Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 772

Chapter 772 Assassination

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The autumn breeze was soughing, and the sky was cloudless.

After going through the previous incident, the people in the City of Hope had adapted to the situation after experiencing temporary panic. Naturally, they had also gotten used to the giant island floating above them in the sky.

The vertical distance between the City of Hope and the island was extremely large. The giant island was a dark mass that blocked off a large portion of the light rays and covered the plains under it.

The people in the City of Hope called the island above them the Castle in the Sky, which had the metaphorical meaning of a city suspended in the sky.

Wow. Brother Li, is your entire Southern Sky Group really going to move up there? The zone of the Southern Sky Group in the City of Hope was bustling with activity. A few workers were gathered together for a chat.

Yes. Thats what Young Master said, so were just going to move up there too, a man who looked simple, kind and honest smiled and said.

Eh, I really envy you guys.

I want to work at the Southern Sky Group too. Its a pity that they have incredibly strict requirements for recruiting workers, another person said enviously.

All of them were workers at the nearby factory. As they were all from the same village, they were on pretty good terms. But Brother Li was the only one working in a factory under the purview of the Southern Sky Group.

Lets chat again next time. For the time being, the factory will be very busy. I have to go and assist in dismantling a machine tool too. Brother Li threw his cigarette butt into the trash bin and patted his backside before walking towards the factory.

Only the factory that was open was still letting out rumbling sounds.

The chimney on the top of the factory was releasing thick, black smoke. Under the thick smoke, numerous workers and employees of the Southern Sky Group flew up to the Southern Sky Group above them in an orderly manner by sitting on their Familiars or by taking the planes.

Above them, many workers were also carrying out large scale construction on the back of the Continent Emperor Turtle.

Building after building was being constructed, and the clamor of smoke and dust rumbled loudly.

The most eye-catching thing was the gate being constructed at the area on the turtles tail!

Although they called it a gate, in reality, it was actually a stone arch monument.

The arch monument was fifty meters tall and two hundred meters wide.

It was an extremely majestic sight.

The overall frame and structure of the arch monument was not that complex. It was the very first thing that was built.

A strange dog was crouching in front of the entrance of the gate.

Everyone who walked past could not help but take a second look after seeing this dog.

Three heads, five tails that looked like scorpion tails, and a back full of spikes like that of a porcupine

Even with a large number of strange creatures in the world, it was very rare to see one that looked this strange.

Furthermore, this air that this strange creature gave off made people feel fear. As it lay on the ground, its mere presence was enough to make numerous Familiars so nervous that they did not even dare to walk.

Whose dog is this? After walking past the gate, Ji Hanwu froze momentarily. He had never seen this dog beforewhy was it suddenly lying here at the gate?

This is the Familiar which Young Master brought here. Xu Heti continued, I think its called the Three-headed Hellhound.

The Three-headed Hellhound? Ji Hanwu had an expression of complete confusion. Did the Three-headed Hellhound originally look like this?

It seemed that he had gotten on in yearshe could no longer keep up with the times.

Woof, woof. When Sahara heard the grandfather of his masters master talking about him, he immediately stood up with his head high and his chest out and barked loudly.

The black dog head on the left had a wise and intelligent expression on its face.

This is none other than the grandfather of my masters master. Masters master doesnt want me, but I can become the Familiar of the grandfather of my masters master!

That way, I will be able to bring about a perfect change of my fortunes successfully

Awoo The black dog head called out to the rightmost white dog head.

The white dog head understood tacitly. Its eyes flashed.

The black and white dog head in the middle was completely confused. What are you two fools talking about? Why cant I understand anything at all? Are you guys secretly speaking ill of me behind my back again?

Woof, woof, woof!

The black and white dog head barked frenziedly at the two dog heads on its left and right.

Quick, tell me! Are you guys secretly speaking ill of me behind my back?!

The white dog head and the black dog head looked straight ahead. They could not be bothered to respond to this idiot. This chap would only ruin things. It was better not to tell him.

The black and white dog head was extremely angry. He felt that his own pride had been attacked. He opened his mouth and started biting randomly at the black dog head on his left.

The black dog head tolerated, tolerated, and continued to tolerate

In the end, he could no longer tolerate it.

Eh, Its not going too smooth with this Familiar. Ji Hanwu shook his head and silently walked away.

Beside him, Xu Heti and Xu Heming both nodded their heads repeatedly, expressing their agreement.

On the west side of the Black Fog World, in a forest made of stones of strange shapes, a phoenix made of rock was currently standing on the thickest rock pillar in the middle and pecking at the little ash-gray bugs in the cracks of its own back.

Not far from the stone pillar beneath this stone phoenix lay the corpse of the Gold Plated Heavenly Beetle.

From head to toe, the phoenix was completely made of ash-gray rock. The only bright parts of the phoenix were its two eyeballs.

Its dark green eyes were dazzling, like two precious sparkling stones.

Was it this one?

Hiding in the dark, Liuguang cast a meaningful glance at Moneymaker.

Moneymaker returned his gaze in tacit understanding.

The two small Familiars had come to some form of mutual understanding.

Liuguang hid in the shadows and slowly approached the stone phoenix.

Its appearance could not be seen in the shadows. Even the edge of its knife was just a dim, faint light.

In Liuguangs field of vision, a bright streak of red light that appeared from time to time was gradually gathering on the neck area of this stone phoenix.

The murderous aura was concealed perfectly.

One line, two lines, three lines more and more red lines appeared on the chest and the tail area of the stone phoenix.

Just when the stone phoenix, which was grooming its plumage, was completely unaware of all this

A shadow passed by in a flash. The stone phoenix raised its head abruptly, its eyes gleaming with a rich green light. But it was still too slow.

By the time it had raised its head, Liuguang had already appeared a thousand meters away.

The stone phoenix turned its head around arduously. A black line on its neck cut it open.


The head of the stone phoenix separated from its body. With a thud, its head landed on the ground and rolled twice. A strange black light also flashed on the surface of the stone phoenixs body.

This was the effect of Liuguangs Sinking Darkness. It could weaken the enemys protective armor, and its effect could be multiplied up to a maximum of nine times.

The strange thing was that the cross-section of the decapitated neck was smooth and clean as if it had been washed by water. Smack in the middle was an extremely tiny red circle.

The small red circle was probably the spine of the stone phoenix.

The area of the spine where it had been decapitated was giving off rising hot vapor.

Liuguangs body flew by again in a flash.

The stone phoenix was torn to pieces. Its wings, tail, and legs had all detached from the surface of its body. Within an instant, it had been cut up into a pile of parts.

Liuguang appeared on the branch in the center of a faraway tree. He licked his own blade while gazing icily at the stone phoenix in the distance.

He would not give any enemy the chance to plan tactics or prepare skills. Towards all enemies, his principle was always to deal with the fatal blow in one shot. Thereafter, he would attack again and again. It was impossible to turn the tables around on the spot.

The eyes of the stone phoenixs decapitated head, which had fallen on the ground, showed some hints of indignation. I had yet to prepare my ability, how could you just


The light reflected off the blade flashed by.

The head of the stone phoenix was split into two.

Liuguang calmly licked the surface of his own blade.

Youre so disgusting, licking it like that. Youve licked away all the blood and brain juice of the kill. Moneymaker stood on his tiptoes and hopped towards him. He stored the corpses of the stone phoenix and the Gold Plated Heavenly Beetle lying on the ground into his treasure chamber.

All those assassins lick it like this. Liuguangs expression turned solemn.

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