Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 764

Chapter 764 Chains Of Rule

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Having swallowed all the God Spirit Essence, Dumby had finally reached the ultimate limit of Level 100, too.

However, after hitting Level 100, Dumby arrived at a bottleneck. At the moment, it was unable to continue making breakthroughs.

“Master… I feel like I’m still missing something.” Dumby spread out its five fingers. It clenched his five bony pale-white fingers into a fist.

“If you want to become a God, there are three requirements you must fulfill. You’ll be able to break through to the God tier after you have fulfilled all of them. The first requirement is the Godly Body, which is when your entire body has completed the deification process. Your whole body has already completed the deification process now, so you’ve fulfilled this requirement.

“The second requirement is to condense all the power you possess into precepts and cast Godhood in your mental sea. Those beneath Gods control the elements, and those above Gods control the precepts. The power of the precepts is also known as Divine Power, because this is power that only Gods can control.

“The last requirement is to thoroughly transform your own soul into God’s Soul and cast God’s Altar in the depths of your soul.

“Place the Godhood on a God’s Altar and worship it. When all three requirements are satisfied, you will have become a true God.”

At that moment, Dumby had only completed the deification process of its whole body. It had yet to cast Godhood and God’s Altar.

A typical Quasi God could become complacent and even remain at the same level for a long time.

But it wasn’t as difficult for Dumby, because it had two people by its side who had been through it before.

The King of Robotics was recuperating in one of the ore veins outside the tribe. Only Fatty Big Sea was with it right now.

“Among the precepts, different precepts are mutually exclusive. The more precepts you have, the larger your Godhood will be, as well,” Fatty Big Sea said.

“One God can even have many Godhoods?” Gao Peng asked in surprise.

“Of course,” Fatty Big Sea answered affirmatively. “To be honest, I don’t know if Gods are like this, but the Godly Body of our Surface Sea does contain a few types of precepts that have a few Godhoods.

“All of the Godhoods are on top of God’s Altar. The Godhoods contain precepts, and God’s Altar is precisely what fully maximizes the power of these precepts or rules.”

“How do I cast God’s Altar?” asked Dumby.

“Use the precepts in the Godhoods to stimulate your soul. As long as the power of your soul reaches a sufficient extent, it can produce God’s Altar inside your soul. Without God’s Altar, there’s no way to support the Godhoods.”

Well then. It seemed that Dumby had to follow the sequence and complete it step by step. First, it had to condense its power into Godhoods.

“You must follow the sequence for this. The prerequisite to condensing your power into Godhoods is to first deify your whole body. Otherwise, even if the Godhoods belong to you, only the power that overflows and scatters will cause your body to crumble into pieces. I myself once saw the only non-deified finger of a Wood-type Quasi God ultimately turn into a block of wood because its body hadn’t completely been deified. It had condensed its power into Godhoods by force in order to deal with the enemies going after it.

“The balance within its body was also destroyed. Its entire body exploded like a balloon.” Fatty Big Sea let out a sigh.

“Did you know it?”

“It was a friend.”

“Let me tell you how to condense your power into Godhoods.” Fatty Big Sea told Dumby how it had condensed its power into Godhoods itself.

A senior had told Fatty Big Sea about this method of condensing power into Godhoods. That senior was a God of the Surface Sea who had formerly guided Fatty Big Sea and been a great benefactor to it.

“In reality, all methods of condensing power into Godhoods are virtually the same. Their exact purpose is to transform your body’s power into precepts. Precepts are the foundation that make up all living things on Earth. They’re like the framework on which our world is constructed. Of course, such a description isn’t totally accurate, since compared to ordinary power, precepts are at a higher level of power.”

“I call the method of condensation I have mastered the Observation Method,” Fatty Big Sea said slowly.

It was Gao Peng’s first time seeing Fatty Big Sea act so grave and serious.

Goldie opened his mouth wide in amazement. He hastily ran over with a small stool and sat down to listen to Teacher Fatty’s lecture.

Fatty Big Sea spoke tirelessly, explaining the Observation Method in detail.

As its name implied, the Observation Method was a method involving a form of observation.

Of course, the meaning of observation here didn’t refer to sneaking a peek at the precepts when they weren’t looking—that was called peeping.

The Observation Method that Fatty Big Sea was referring to required one to empty one’s mind and place oneself in a relaxed and tranquil state. In such a state, one’s senses in perceiving everything on earth would become more acute. It would also become easier for one to enter a special kind of state.

Such a method demanded a higher level of innate skill of the observers themselves. Furthermore, it required the observer to be able to calm down at will. If one was continuously in a restless state, one would be unable to carry out their observation.

The most important thing was that Dumby had to attain Level 100, or in other words, Great Perfection for a Quasi God. From head to toe, its body had to be completely deified before it would be able to use the Observation Method.

To Gao Peng, it sounded a bit like meditation in Taoism and mental training in Buddhism.

“Gao Peng, Dumby has been sitting for the past three days without moving at all. Is it alright?” Da Zi asked worriedly.

In a quiet room located in the most distant reaches of the palace, green lanterns burned peacefully in the four corners of one room.

A skeleton that was completely dull-gold in color sat on the dark blue praying mat in the center of the room.

This scene looked particularly strange and terrifying.

Ever since Dumby had heard Fatty Big Sea’s words that day, it had been continuously meditating in this room.

Dumby closed its eyes and contemplated the precepts as Fatty Big Sea had described them.

The skeleton sat cross-legged on the ground with its eyes closed.

Its mind was in a state of complete relaxation. The flames in its eyes burned faintly, and there was nearly no sign of them burning.

“Back then, how long did you use the Observation Method to observe?” Gao Peng turned around to ask Fatty Big Sea.

“I’m extraordinarily gifted. It only took me a month to successfully observe the precepts,” Fatty Big Sea said proudly.

The moment it finished his sentence, sounds came from the room.

The flames in Dumby’s eyes burned with greater and greater intensity.

All of a sudden, Dumby’s raspy voice emerged from its mouth.

“I see it. It turned out to be here.” Dumby’s tone was an indifferent one.

It raised his right hand and jabbed its index finger into the air.

There was clearly nothing in front of it, but it seemed as if its incomparably steady finger had pierced something invisible.

A few ripples spread outwards from the point where its index finger had stopped.

The ripples became bigger and bigger. In the end, like a dam that had burst, an explosion occurred with a loud bang!

Thick smog instantly enveloped the entire courtyard. It was as if they were in the clouds.

The smog penetrated Gao Peng’s body, causing him to shiver. Gao Peng suddenly felt very cold.

Dumby pointed its index finger then retracted it. The smog swiftly gathered and concentrated into a gray speck of light as large as a grain of rice on the tip of Dumby’s index finger.

The arrogant expression immediately froze on Fatty Big Sea’s face.

How could Dumby be so quick?!

“So these are what precepts are.” The rims of Dumby’s eyes turned brighter and brighter. In its eyes, everything on Earth became multiple chains that intertwined vertically and horizontally, filling the entire world.

These chains were of various colors. Some were as red as blood, while others were a luminescent blue. There were also several chains that were like thick soil bearing the weight of all living things.

Outside the window, a few bamboo trees created rustling sounds from being blown around by the wind.

In Dumby’s eyes, the center of each bamboo tree was occupied by a jade-green chain that was as fine as rope.

In a split second, Dumby suddenly had a flash of realization. These had to be the Chains of Rule.

This was precisely the visual form used to show the precepts they had spoken about!

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