Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 763

Chapter 763 Challenge

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In a split second, an inexplicable change occurred in the atmosphere surrounding the Three-Headed Dog.

If one had to describe it, the change was due to its aura turning ferocious!


Wild, like a brutal and gigantic crocodile floating to the surface from the depths of the wetlands.

Gao Peng could tell that this was probably the effect of its Gatekeeper characteristic.

The Hell’s Three-Headed Dog stopped moving backward. For the first time, it turned its head and looked straight at the Gigantic Demon Centipede viciously.

The Gigantic Demon Centipede spared it no mercy and threw its tremendous body at the Three-Headed Dog. Its speed increased sharply to the point that they could only see a blurry and distorted image.

There was a massive boom!

Sahara narrowly dodged the sharp claws of the Gigantic Demon Centipede, which brushed past its shoulder.

With a wail from its leftmost head, it bit down on the Gigantic Demon Centipede’s shoulder.

The two of them passed by each other in a flash.

By force of habit, Sahara tumbled further on the ground for hundreds of feet before coming to a halt.

The Gigantic Demon Centipede turned around. Due to the structure of its body, its turning movement was more sluggish.

There was a faint white mark on the part of its body that had been bitten earlier by Sahara.

Gu Zha’s raised eyebrows lowered slightly as well. Only it knew of the anxiety it felt deep down.

If it couldn’t even beat a pet of the King’s familiar, it would be completely humiliated.

It seemed now that this fellow’s attacking ability couldn’t even break the Gigantic Demon Centipede’s protective outer shell. It seemed that there was no need to be overly worried, since the dog couldn’t even break its defenses. What more was there to worry about?

After triggering its Gatekeeper characteristic, Sahara immediately changed its earlier pattern of avoidance. It wandered around openly and repeatedly carried out sneak attacks on the Gigantic Demon Centipede.

The only problem was that this didn’t have much of an effect… After ten minutes, the Gigantic Demon Centipede merely had a few more small, inconsequential wounds.

On the other hand, although Sahara had conserved its energy, despite the vigorous exercise, it was obvious that it had used up a lot of its stamina as well.

As another bolt of lightning came to attack it, a hint of disdain appeared in the Gigantic Demon Centipede’s eyes.

It lifted its claws and habitually slapped the bolt of lightning away with two popping noises.

Its claws suddenly hurt. The Gigantic Demon Centipede lowered its head and saw that its chest had been punctured and now had numerous little pinholes.

Hissing sounds of irritation echoed throughout the wastelands and the sky.

The Gigantic Demon Centipede had initially thought that this was just a game that it could casually play. It hadn’t expected to actually be injured.

After another boom, a terrifying aura of power and pressure was released from within the centipede’s body.

At the same time, a pink territory was released from its body. Everything within the territory was being corroded continuously. Pink streams of air spinning at high speeds drifted through the territory.

Sahara became calm the moment it came into contact with this scent.

The frenzy on all three of its faces vanished without a trace, and its expressions looked totally calm.

It looked like a wise monk.

This was especially true for the black and white dog-head in the middle. Its brow was relaxed, and it was gazing ahead with empty eyes.

It looked calm yet sad.

Gao Peng was sitting and watching from the sidelines. He thought to himself, “This is probably the suppression that was mentioned in the description of the Gigantic Demon Centipede Leader’s special characteristics. Its effect is to suppress anything physically smaller than it.”

Sahara was physically smaller in size compared to the Gigantic Demon Centipede. No one could know how much of its power was being suppressed right now.

This time, the Gigantic Demon Centipede didn’t hold back. Its speed increased nearly twofold from its earlier speed.

Coupled with the suppression the Gigantic Demon Centipede was using, the speed at which Sahara’s Gatekeeper characteristic was intensifying was counteracted.

Its massive tail swept towards Sahara, sealing off the escape paths in front of it, above it, and to its left and right. The huge tail shone with scarlet rays of light.

Immediately, Sahara curled its four limbs inward and buried its head into its chest, leaving only the sharp thorns on its back to go head to head with the Gigantic Demon Centipede.

Like a baseball bat hitting a baseball, Sahara was sent flying with a slap.

Its razor-sharp and long thorns broke the Gigantic Demon Centipede’s outer shell, scattering and smashing its outer shell.

After being sent flying, Sahara smashed into the earth and howled in pain.

The Gigantic Demon Centipede showed no mercy after gaining the upper hand. Closely following that, it sprayed a mass of poisonous mist into the pit where Sahara was laying. Sahara was covered by the poisonous mist.

The hissing sound of corrosion was extremely terrifying.


There was a plaintive and shrill whine.

As if its buttocks had been electrocuted, Sahara scrambled out of the pit in a split second. Part of the fur on Sahara’s face, back, and chest had been scorched. It ran wildly and swiftly across the ground.

Amid Sahara’s howls and wails of pain, five tails grew behind its body.

The spectating crowd was stunned by this scene.

How on earth had this Three-Headed Dog grown a scorpion tail? Five tails in one shot, at that.

Sahara still couldn’t control its tails with practiced ease, as they had just grown. However, while battling with the Gigantic Demon Centipede, its control over the five tails also increased exponentially.

Sahara’s domain was the Hell Lava Domain. Within this domain, temperatures rose to great heights and warped the air. The hot air burned the ground surface to create lava pools. Dark red lava bubbled.

As expected, experience was the best teacher.

In no time, the five tails were able to join the actual battle.

After the Devil-Thorn Storm-Off began its second stage, the duel between Sahara and the Gigantic Demon Centipede gradually became more exciting.

Gao Peng watched for some time before he stopped caring and averted his gaze. It didn’t matter who won or lost.

The main point was that Gao Peng was a little tired.

“Let me know when they’re done fighting,” Gao Peng said to Goldie.

Goldie nodded and continued watching the battle with worry.

Gao Peng was awoken by shouting. He himself didn’t know how long he had slept.

When he opened his eyes, the sky was about to turn black.

He yawned. “Are they done? Who won?”

“We lost,” Goldie said sadly.

Gao Peng was stunned. They had lost?

How could that be? He had thought that Sahara would win.

Goldie had carried Sahara back. Sahara now lay on the ground with its tongue hanging out of the corner of its mouth. There were numerous wounds all over its body. Its tail had disappeared into thin air, and five long and slender tails appeared where its tail had once been.

These five tails were bluish-gray in color. They looked like the links of a chain interlocked together, but the centers of the links weren’t simply empty; there were even hooks and serrations along their edges.

Presumably, as long as flesh had been torn apart, a huge chunk of it would definitely fall off.

Gu Zha came up to them and said quietly, “King, I’ve been training the Gigantic Demon Centipede since it was young. Its explosive power at close-range has been trained to the point where it’s extremely fast.”

Goldie scoffed. “My dog would have won if I had trained it, too.”

“Of course.” Gu Zha smiled faintly and agreed with Goldie’s words.

Although Sahara had lost, his ability was nevertheless recognized by all of the elders.

Gu Zha’s Gigantic Demon Centipede Leader could be ranked among the top five of everyone there.

Ranking among the top five there didn’t mean that Gu Zha was in fifth place. Due to the mutual repression of attributes, his familiar’s actual rank wasn’t definite. However, its ability definitely placed it in the most powerful batch. Only a few in the entire tribe could surpass Gu Zha and the centipede.

However, he had merely gone up against an insignificant pet casually raised by the royal family.

The King’s power was indeed unfathomable.

After gesturing for everyone to retreat, Gao Peng sat down again and rested a while more. Then, he stood up in a slow and leisurely fashion and returned to his own palace.

In the depths of the palace, the gloomy and chilling aura of death was spreading continuously.

The aura rose steadily and only stopped when it finally reached its peak.

Dumby slowly walked out from the deepest part of the corridor, where it was pitch-dark.

A row of numbers sprang up in Gao Peng’s vision.

[Monster Level]: Level 100!

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