Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 749

Chapter 749 Northern Desert

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Flamy, who was eating fire, saw Goldie and Gao Peng out of the corner of her eye and nearly choked.

She sputtered a burst of flames, coughing nonstop.

“What’s with that baldy’s expression?” Flamy was annoyed.

Finally, she took a deep breath, devouring the rest of the flames in the mountain. Flamy wobbled out, looking down at Goldie.

Goldie made a gesture, raising its head to look at Flamy.

After hearing Gao Peng and the other Familiars were here to see her, Flamy was delighted. She walked into a cave and scooped up a pile of Fire Crystal Silkworms to hand to them.

“This is yummy.”

Goldie blanked for a moment, peeking into the cave as if looking at an arch nemesis.

Flamy bent down to peck at Goldie’s bald scalp. The pain made Goldie forget its thoughts.

“I can’t go with you for now.” Flamy was very regretful.

“Recently I’m following an agenda. Once I finish, I can fight by your side!” Flamy was high-spirited.

She must practice her special technique for decades, and make a name for herself overnight.

So the whole world will know the name of the Bi Fang goddess.

Gao Peng agreed with Flamy. He patted her stomach, “Add oil, you’re the fattest.”

Flamy raised her neck, humphing haughtily.

“Gao Peng, our Clan elder said as long as I can complete the agenda, I can break through to Mythical Grade! Then I can be on the same level as that bald Goldie.”

“…” Gao Peng fell silent for a moment, deciding not to tell Flamy the truth.

Having dreams and hopes is worthy of encouragement.

For example, Desolion, Liuguang, and White Paper’s grades have all broken through Mythical.

“Add oil Flamy!” Desolion nodded at Flamy.

Flamy studied Desolion with suspicion. How did its fur get so long?

Its appearance seems to have changed too.

“Our diet got better with Gao Peng, so my fur is longer now,” Desolion explained.

“Then…Liuguang too?” Flamy stared blankly at Liuguang, who looked very different.

“I guess?” Liuguang cocked its head and answered with uncertainty.

Flamy: “…”

What do you mean “I guess?”

White Paper’s appearance didn’t change much. It was still a stone book, but some details were different.

Only Flamy didn’t have statistical vision, so she couldn’t know what grade she’s at now, and how far she’s from Desolion and the rest.

They bid farewell to Flamy.

Gao Peng set on the return journey.

Leaving the Valley of the God of Fire, the ground beneath their feet cracked open. A silver glowing humanesque silhouette wiggled out of the soil.

King of Robotics has been waiting for Gao Peng in the Valley of the God of Fire all this time.

“You came out earlier than I thought,” King of Robotics said with a raspy voice.

After it said this, King of Robotics looked at Gao Peng.

It was expressionless, but looked somewhat adorkable.

“Why are you looking at me?” Gao Peng asked with surprise.

“Ores,” King of Robotics said slowly.

“Is this the ore you need?” Gao Peng ordered Silly to take out a blood red ore from its space.

King of Robotics’s eyes gleamed, taking over the ore to sniff with its nonexistent nasal part.

Then stuck out its tongue,

And licked it.

Sour and sweet, with a hint of blood.

A warm current ran down through King of Robotics’s mouth.

King of Robotics slowly nodded, “It’s what I need.”

“Okay.” Gao Peng asked Silly to take out half of the ores.

A rift opened in the space before Silly. The crack expanded to two sides, finally forming a giant oval black hole.

A sea of ores poured out of the rift onto the ground, quickly piling into a small mountain. King of Robotics was buried by the ores.

“Do you need help?” Gao Peng asked loudly.

King of Robotics didn’t answer. It just sent out a spiritual wave signaling it didn’t need help.

Rumble, rumble.

As if a meat grinder was operating in the ore mountain.

The height of the ore mountain quickly diminished.

The aura in the ore mountain also gradually grew stronger.

Finally, the peak quaked.

A red light enveloped the entire ore mountain. The rest of the ores were devoured clean.

Leaving only King of Robotics standing in place.

King of Robotics’s aura multiplied from before.

[Monster Condition] Heavy Injury (Resources not in urgent need, core engine badly injured, joints damaged)

The only change in Monster condition is resources changed from being in urgent need to not in urgent need.

Seems like half of the ores is not nearly enough. Even all of it wouldn’t help much.

Gao Peng felt a little sorry.

He ordered Silly to take out the rest of the ores.

King of Robotics didn’t say anything, silently absorbing the ores.

After all the ores were absorbed, its condition became “Resources somewhat lacking.”

King of Robotics closed its eyes to recover from its injuries.

The sound of turning gears came from its body, but the gears sounded like they were stuck, making cracking sounds.

It was an awful noise.

As time passed, the sound of gears ran slightly smoother, much better than before.

[Monster Condition] Heavy Injury (Resources in urgent need, core engine injured, joints damaged)

Seems like they need a lot more ores. There still remains much to be done.

Now, the core engine is only injured. At least it’s no longer badly injured.

But before he left, Gao Peng entrusted the second prince with continuing to mine for him, and gave control over the ghouls revived by Dumby to the second prince as well.

The Land of the Fallen Gods is located in the Northern Desert.

The Northern Desert is north of the Empyrean mainland.

It’s farther north than the northern border of Shengtuo Empire, outside the influence of Spirit Race.

In the Northern Desert lived a Mythical Familiar called Hundred Wither.

The entire Northern Desert was the Hundred Wither Clan’s territory.

“King of Robotics, have you ever seen a Hundred Wither?”

“Hundred Wither….” King of Robotics fell silent, “I’ve heard of them, but never seen one.”

“Huh, you’ve lived in Empyrean for so long, yet you haven’t seen a Mythical Familiar like that?”

“Hundred Withers are born in the Northern Desert. They enjoy the quiet and like to eat sand. They’ve almost never left the Northern Desert since birth.”

“Oh.” Gao Peng was even more curious about Hundred Withers.

Dragon Ant traveled day and night, the Seven brothers taking turns to control the body. Finally they arrived at Northern Desert after a few months.

Wind and dust howled. The vast golden desert had no end in sight.

The dry wind beat on their faces, sand blew into their eyes….

Gao Peng let out a long breath, then his mouth was filled with sand.

“Bah bah.”

“Barren hills and turbulent rivers give birth to unruly citizens.” Goldie frowned, “The Mythical Familiars who live here must have terrible personalities.”

Jingle, jingle.

The jingling of bells came from the eastern end.

A dark cyclone rotated and howled.

A colossal beast stood at the center of the dark cyclone.

Two lantern-like white lights pierced the cyclone.

The colossal beast hid at the center of the cyclone.

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