Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 768

Chapter 768 Who Will Come And Kill Me

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After summoning Stripey this time, Gao Peng wasn’t planning to casually call it back to the familiar space.

As its master, Gao Peng couldn’t be too selfish. Every single being had freedom. Familiars were the same, too. They should also enjoy freedom instead of being locked up in the pitch-black familiar space with no daylight tp waste time in a daze.

“Gao Peng, am I not going back anymore?” Stripey asked cautiously.

“You’re not going back.” Gao Peng patted Stripey on the head.

Stripey cheered excitedly.

“I will work hard to shrink! That way, I won’t affect you!” Stripey solemnly promised Gao Peng.

“All the best!” Gao Peng replied.

“All the best!” Stripey agreed.

“Stripey, you’re the b-best!”

The last sentence was said in Goldie’s duck voice, which broke near the end of the sentence.

“Dumby has already taken half a step into the threshold of becoming a God.” The King of Robotics was full of praise for Dumby. It spoke with a bit more respect, as well.

“Cheep—” Traces of a gray figure were approaching.

“King, there’s an urgent report from Earth Star. A powerful enemy has invaded,” said a trainer knelt on one knee after he had jumped out of the chest of a Cross-Mountain Vulture when it landed.

The Cross-Mountain Vulture rolled on the ground many times. In the end, it laid on the ground facing upwards. The frequency at which its chest pounded was extremely fast. It opened its mouth wide and panted rapidly. There was indistinct white foam leaking out from the corners of its mouth…

The Cross-Mountain Vulture was a Divine Hawk that could soar over mountains and pass through ravines. It had extraordinary stamina and great speed, able to travel a hundred thousand miles a day and travel for twelve consecutive days.

Even a familiar with such enduring stamina had been worn out to the point where it didn’t feel like itself.

“Rest in peace.” Goldie kneeled on the ground with one knee and closed the eyes of the Cross-Mountain Vulture.

After its palm had smoothed over its eyes, the Cross-Mountain Vulture opened its eyes again.

“Could it be that you still have some dying wish? Tell me what it is and I will help you fulfill it. Familiars as loyal as you are few and far between.” Goldie shook its head slowly.

The Cross-Mountain Vulture opened its throat with much difficulty. “I’m not dead yet…”

“Oh. But you will be soon, right?”

“Soon? Rubbish! You duck, why are you like this?! Goodness gracious.” The Cross-Mountain Vulture suddenly raised its voice and shouted before feeling a sharp pain in its chest.

This damned duck. “I’m just tired. I need to rest. Don’t talk to me.”

The leaves on Xiao Cao’s head swayed gently while a ray of white light shone on the Cross-Mountain Vulture’s body.

All the soreness in its body subsided like the waning tide.

“Did the Mutated Tribe discover you?” Gao Peng’s brow was furrowed deeply. This trainer was a monster trainer at the Saint tier from the Li Tribe. He was stationed at Earth Star upon Gao Peng’s instructions. He was something like the head of the Li Tribe’s embassy stationed on Earth Star.

“It wasn’t the Mutated Tribe. It was another group of humans. They came from the Surface Sea!”

“How powerful are they?”

“From what we saw, there were monster trainers at Quasi God-tier. At the moment, no monster trainers at God-tier have appeared, but we don’t know if they have any hidden monster trainers at God-tier.”

“Dumby, are you going to stay here and wait until you’ve become a God before you come forward to assist us, or are you going to return with me?”

The situation on Earth Star didn’t look good, as there were humans from the Surface Sea over there. It may not have been like the situation in their kingdom, where the Li Tribe could give Dumby a stable space to develop.

Dumby’s speed of observing death would possibly be delayed.

“Master, since a war is about to happen, then of course it’ll be the best chance to observe death.” Dumby placed its right hand on its left shoulder and gave a knight’s bow.

“All right. In that case, come along with me!”

There was no time to lose. Gao Peng was planning to leave right then.

“Stripey, you stay in the Li Tribe and await my return.” Gao Peng patted Stripey on the head.

“Mmhm!” Although Stripey was reluctant to part with him, it nevertheless remained obedient. “Then, you must come back to fetch me soon, Gao Peng.”

“Don’t worry.”

In the Black Fog World, massive walls enclosed the entire City of Hope.

There was a mansion inside the city. At that moment, there were still three high-level executives of the tribe in the base city of Huaxia. All of them were engaged in a serious discussion inside the mansion about the next course of action.

“Sir, those guys are outside raising a clamor to start a war again.”

“That’s really going too far!”

“Does it really think that no one can subdue it?!”

“Don’t be impulsive.” Ji Hanwu shook his head. “Its ability is very strange. We shouldn’t recklessly meet it in battle before we fully understand its powers.”

Upon hearing Ji Hanwu’s words, the crowd present grew silent and listened to him speak.

“Yesterday, my familiar fell into its trap. Otherwise, it definitely wouldn’t have been a match for my familiar,” an old man with a small head and large eyes said in a fierce tone, his face redder than a date.

“Ha. You Huangning, you old thing. You’re just an obstinate toad—reluctant to admit your mistake!” refuted Ji Hanwu.

You Huangning glared at him viciously. With a thud, he sat with You Huangming to his left.

“Rubbish. I’m not reluctant to admit my mistake. Grandson, you tell them. Was your grandfather careless yesterday?”

You Huangning, who had a long beard, felt bitter deep down. “My dear grandfather, I’m already more than a hundred years old, yet you still treat me like a little child,” he thought.

“My familiar is about to collapse. They’re attacking it right now.” The facial expression of one of the trainers from the Bai Tribe at Quasi God-tier changed slightly.

The crowd of people snuck glances at each other.

At the border of the City of Hope, the atmosphere along the fringes of the city was extremely grave.

The air was filled with a somber and desolate aura.

Outside the city, a massive shadow landed.

A divine turtle that was even larger than the mountain was flying in the sky.

The back of the massive turtle was equivalent to an island.

There were hills and creeks on the island, and even waterfalls.

A gigantic city had been constructed on it.

At that time, there was a rich golden light suspended in front of the massive turtle. The golden astral wind spread outward in the shape of an arc.

In the center of the astral wind, a monster with a unique appearance that looked a little like the hybrid of a praying mantis and a beetle circled in the air.

“A bunch of useless people! Isn’t there anyone who will fight it out with me? If that’s the case, why don’t you just surrender to us?”

Its arrogant voice reverberated throughout the sky.

“I’ll deal with it.” You Xuanming’s expression hardened.

“What are you going to use to fight with it? Is your Thousand-handed Faceless Buddha a match for it?”

“How will I know if I don’t have a go at it?” You Xuanming said with a somber expression on his face.

“Even my throat is sore from shouting. In such a big city, is there anyone at all who dares to fight with me? I’ve already said my piece. Which one of you will come and kill me? Who will come and kill me?!”

Large-scale oscillating shock waves suddenly split the sky apart. There were endless vibrations in the air, and ripples spread outwards repeatedly. It was like a heavy fist had flipped heaven and earth upside down.

In the distance, the sky was torn apart at an extremely rapid speed. It was like a knife had cut across the sky and injured it.

In the blink of an eye, many of the familiars present felt an extremely terrifying elemental wave like the boundless sun mingling in the air.

Suddenly, there was a resounding boom!!!

In an instant, the monster who was arrogantly shouting in front of the two opposing sides had its head twisted and pulled off by a terrifyingly powerful force.

The monster’s broken neck was jagged where its head had been cruelly torn off. There were even bits of white tendon and pale-white bone remnants on it.

The lingering waves of the astral winds were like the spring breeze in February, blowing on its sturdy chest.

In the sky, Goldie looked around its surroundings expressionlessly. There was a sinister smile on its face. “That’s the first time I’ve heard such a strange request.”

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