Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 752

Chapter 752 Yellow Flash

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Without any unnecessary words, after the encirclement was formed, the monsters attacked in sync.

Elements instantly boiled over!

Flames circled in the sky, flares danced in the enormous fiery vortex.

A fire dragon soared down from the vortex, covering Gao Peng, Goldie, and the others in its range of attack.

From behind, frost formed in the cold air. Arctic ice expanded, icicles stretched towards them from the distance.

The Familiars on the other two sides didn’t move, but were all on their toes. Too much Elemental Power converging will actually affect their potency.

In the end, they’re not fighting individually, but as a team.

Desolion narrowed its eyes and said, “Leave the Ice Types behind us to me.” It turned to attack the Ice Types, swallowing with its lion mouth.

All the icicles on the ground and the ice elements in the air were engulfed by Desolion.

In its closed mouth, cold air gathered. Puffs of ice fog condensed into frost flakes that were blown out of its nostrils.

Ice stalagmites hung on its chin. Desolion’s claws were drawn taut, digging into the ground.

“What?” The Ice Type Familiars were appalled, the gathered energy from all these Ice Type Familiars was just swallowed?

How is that possible?!

Desolion smirked, shifting the ice elements in its body.

It combined them with the ice elements in its mouth.

The overflowing Power of Frost froze the ground beneath Desolions’s feet.


The bluewhite frozen light pillar became a lightsaber that swept across the ground, destroying everything in its way!

Many Ice Type monsters were instantly frozen. Even being Ice Types, they could not resist against this Ice attack.

When the bluewhite light pillar faded, only an iceberg remained.

Eleven Familiars were sealed in the transparent iceberg.

“Come at me!”

Goldie was like a wild beast charging into the flames, aggressively ripping them apart.

The flames fell on Goldie like raindrops, making it glow purple continuously.

The fluffy flames dispersed backwards from between Goldie’s arms and elbows.

Its breath slowly got heavier.

Leaving these Familiars Goldie’s excited eyes.

“You’ve hurt me, good.”

Goldie’s body swayed, leaving a shadow.


A Familiar couldn’t even react as its skull was instantly exploded.

Blood sprayed everywhere. The casserole-like fists were like coated in steel, giving off a metallic luster.

A giant beast that was as tall as a bear raised its column-like arms, chopping down from above.

The attack that could crush even a hill was withstood by a large and round bald head.

“Instant consecutive attacks.”

Goldie’s right fist shot out, drawing a golden shadow.

Accompanied by a shrill roar, explosion clouds dissipated. Quivering ripples appeared in the air.

Fist met flesh with every swing.

The giant bear Familiar’s chest trembled, its stomach sunk inwards.

The whole scene was like slow motion.

Rings of fat bounced, wrapping the fist.

The thick fat has helped it withstand attacks from countless monsters.

It helped it escape dangerous situations time and time again.

But this time, it was at its limit.

The layer of fat tried hard to protect the organs, but Goldie’s sharp fist stabbed like a knife.


Yellow fat exploded.

A mixture of blood and water sprayed out with the fat.


A shrill cry.

The giant beast fell to the ground.

Goldie became a yellow flash of lightning that passed through all the Familiars.

Bang bang bang.

Familiars fell left and right.

All with a gaping hole in their heart or head.

A furious noise came from the distance. Goldie’s actions angered a certain entity.


“You guys step back, leave it to me.”

Its voice fell, Goldie felt pain in its shoulder. The next moment, it was thrown up tens of meters, smashing a big pit in the ground.

On a hill in the distance, a four-meter tall, eight-winged, humanoid monster with its head wrapped in white bandages hovered in the air.

“You guys hold up the other Familiars, leave the strongest two to me.”

Clearly, it thought Goldie and Desolion were Gao Peng’s strongest Familiars.

Raising its left hand, a cream white light appeared in its palm.


Desolion, who was prepared this time, lept to the left.

And was hit directly by the white light.

The speed of light exceeded the limit of Desolion’s reaction.

Desolion’s back was charred. Its beautiful long, white fur was burnt, and a chunk of flesh was torn off its back. The edges of the wound were seared by the heat.

Desolion smelled the burnt odor, its face fell.

My most beautiful white fur has been dirtied.

“Desolion, step back, let me fight it,” Goldie’s manic voice came from behind.

Desolion’s expression changed. It scoffed, but stepped to the side.

“Then you better make it fast. If you take too long, I won’t be able to hold myself back.”

“Don’t worry.”

Goldie said confidently.

“I, Yellow Flash, Nicholas·Goldie, have never been beaten.”

“What the heck is Yellow Flash….” Desolion was speechless.

“Ha.” Goldie smirked, too lazy to explain.

Why should I, Goldie, have to explain anything to anyone.

[Monster Name] Holy Eight-Winged Destroyer (Mutated)

[Monster Tier] Level 98 (Quasi God)

[Monster Grade] Mythical/Mythical

[Monster Attribute] Light

[Monster Skills] Light Element Control Lv10 Lightning Speed Lv8

[Special Characteristic]

Annihilating Light (Holy Eight-Winged Destroyer’s Power of Light evolved, and is able to use Annihilating Light.

Effect 1. Passive Effect: Annihilating Light is more lethal to the body.

Effect 2. Passive Effect: Annihilating Light has extremely strong penetrating power.)

Gathering Light (Each time it makes a Light Element attack, there’s a probability of elemental boiling, which creates an additional Light Element attack.

Effect 1. Passive Effect: The Light Element attack is identical to the previous attack, and lands in the same spot)

[Monster Description] Mutant variant of the Holy Clan. Normal Holy Clan members have six wings, but it is an eight-winged super mutant variant, possessing greater power than others of its clan.

“Die,” the Holy Eight-Winged Destroyer muttered a single word.

It spread its wings as if to embrace the sky.

Its eight open wings were released to the max.

Boom boom boom boom~~

Dense light pillars fell endlessly.

Goldie was instantly submerged.

The overflowing light elements evaporated all the surrounding soil.

Surge upon surge of light element built up, finally forming an expanding light orb.

Goldie was nowhere in sight.

The next second, a fierce silhouette shot out of the light pillar.

The Holy Eight-Winged Destroyer raised its head to see Goldie’s widened eyes.

With a pull of its left hand, an irresistible power came from the other end. Its four-meter tall body was like a kite on a string, tugged right up to Goldie’s face.

Goldie clenched its fist, violently swinging its iron fist at the Holy Eight-Winged Destroyer flying towards it.


The sound of impact was awful, mixed with the cracking of bones.

The Holy Eight-Winged Destroyer’s bandaged face quickly distorted and became deformed, finally exploding.

It blasted!!!

It flew backwards at even greater speed than it came, like a cannon that shot out of its barrel.


With a loud thump, the ground trembled. Dust flew up a hundred meters from the ground.

After the smoke dissipated, an enormous crater stood where it landed.

Cobweb-like cracks densely covered it.

Holy Eight-Winged Destroyer was in pieces, lying in the center like a broken doll.

Goldie, who was covered in tearing wounds on its chest, forehead, and shoulder, slowly said, “Not bad. I, Goldie, will call you the strongest destroyer of Light Quasi Gods.”

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