon bloodline, there were many dragon groups, such as Yellow Dragons, White Dragons, Black Dragons, Red Dragons, Silver Dragons, Ying Dragons, and Horse Dragons. These were groups of mythical animals.

Gao Peng licked his dry lips. “Take care of it, and leave no evidence.”

Dumby nodded. At the same time, not only Dumby but also Goldie and the Dragon Ant disappeared from their original location; the Dragon Cultivation Book also appeared on top of the red dragon’s head. The pages of the book opened, and a golden light landed.

The red dragon was just about to use its dragon’s breath but felt its body suddenly weaken. Instead of spurting out the flames in its mouth, it sneezed.

Dumby silently landed on the back of the Red Dragon, its five sharp knife-like fingers easily penetrating the flesh on the Red Dragon’s back.

“I beg you, please don’t kill me.” The red dragon went to the ground and bowed repeatedly. Its voice was humble, throwing aside all dignity.

It wasn’t that the Red Dragon hadn’t thought about fighting; it had just been too weakened by the Dragon Cultivation Book. Just Goldie alone was difficult enough, let alone three Quasi Gods.

“I can sign a Blood Contract with you. I’m willing to be your beast,” the Red Dragon said quickly.

Gao Peng smiled faintly. With the Dragon Cultivation Book, would he still need a dragon monster? Even if Gap Peng kept the Red Dragon in the Dragon Cultivation Book, he still found it too weak.

The eight dragons in the Dragon Cultivation Book were eight dragon souls carefully selected by White Paper, the remnants of the eight most powerful dragons and beasts in the World Vortex Battlefield zone. The peak period of each one was much stronger than this Level-93 Red Dragon.

“Wasn’t it good to live? Why did you have to get so curious?” Gao Peng yawned. Looking at the other monsters, nobody had come over to check out the activity here. They all knew that this was Gao Peng’s territory, so no matter what happened, they wouldn’t peep, because sometimes seeing something that shouldn’t be seen would only turn two sides against each other.

“Gao Peng is truly a vicious person,” Da Zi secretly said, watching from behind.

The Red Dragon was handled cleanly. After eating the Red Dragon, the progress of rebuilding the dragons’ bodies in the inner space of the Dragon Cultivation Book accelerated significantly.

Dumby came over and told Gao Peng, “Master, we seem to have found the ore vein.” As the ghouls were revived by Dumby, it was the first to know about any progress.

Gao Peng rushed over. This area had been dug into a humongous pit. The depth of the hole wasn’t too deep, as if it was made more conducive to transport the soil, so the excavation work by the ghouls was spread out over the plane.

In one of the newly excavated areas, a dark red ore could be seen through an exposed layer of soil. Dumby first took a piece of ore, confirmed that it wasn’t dangerous, and handed it over to Gao Peng.

After picking up the ore, Gao Peng weighed it in the palm of his hand. The weight of this ore was much lighter than Gao Peng had imagined. Of course, the lightness here was relative to the same volume in iron.

The ore exuded a subtle fishy smell that Gao Peng was very familiar with—it was blood. The dark red ore looked as if it has been fished out of blood.

Goldie secretly looked at the ore from behind and couldn’t help but be reminded of what it had done the other day. It looked away, guilty, and walked past Gao Peng.

“Goldie,” Gao Peng’s voice called from behind.

Goldie received a shock, and its body suddenly trembled. “Here!”

“Come over and see if this ore was the ore you saw before.” Gao Peng threw the dark red ore in his hand to Goldie.

Goldie snuck a peek at Gao Peng, found that he didn’t intend to get angry, and was relieved. “Okay!”

Goldie pretended to toy with the ore when in actuality, it had recognized the ore at first glance. “Yes. This is it.” Goldie slowly nodded, behaving like an old man.

“That’s good.” Gao Peng nodded.

“Is this an ore vein?” Gao Peng stood on the edge of the pothole and looked down. At the edge of the layer of soil, a piece of ore that was covered with mud was exposed.

“It should be a vein.” Dumby couldn’t be sure.

“Collect the ores separately, and don’t damage it.” Gao Peng still remembered how Goldie had once damaged the ore before. These ores would dissipate into the air if they were damaged.

Gao Peng didn’t know whether this ore was the one that the King of Robotics needed. However, after excavating the ground for a long time, he had only found this ore vein. Gao Peng felt that it had to be the correct one. There were too few ores in this World Vortex Battlefield. It was nothing like what the King of Robotics had described at the beginning.

After giving his command, Gao Peng went back to sit on the rocking chair, swaying up and down.

A month passed, and the black coffin buried in the soil kept shaking. Ink-like darkness spread out from the middle of the coffin. The soil shifted, and the grayish-white stone coffin emerged from the soil.

Hmmm. Gao Peng remembered that the coffin had been black when he buried it, but now it had turned gray, as though its nutrition had been absorbed completely.

Clang. A cold light flashed, and two long sharp knives pierced the sides of the coffin. With a light push, the coffin was torn apart from the inside. A cluster of black shadows quickly expanded.

In the blink of an eye, it expanded to five feet and three inches. Its lower body had no legs, like a thick black fog. From top to bottom, it was a gradient of darker to lighter black fog until it dissipated completely into the air. Its upper body was increasingly dense. The upper body was wearing black armor, and black fog was emitted through the gaps of the armor. The front half of the left and right arms had completely transformed into sharp knife arms. Under the flickering cold light, the arms almost touched to the ground, their lengths the same as the creature’s height.

It didn’t look like anything special, but if one were to look at Flowing Light, the first thing one would be drawn to was the pair of knife-arms. The blades were sharp and covered with complex prints. Just looking at the lines could make one dizzy.

The twisted blades were extremely sharp on both sides and the front and back, a bit like warped knives. In the middle of the knives, there were recessed blood troughs.

“Master, I hope I didn’t disappoint,” Flowing Light said in a deep voice. Its eyes swirled, and it looked around excitedly.

Mythical Quality – Sinking Dark Devil.

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