Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 754

Chapter 754 Topsy Turvy World

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“Is this Land of the Fallen Gods? It doesn’t look like such a big deal.” Goldie looked around, bored. The surrounding environment felt strange to it, yet at the same time, slightly boring.

From time to time, apart from the red fog fighters that had come from meteorites dashing out and fighting in the air, they couldn’t see any living things. After taking a long walk, there weren’t even any corpses, only desolate red sand. To avoid losing their way, Gao Peng had Dumby bury bones at intervals so that the bone could guide them back.

About 250 miles in front of them, huge objects were levitating in the sky; it was amazing to watch. On one end, it was unclear what monster’s remains were in the sky, but a red-tinted rainbow light was gushing out from the wound like a waterfall.

Gao Peng narrowed his eyes. “This is the tail of a Bashe, a huge mythological python-like snake.”

In Gao Peng’s eyes, the attributes of this broken tail were revealed. It was the tail of a god-level Bashe, which was also a male.

“Are all Bashes that big?” Desolion sucked in a cold breath.

This tail could only have been a small part of the entire Bashe’s body. Comparing the diameter and length, the length of the Bashe’s entire body had to be at least ten times longer than the tail.

The broken tail alone was over 30,000 feet long, like a mountain range across the sky, drawing great visual attention to those who looked. The scaly surface of the broken tail was yellowish-green with intersecting dark green circular patterns. If the Bashe was still alive, from a distance, it would look like a mountain range slithering across the ground.

“Godly remains.” Gao Peng licked his lips and looked at the snake greedily.

“Even if we just get the broken tail of this snake, we’ll have made up for any losses,” Da Zi said excitedly.

“Yes…” The body of even one of the lowest gods was equal to the body of one hundred top-quality Quasi Gods. Even if it was just a corpse, its value couldn’t be estimated.

“Gods’ bodies cannot be consumed directly,” the King of Robotics said, “Unless you’re a god.”

“The body of a god has remnants of power even when it dies,” said the King of Robotics, squinting. “I will take it.”

“Wait.” Gao Peng shook his head.

The King of Robotics’ existence hadn’t been exposed to too many people. Not many were aware of its existence. This was one of Gao Peng’s trump cards. Although Gao Peng didn’t notice any observers lurking in the dark, he wanted to err on the side of safety.

“Fatty Big Sea, can you consume this corpse?” Gao Peng secretly asked Fatty Big Sea through their Blood Contract.

“I can try,” Fatty Big Sea said.

Fatty Big Sea squinted its eyes and curled its tail, then the Divine Well of Darkness flew out of it. The huge divine well rotated several times in mid-air before finally landing steadily on the snake’s body. A veil of cold ice spread out from it, and the body of the Bashe was slowly frozen.

“Desolion, lend me a hand,” said Fatty Big Sea.

Desolion turned to look at Fatty Big Sea. Nodding silently, it clapped its right hand, and a line of frosty threads entered the Divine Well of Darkness, continuously strengthening it. With the now stronger freezing power of the Divine Well of Darkness, its speed became faster, and the rate of the freezing gradually increased.

“They’re collecting the remains of that god.”

“Yes, I see it.”

Five hundred miles away, in the vanity space, a circle of light blue ripples appeared. Even Fatty Big Sea and Dumby didn’t notice them.

“Hurry up. Complete the prince’s order and collect the divine artifact.”

“It’s a pity; the corpse of a god is valuable.”

“Ah, the remains of gods also have their classifications. This is the body of a Bashe. It doesn’t have much effect.”

“That’s true. The Bashe’s precepts are generally specific and not to be absorbed.” The voices faded away.

Half a day later, the corpse of the Bashe was completely covered with ice, and all the previously revealed miracles and visions were sealed within it. Finally, the body of the Bashe became smaller and smaller to be stored in the Divine Well of Darkness.

Gao Peng shook his head secretly. Fatty Big Sea… simply placed its things at random, whether in the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth or the Divine Well of Darkness. Bodies, objects, it threw them all in. Even if it threw them around, the well could produce Divine Darkness Water. This water would be drank by Desolion and Fatty Big Sea.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Not hygienic at all,” Gao Peng thought. For the time being, he wouldn’t decompose the corpse, since the existence of Dark Child couldn’t be exposed to outsiders and the King of Robotics. Now, the King of Robotics could be willing to help him, but it was hard to say if it would continue its support if it knew of Dark Child’s existence.

“Gao Peng!” Fatty Big Sea eyes suddenly brightened. It felt the Divine Well of Darkness shaking, cheerful and exhilarated. It seemed that something had attracted the well’s attention. At that moment, the Divine Well of Darkness shone powerfully.

“The other half of the Divine Well of Darkness is nearby,” Fatty Big Sea said excitedly.

“Nearby?” Gao Peng was a bit surprised.

The magic light of the Divine Well of Darkness was guided and controlled by Fatty Big Sea until it transformed into a long arching silver bridge that led to the unknown vanity space.

Gao Peng pondered for a moment. “Let’s go.”

An incomplete damaged artifact.

The King of Robotics looked at the Divine Well of Darkness on the top of its head. It was mildly surprised but not very bothered. It was just a broken divine artifact, and the concentration of its precepts wasn’t high.

The Divine Well of Darkness that was now in the hands of Fatty Big Sea had been found in the God’s Treasure House in the Secret World. Aside from the Divine Well of Darkness, the True Dragon Fruit Tree had also been found.

At the thought of the True Dragon Fruit Tree, Gao Peng was reminded of of the Huaxia Tribe. An unknown number of familiars had been strengthened after distributing the fruit of the True Dragon Fruit Tree.

Gao Peng was slightly homesick. Sorting out his mood, Gao Peng took a deep breath, inhaling and exhaling deeply. “I’ll go home and deal with this matter!” he thought to himself.

Fatty Big Sea led the way, following the channel opened by the Divine Well of Darkness deep into the vanity space. After the King of Robotics, who was walking at the back, stepped in, the long silver bridge disappeared in the air.

“What is this place?” Gao Peng looked around. This was a strange space, like the back of the world. The land was suspended above their heads, with a sky below their feet—the world was reversed.

In addition, the color of the whole world was very dark, making it seem decadent and dilapidated. The protruding peaks of the overhead continent were like stalactites, while many mountain peaks seemed to have been bitten off by monsters. Broken stones floated around the vanity space.

Gao Peng stepped out, his feet steadily balancing in the air. “How strange…”

Gao Peng tried to step upwards. There was a firm sensation on the soles of his feet, but he was clearly stepping on air. What kind of world was this?

Gao Peng was speechless.

The silver light of the Divine Well of Darkness led to the depths of the topsy-turvy world.

Fatty Big Sea swung its fat body, as flexible as an otter. “Wow, I feel like I’m swimming in water!”

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