Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 765

Chapter 765 Godhood

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Precepts were ubiquitous. They were ingrained in all aspects of everyone’s lives.

No wonder they had said that the Chains of Rule were the root of everything on Earth.

A hint of understanding appeared in Dumby’s eyes.

It thought, “In that case, my precept is probably…”

Dumby remembered the warning that Fatty Big Sea had given it a few days earlier. “Don’t casually and recklessly choose precepts. You can choose precepts, and precepts can also choose you. If you’re not suited for a type of precept but you want to forcefully possess it… you’ll be in for a hard time.”

After muttering to itself for some time, Dumby looked at the little speck of gray light on its fingertip. It aimed at the void and pulled, grasping and grabbing.

In Dumby’s and Fatty Big Sea’s eyes, Dumby had grabbed a gray chain.

This gray chain was entirely dull in color and luster. There were various types of mysterious symbols engraved on its surface.

This was the Soul precept.

Fatty Big Sea recognized this Chain of Rule.

Dumby grabbed the Soul precept with its right hand. The little speck of gray light was like a parasite, endlessly absorbing “nutrition” from the chain of the Soul precept.

The speck of light expanded continuously. As the light grew bigger, it was also generating power of its own accord in order to break free of Dumby’s control.

Fortunately, Dumby’s attainments in respect to its soul’s power was extremely profound, so it was still in control of the gray speck of light.

With the passage of time, it expanded from the size of a grain of rice to the size of a broad bean, then a fish ball. Ultimately, it even grew to the size of a large steamed beef bun that had soup inside!

Once it grew to the size of a large beef bun, it finally stopped growing. It was round and smooth all around.

Its shiny and smooth surface was covered in mysterious veined patterns.

This was a Godhood.

Goldie’s eyes exuded envy. It blew a breath of air into its hands and rubbed its palms together until they were nice and warm.

“It’s still not enough,” Dumby muttered to itself.

Suspended in midair, the chain of the Soul precept started moving on its own as if it now had a life of its own.

No one knew how long the chain of this Soul precept was. It stretched from the east all the way to the west. A small part of the chain separated from the middle and blended into the gray ball in Dumby’s palm.

Once this small part of the chain had completely integrated into the round gray ball, the light of god erupted from it.

It immediately became sparkling and translucent. Inside the round gray ball, a small section of the gray chain closed by forming a loop and laying in the center of the round ball.

It was the Soul Godhood!

Dumby suddenly understood when it looked at the crystal in its palm.

“There’s more.” Dumby again waved its hand in midair and released the chain of the Soul precept from its hand.

Dumby pulled another chain towards itself.

This chain was completely pale-white in color. There were coarse and sharp thorns on all four sides of it.

“The chain of the White Skeleton Precept.” Fatty Big Sea frowned.

A piece of bone that was as white as ivory grew larger in the palm of Dumby’s hand.

Ten minutes later, the White Skeleton Godhood was condensed.

Two pieces of Godhood floated in front of Dumby.

Fatty Big Sea was watching very excitedly. It couldn’t believe that Dumby had condensed its power into two pieces of Godhoods at the same time. But it knew that this was probably not Dumby’s limit.

Typical Gods only had one type of precept. This wasn’t to say that those who only developed one precept weren’t good. There were several Gods that focused on perfecting one kind only. They would also have faster progress, since practicing many types of precepts at the same time was more time-consuming.

After condensing its power into two pieces of Godhood, Dumby was considerably more in its element when it came to condensing its power into a Godhood.

It aimed into the void and pulled and yanked without hesitation.

Dumby grabbed a chain that had been hidden more deeply among the many Chains of Rule.

This was a Chain of Rule that was mixed with many different colors. There was white, green, and even gray and black.

A speck of light gathered in Dumby’s palm.

Fatty Big Sea had been in contact with Dumby for such a long time that it had a better understanding of the power that Dumby had. This chain probably represented the Ghoul Precept.

The Ghoul precept was no simple precept. It was a precept that was at a high level. Not every undead creature had what it took to control the Ghoul precept.

This Ghoul precept involved the creation of the undead, transforming them and controlling the undead that were weaker than the creator of the precept. This was a special type of advanced precept.

At the very end, Dumby condensed its power into the Ghoul Godhood.

The expression on Fatty Big Sea’s face was unreadable. Three pieces of Godhood—even among the Gods, this was very rare.

Dumby didn’t absorb these three pieces of Godhood into its body. Instead, it aimed into the void and grabbed again.

“Again?” Fatty Big Sea was shocked.

What other precepts could Dumby condense its power into?

The Dark Flame?

The Dark Flame, which could set souls on fire, was indeed very powerful, but it wasn’t complete.

If the Dark Flame was complete, it could be possible to condense power into some Precept. It was a pity that the Dark Flame which Dumby controlled was not considered complete.

Dumby reached its arm in as deep as it could. With precision, it grabbed that particular chain among the countless others.

Th-that was.

Fatty Big Sea opened its eyes wide.

Dumby’s ambition was unexpectedly huge.

How could that have been? It had actually chosen that.

A chain that was as black as ink and inspired instinctive fear when one simply looked at it floated quietly in midair.

The space between it and the other chains in its vicinity was greater, showing its special status.

The Chain of Rule—of Death!

The moment it held this chain in hand, the world seemed to become quiet.

As if it had been contaminated by death, the color of Dumby’s arm turned dull.

The chain trembled slightly.

Fatty Big Sea’s heart had also risen to its throat.

It had already said before that if one didn’t receive the recognition of a precept, then one had to have an amount of power that was befitting of it.

When one wanted to condense the relevant precept by force, he or she would be attacked by the precept instead.

One breath, two breaths, three breaths.

Time passed by in minutes and seconds. There was no further movement from the chain of the Death precept.

Fatty Big Sea sighed in relief.

Not being rejected was the best beginning.

It was just like courting a girl. If a boy embraced and confessed to a girl on the streets in front of everyone, and she slapped him across the face directly, even giving him a beating because he had molested her, it was a warning to never have such delusions in the future!

In that case, congratulations. The familiar had been blacklisted by this precept. It would only be more difficult for them to control this precept if they wanted to do it again in the future. Furthermore, they would even suffer retaliation from the precept.

But the girl could merely shrug the boy’s arms off and stare coldly at him without saying anything.

If that was the case, it would mean that at least the girl didn’t detest him too much. She was merely very surprised by his impudent actions.

Under these circumstances, one had to know when to stop. In some aspects, Dumby had received the recognition of this precept, but it was still slightly lacking and unqualified. This meant that as long as one continued working hard, there was still hope for one to control this type of precept.

This was none other than the Death precept… one of the top precepts. All those who could control the Death precept had infinite potential, even if they focused only on this type of precept.

The Gods who controlled the Death precept always evoked terror from other Gods, because the Death precept had the strangest power. This was the power to bestow death.

However, though the use of this power was accompanied by various limits, there was still something to be said about its success rate.

But even this couldn’t change the fact that it was strange. It could kill an enemy directly from the source of the precept.

The Death precept could bestow death!

All of a sudden, small black specks of light separated from the surface of the Death precept’s chain.

The small specks of light gathered in Dumby’s palm and finally transformed into a crystal as large as a quail. Inside the crystal, there was a pocket-sized black ring.

Even if it was physically half the size or smaller than the other three Godhoods around it, the aura it exuded suppressed those of the other three Godhoods.

The tiny Death precept floated to the very top. Its stance was that of a king overlooking his citizens.

The Ghoul precept and the Soul precept shared the level beneath it, while the poor White Skeleton Godhood was left right at the bottom…

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