Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 751

Chapter 751 Trap

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The overflowing Divine Power was full of Air of Death. The entire desert became lifeless.

Nothing was left in the air but a dry chill, as if all the water were sucked out of the world.

Gao Peng sneezed.

The sky darkened.

He stopped Goldie and the others from making a light.

A light in the darkness would only be a torch.

The best thing to do in the night is to fade into the darkness, become the darkness.

The weapons stuck in the ground were like corpses.

They were silent, staring at these self-invited guests with open eyes.

“There may be others.” Gao Peng frowned.

“There’s the Hundred Wither Clan in the Northern Desert. But boss, Hundred Wither Clan are local Mythical Familiars, aren’t they interested in what’s here?” Desolion asked curiously.

“It’s God’s legacy, why wouldn’t they be interested?” Gao Peng said faintly.

Halfway through his sentence, Gao Peng paused his steps. Were the peering gazes he sensed before from the Hundred Wither Clan?

Gao Peng glanced behind himself with an overcast expression.

“Stay cautious, there may be others here besides us,” Gao Peng lowered his voice.

“Ok.” Dumby nodded, his Spiritual Wave quickly spreading, enveloping a 10-kilometer radius. Everything within a 10-kilometer radius couldn’t escape Dumby’s Spiritual Wave.

But aside from the nearby Spiritual Waves, Dumby’s spirit couldn’t penetrate past 5 kilometers underground, as if something in the soul was blocking his spiritual scan.

“Master, something is approaching us from ahead.” Dumby looked to the front solemnly, taking a defensive stance.

“Whoosh–” Enormous wings flapped, a giant monster that looked like a Pterosaur approached at high speed, raising vicious winds.

[Monster Name] Mountain Rock Pterosaur

[Monster Grade] Excellent/Excellent

[Monster Tier] Level 77 (Overlord)

[Monster Attribute] Earth/Rock

[Monster Condition] Mild Injury (Swollen blood, some burst veins)

[Monster Description] A monster that enjoys living in mines and rocky highlands. They like to eat peaches and other fresh fruit; they dislike rotten fish.

Gao Peng was suspicious after seeing the description. This was totally not the natural habitat of a Mountain Rock Pterosaur.

Could this thing be a Familiar?

A Familiar above Overlord Tier can merge with its master.

This is a desert, and it doesn’t look like there are many rocks here.

“Roar!” With an angry roar, the Mountain Rock Pterosaur descended from the sky.

“Who are you? This place has been occupied by the prince of Shengtuo Empire,” the Mountain Rock Pterosaur said coldly, “Irrelevant people should keep away.”

“Which prince?” Gao Peng was suspicious, Did that dirty second prince lie to me?

Didn’t he say with confidence that no one else knew? Yet here’s someone mentioning a prince.

“Of course it’s the great second prince of Shengtuo Empire,” the Mountain Rock Pterosaur said proudly.


He’s not trying to kill me with another’s hand?

Gao Peng narrowed his eyes.

I thought it might’ve been the Familiar of another prince.


A pink band of light flew towards them from the distance.

The light band appeared before Gao Peng in the blink of an eye. The pink mist slowly cleared away.

Exposing the light red, six-winged strange insect inside.

The insect touched the Mountain Rock Pterosaur’s head with its antenna.

The Mountain Rock Pterosaur’s face took on a very human expression of shock and incredibility.

“Why would his Highness…?”

Shooting a mean look at Gao Peng, the Mountain Rock Pterosaur said with a hollow voice, “Come with me, dear visitor.”

The deeper they went, the bigger the weapons became.

At the heart, there were even gargantuan weapons that were thousands of meters tall, piercing through the clouds like mountain peaks.

“What God is this?” Gao Peng asked Fatty Big Sea in his mind.

Fatty Big Sea was baffled, it has never seen such a strange God in its lifetime.

“It probably has a rule like Blood or Slaughter,” Fatty Big Sea looked at the dark red sand below their feet and said to Gao Peng through their contract.

I know that too….

Gao Peng stepped on the soft sand, speechless.

Such an obvious environmental transformation, anyone with some knowledge of elements would know.

In the sky ahead, a giant red rift appeared in the sky above the desert.

Like a massive blood red pupil looking down over the entire desert.

A crimson radiance flowed within the sanguine rift, flickering.

The rouge twilight streamed down like blood, like a wound of the sky.

A maddening bloodlust leaked from the rift.

“It’s inside,” Mountain Rock Pterosaur said expressionlessly.

“Your Grace, the second prince gave us orders. I will lead you inside.” The Six-Winged Royal Silkworm said.

Gao Peng turned his head, looking at his surroundings. After a long while, he gave the Six-Winged Royal Silkworm a meaningful glance.

“Okay, you lead the way.”

Gao Peng took out his storage ring, taking out seven rusty red metal plates.

Six-Winged Royal Silkworm saw the metal plates in Gao Peng’s hand and was shocked for a bit, taking on a subtle expression. “Your Grace, seems like the second prince really values you.”

“I suppose,” Gao Peng said cooly.

Passing through the rift, the violent bloodlust hit their faces. The thick, mad bloodlust even formed cyclones, turning into red demons that charged at Gao Peng with bared fangs.

Goldie glared at it, shattering the bloodlust with one punch.


The demon made of bloodlust was punched into a biscuit, turning into dust.

Fool! You’re bold enough to attack your Grandpa Goldie? I’d punch you dead even if you were a God.

“Bah.” Goldie spit on the ground.

The Six-Winged Royal Silkworm who followed behind saw this scene. Its heart grew cold. What kinds of beings are these?

Goldie rubbed its bald head, narrowing its eyes.

It looked the Six-Winged Royal Silkworm up and down, the Six-Winged Royal Silkworm got goosebumps all over.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” the Six-Winged Royal Silkworm asked quietly.

“You don’t look like a good egg,” Goldie scoffed.

The Six-Winged Royal Silkworm shivered.

Gao Peng narrowed his eyes, the Six-Winged Royal Silkworm’s condition became “Guilty.”

The rift behind them was suddenly sealed by a mysterious power.

The Six-Winged Royal Silkworm turned into a flash of light, wanting to escape Gao Peng’s side.

But a large hand predicted its movement, and covered it from above.

The Six-Winged Royal Silkworm dashed left and right in Goldie’s palm, unable to free itself.

“I said, you don’t look like a good egg,” Goldie’s domineering voice resounded in the Six-Winged Royal Silkworm’s ear. With a forceful clench, the Six-Winged Royal Silkworm turned into a ball of ground meat.

“If you want to kill me, you have to be prepared to be killed by me.” Gao Peng chuckled.

More than 10 Familiars appeared in front, behind, to the left and right of Gao Peng. in addition to those above and below, there were at least 15.

The Familiars formed an airtight trap, encircling Gao Peng in the center.

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