Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 770

Chapter 770 The King Of Dreams

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“We’re lucky we left quickly.”

“I didn’t expect them to have hidden powerful monsters of this level.”

“The neck of the Gold Plated Heavenly Beetle was twisted and snapped within an instant. It was too terrifying. I can’t believe there’s even a Quasi God of such a high level in a small world like this. It is undoubtedly the standard of the best among the Quasi Gods.”

“The Gold Plated Heavenly Beetle is already very powerful among those of the Quasi God Tier. I didn’t expect to encounter an even stronger one.”

In the city atop the giant turtle island, a group of people were having a spirited discussion.

“They won’t catch up with us, right?” someone asked.

“Don’t worry. The Continent Emperor Turtle is definitely not slow.”

The surrounding clouds swiftly passed by the two sides of the Continent Emperor Turtle.

They felt a sense of security after they had gotten far away from that place.

“Do you guys hear death?” A sound suddenly traveled from the rooftop.

“Who’s there?!”


A monster with a mask over its face and with its drooping arms made up of chains pierced through the roof using the chains in its arms. It ripped the roof off, causing the entire house to be torn apart.

But there was nothing where the ripped roof had been.

The sound of someone knocking on the door traveled in from outside.

Everyone in the house felt their blood run cold. They stared rigidly in the direction of the entrance.

The next moment, a creak echoed loudly.

The door to the house slowly opened.

“Boom! Boom!” The attack of the fire type Familiar in the house drowned out the sound of the opening door.

After some time, the flames dissipated.

The door to the house as well as the wall attached to it was burnt by the high temperature, creating a massive hole. The heatwaves continued to surge on.

“That… that chap.” Someone pointed in astonishment at the area that had just been enveloped in flames

In the center of that area, a human skeleton silently stood rooted to the ground.

The black robe draped over its body had already been burnt to a crisp by the flames.

But the bones making up its entire body had instead regenerated after being bathed in fire.

Using its left index finger, it pointed at the Familiar that had spit fire at it earlier.

White Skeleton Precept – Bone Chaos.

All of a sudden, a sharp bone dripping with blood pierced through the back of the Familiar that had spit fire from within its body. Blood gushed from the wound in torrents.

And this was just the beginning.

One by one, sharp thorns burst out from various parts of this Familiar’s body.

Psst, psst, psst.

In an instant, it transformed into a white hedgehog.

Drop after drop of fresh blood streamed down from the wounds.

Everyone in the house was dumbfounded.

Just like that, the Dream-Shattering Fire Demon had been killed instantaneously in one move?

“Hush,” Dumby stuck out his index finger and pressed it against his lips, “Listen, guys.”

Without waiting for the others to respond, Dumby said to himself, “The sound of its anguished wail before death was so beautiful, just like a dancing waltz.”

These people had never heard of the waltz and did not understand what Dumby was saying. They merely felt that Dumby was just like a lunatic at this moment…

There seemed to be something wrong with this chap’s mind!

One of the monster trainers retreated slowly and bumped into the corner of a table by accident with a clang. Upon seeing that the human skeleton’s focus had turned to him, this monster trainer turned deathly pale.

“My leg was just a little sore.”

“I know.” A voice traveled from behind Dumby. Everyone looked in that direction to see a tall human figure striding towards them.

The tall and sturdy man looked around at all the people in the house. “From now on, I ask a question and you will answer. If anyone deceives me or is reluctant to reply, he will die.”

His voice was cold as ice and harbored no trace of emotion.

“Sir, ask away. I definitely won’t hide anything I know,” the fattest fatty among them said while smiling appealingly.

“Whose Familiar was the Gold Plated Heavenly Beetle that was killed earlier?”

“It was Sa Lu’s Familiar. His Gold Plated Heavenly was one of the top three most powerful Familiars we have here,” the fatty hastily said.

“Who are the other two?”

The air turned awkward. The fatty pointed at the corpse of the Dream-Shattering Fire Demon lying on the ground. Then, it pointed again at an unremarkable little chap at the very back of the crowd.

It was an oddly-shaped Familiar that was not even as tall as a human leg. It looked like a plush toy with strange and thick make-up on its face.

[Monster Name]: King of Dreams

[Monster Level]: Level 97 (Quasi God)

[Monster Grade]: Epic / Epic

[Monster Attribute]: Illusion

[Monster Ability]: Spiritual Virtualization Lv9, Environment Creation Lv9, Deepening Nightmare Lv8

[Special Characteristic]: Fearsome Notebook

Effect (1) Passive Effect: All the monsters and scenes that the King of Dreams has ever seen will be recorded in the notebook.

Effect (2) Active Effect: The King of Dreams can perfectly project all of the monsters or scenes recorded in the notebook. It can even copy its breathing and atmosphere.

Effect (3) Passive Effect: Each time the illusion created by the King of Dreams intimidates the target or is believed by the target, the target’s immunity against the next spell of the King of Dreams would be lowered.)

[Monster Description] A rare monster that lives in the depths of the dark forest. They like creating illusions to make their enemies die of fear in their environment. But their close-range combat ability is extremely weak, and they cannot defend against direct enemy attacks.

“So it’s you, little buddy.” Gao Peng walked forwards and lifted the King of Dreams up.

The King of Dreams, who had the appearance of a plush toy, was expressionless. Its eyes, which were made of two buttons, were bright in color and luster.

The master of the King of Dreams was dumbstruck by the sight of the King of Dreams being lifted like a doll. He typically did not have much dignity as a master at all in front of the King of Dreams. Usually, the King of Dreams sat on his shoulder when they walked. When did his own Familiar actually become so obedient?

The King of Dreams sensed the evil aura fixed on it from more than ten miles away. It muttered for two seconds before allowing this human to act in collusion with itself.

Gao Peng pinched the face of the King of Dreams. “This blush is quite unique! Who drew it so ugly for you?”

The King of Dreams: “…”

“Where did you guys come from?” Gao Peng asked the plush toy while carrying it.

“We’re from the Dark Spirit World.” It was that fatty who answered fearfully.

“Apart from you, is everyone else a mute?” Gao Peng looked past this fatty at the crowd behind him. “If you guys are mutes, then just be mutes for the rest of your lives.”

Shame and anger showed on all of their faces.

Gao Peng sneered, “I just love seeing how you guys behave as if you want to kill me but are afraid of death. Dumby, Goldie, split these people into two batches and bring them down. Get all the information they know out of them. If their answers don’t corroborate, take away the entire batch that answers wrongly and bury them.”

Gao Peng could only use the most vicious methods when it came to dealing with these people because these people were the invaders.

Those who were bandits should be treated as such.

It had to be said that the system of punishing the criminal’s associates inherited from the Huaxia ancestors was truly useful. Gao Peng was not afraid that they would lie, because one person’s lie would implicate everyone else and cause their deaths. Definitely not everyone did not fear death.

After Goldie and Dumby had been split into two batches and taken away separately for interrogation, Gao Peng carried the King of Dreams to the open space outside. To be accurate, it was the back of the Continent Emperor Turtle.

Given how big the world was, it was full of extraordinary things. Gao Peng had thought that Stripey was huge enough, but he had not imagined that there was a monster larger than Stripey. The Continent Emperor Turtle beneath his feet that was as large as an island.

Perhaps he could subdue this Continent Emperor Turtle and construct a city in the air? He could move the entire Southern Sky Group up there and build another supersized city gate and call it Southern Sky Gate.

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