Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 766

Chapter 766 What An Interesting Way To Die

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After condensing power into Godhoods, the next step was using Godhoods to stimulate the soul to cast God’s Altar.

Naturally, Dumby passed the standard to cast God’s Altar as it occupied the position of Soul Dominator. Just when Dumby was planning to cast God’s Altar, Fatty Big Sea suddenly reminded it, “You haven’t perfected your Death Godhood yet. It’s best that you wait for your Death Godhood to be complete before you cast God’s Altar.”

Dumby froze for a moment before silently nodding its head and standing from the ground.

In Gao Peng’s eyes, a row of new numbers appeared in Dumby’s Condition column.

[Control of Rule]: Death Precepts 0.1%, Soul Precepts 1%, Ghoul Precepts 1%, White Skeleton Precepts 1%

The proportion of Death precepts was only 0.1%. It seemed it was still lacking substantially and would probably be perfected only when it hit the one percent mark.

“You’ll have to depend on yourself to understand the Death precept. I myself have never been in possession of it.”

“The only way to understand the Death precept is to witness death firsthand,” Dumby said hoarsely.

Goldie patted its own head. “How do you know who’ll die? Could it be—” Goldie’s eyes brightened as it hammered its fists together. “I understand!

“You mean that you’ll tell other people that it’s time for you to die. If you don’t die, I’ll help you by hammering you to death, right?!” Goldie felt proud of its intelligence and wisdom.

Gao Peng didn’t know how to respond to the situation.

Da Zi was also stunned into silence.

“I can sense the smell of death.” Dumby surveyed the east side down below. “Over there… there’s the smell of death.”

Dumby took one step and traveled as swiftly as the wind and as quickly as lightning. Its speed was more than twice its speed had been before it had condensed its power into Godhoods.

On the hillside, a monster that had been hunted and killed lay in a pool of blood, barely breathing.

The trainer close by turned his head and was instinctively frightened upon seeing Gao Peng’s figure. He hastily went forth to greet the king.

“King, this is a kill I’m offering to you.” The trainer from the Li Tribe wanted to offer the freshly-killed Flaming Rock Antelope on the ground as a tribute.

Gao Peng waved his hand. “No need. This is your kill. Keep it for yourself.”

Dumby came close to the Flaming Rock Antelope that laid in a pool of blood and crouched down in front of it.

The eyes of the Flaming Rock Antelope, which were covered in fresh blood, were filled with hatred as they stared unwaveringly at Dumby.

There was a short period of silence.

Dumby stretched out its palm and gently smoothed it over the antelope’s eyes and face. The fur on the side of its face was soaked in traces of blood.

After taking its final breath, a thick atmosphere of death emanated from within the body of the Flaming Rock Antelope. Dumby raised its head and watched this atmosphere of death dissipate into the air.

The corpse became ice-cold after losing its last ounce of vitality. The heat left in its body gradually dispersed into the air.

“In that case, let’s go and look for some monsters and directly hammer them to death. That way, Dumby will be able to become a God even more quickly!” Goldie said excitedly from the side.

“We can try.” Gao Peng nodded. This time, he didn’t reject Goldie’s idea.

Standing by the side, the trainer was scared witless.

What terrifying things were they talking about?

“You can go back first. You can take this corpse with you, too,” Gao Peng said while pointing at the corpse on the ground.

“All right.” The trainer frantically dragged the corpse of the Flaming Rock Antelope away.

It didn’t take long for Goldie to catch a lively and frisky monster from the wild. In front of Dumby, it knocked this monster out with a single slap.

The monster’s head drooped downwards. The monster’s corpse exuded a rising atmosphere of death that only Dumby could see.

“…No.” Dumby suddenly shook its head.

“It doesn’t have the same effect as earlier.”

“Ah.” Goldie scratched the back of its head. Why was it different? Could it have been that this monster was slightly weaker?

“It’s probably not related to strength,” Dumby said.

Goldie didn’t believe Dumby. Following the previous example, it went off again to catch two more monsters.

“The effect is very weak.” Dumby walked back and forth in front of the corpses.

The crowd of familiars was collectively confused.

“You’ll know more once you try it again.” Gao Peng continued, “If you observe more deaths, you may be able to figure out the reason. We have to use the scientific method of counting to calculate the results.”

“What the hell?!” It seemed that Goldie suddenly thought Gao Peng’s words made a lot of sense.

“You should have studied more. Now, the only thing you know to say is ‘what the hell.’” Da Zi added another blow.

Goldie grew agitated and angry. “I’ve already learned up to the curriculum for the second year of middle school on my own! At the very least, I have a middle school diploma! What basis do you have to mock me?!”

“You’re only considered to have a middle school diploma if you finish middle school. At best, you can only be considered to have a primary school education, so you’re a primary school student.” Da Zi scoffed haughtily. Of course, it wouldn’t tell anyone that Stripey had used this same sentence to mock Da Zi before.

“You guys should quickly absorb the Divine Essence I’ve given you. Right now, Dumby has already broken through to Quasi God Great Perfection and has even condensed Godhoods. The only thing left for it to become a God is to cast God’s Altar. You guys have to speed up,” Gao Peng said to his familiars.

If all the Divine Essence was given to one familiar, it would probably push that familiar to Quasi God Great Perfection. Unfortunately, Gao Peng had too many familiars. What Dumby had absorbed was God Spirit Essence, which was different from what these familiars were enjoying.

In the forests out in the wild, the roots of the trees were thick and solid. Their branches and leaves were flourishing, and trees that were more than a hundred yards tall were everywhere.

The tree trunks, which would have required seven or eight people to carry them, had mottled tree bark. There were moss and fungi all over it.

The green boa that was sticking out its forked tongue blended into its surroundings, making it difficult for other living things to notice it.

This was a more rudimentary method of concealment. Only low-level monsters would use such a physical method of camouflage.

So, this green boa was extremely careful to hide itself. It was physically more petite than most of its kind. As those that were more well-built had been captured to be eaten, the smaller ones that were left behind could easily survive.

That day was another happy day. Dark clouds covered the sky overhead. This cloudy weather was the boa’s favorite. “It would be best if there was a slight drizzle,” the Forest Green Boa thought happily.

It stuck out its tongue and distinguished the various smells in the air.

To the east was a smell it hated. It seemed to be a Thorny Iron-Backed Bear. Those dumb and sturdy fellows weren’t delicious at all. The iron thorns on their backs could pierce its stomach. Its own mother had died from excessive blood loss due to its belly being pierced after eating the corpse of a Thorny Iron-Backed Bear.

To the west, it seemed that there were those clammy fellows, the Golden Toad Water Ghosts. They liked to move around in crowds and were the most disgusting.

“Oh? These seem to be eggs of a Golden Lamp Eagle?” Its eyes brightened at a sudden smell in the air.

The Golden Lamp Eagle was its natural enemy, but at the same time, the eggs of the Golden Lamp Eagle were also one of its favorite foods.

It stealthily slithered up the tree. The Forest Green Boa climbed up the neighboring tree at an incomparably cautious speed. It secretly observed the bird’s nest nearby. The Forest Green Boa was even happier when it confirmed that there was no adult Golden Lamp Eagle in the nest. That day was truly a lucky day. It had to celebrate this by eating two eggs.

It slithered along the branches of two adjacent trees and made its way over to the nest. The Forest Green Boa slowly increased its speed. It was close, closer…

There were seven eggs in the bird’s nest!

A strong sense of greed was visible in the eyes of the Forest-Green Boa.

But at some point in time, a dim golden lamp dangled by its ear.

A black shadow hung over the Forest Green Boa.

The Forest Green Boa raised its head. A tremendous eagle with a wingspan of more than 20 feet had been staring at it like a tiger watching its prey. A long and thin string fell from the top of its head. A golden lantern hung at the other end of the string.

How could it have been so fast…?

“If it had flown back, I definitely would have heard the sound of its wings,” thought the snake.

The Forest Green Boa sank into a trance.

“Unless… unless it was using this as a method of entrapment?!” it considered.

The Forest Green Boa didn’t know the word entrapment, but what it wanted to convey at that moment wasn’t much different from this word.

The sharp beak of the eagle pierced a hole through its skull. The body of the Forest Green Boa spasmed, and the aura of death spread everywhere.

Accompanied by a whoosh, Dumby crouched on the tree branch, the flames in its eyes burning. “Being trapped is such an interesting way to die. I understand now…”

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