Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 773

Chapter 773 Voucher Of Wind

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Liuguang and Moneymaker returned in succession, bringing back the corpses of Gold Plated Heavenly Beetle and Stone Phoenix.

This is Wing of Savage Sand? Gao Peng ordered people to bring over the captives on the Continent Emperor Turtles back, asking as he pointed at the Stone Phoenix corpse.

Yes. These people were astonished when they saw the corpse on the ground.

They werent astonished by the fact that Gao Peng could kill Wing of Savage Sand since its strength was never greater than theirs. Wing of Savage Sand just managed to survive time after time, relying on its speed and defense abilities.

But they were indeed shocked that Wing of Savage Sand was killed so quickly.

Its only been a short while.

Tracing Wing of Savage Sands tracks, preventing it from fleeing and killing it, these are all signs of Gao Pengs true strength.

I killed Wing of Savage Sand for you. I consider it avenging you. Have you given more consideration to my previous suggestions? Gao Peng asked with a shadow of a smile.

A brief silence.

A while later, the fatty who conversed with Gao Peng said with a complex expression, If we.

You are unqualified to make conditions! I just gave you an opportunity to live, said Gao Peng in a low voice.

Okay, I consent to you on their behalf, the oldest person in the crowd said.

You can represent them? Gao Pengs eyes glimmered.

This elder has been there the whole time, but he never spoke. Gao Peng thought he was just some ordinary official, but it seems like he concealed himself pretty well.

Im the priest of the tribe, so I should be considered qualified, the old man coughed.

Your Grace, I have something to tell you. Its about the Wind Type Path of Rivalry.

Oh? A grin crept up Gao Pengs face. He was interested in these subjects.

He told the rest of the people to go and rest. Gao Peng made two cups of tea. The elder had a complicated expression on his face as he sat in his seat.

Your Grace, is our tribe going to completely assimilate into yours or?

Of course itll be completely assimilated, Gao Peng said affirmatively.

Thats incontestable.

Otherwise, if they continue to live with their original tribe name, whats the point of subduing them? The tribes blood will forever run in their veins. Only by making them assimilate into Huaxia Tribe would they truly become part of Huaxia after dozens of generations.

Alright, The elder sighed, but continued, Your Grace probably knows that Wing of Savage Sand is related to Gold Plated Heavenly Beetle thats always followed us.

I know. Gao Peng nodded.

Actually, not only does Wing of Savage Sand want to kill Gold Plated Heavenly Beetle, but we also want to help Gold Plated Heavenly Beetle kill Wing of Savage Sand because they are both competitors on the Wind Type Path of Rivalry. They have something in their bodies called Voucher of Wind, which they can obtain from each others corpses. The elder closed his eyes.

Voucher of Wind? Gao Peng turned around to observe the two corpses but didnt see the Voucher of Wind he mentioned after scrutiny.

Its useless, only the competitors on the Wind Type Path of Rivalry have a way to expropriate it.

Where the hell am I going to find a Wind Type Path of Rivalry Familiar!?

Liuguang has transformed entirely to Dark type, and its unrelated to Wind type.

Gao Peng was speechless. Whatever, hell just give it to Dark Child to decompose.

Dark Child needed ten minutes to decompose this body. Ten minutes later, the island was still quiet.

Master, Ive decomposed it, Dark Child said secretly.

Gao Peng didnt show any expressions. He took over a blue and white badge Dark Child handed him.

When the blue and white badge in Gao Pengs hand was exposed in the air, the monsters in the air fell into disorder.

All the Wind type monsters are being attracted. Gao Peng fell into thought, looking at the blue and white badge in his palm. It has such a strong attraction.

If you give this Voucher of Wind to a normal monster, could that monster become a new Wind type competitor?

Gao Peng wanted to try it the moment he got the idea.

He gave the blue and white badge to a low-level Wind type monster.

But this Wind type monster didnt seem to have any changes. It continued to howl madly like an idiot.

Gao Peng could only dissect it and take the Voucher of Wind out of its stomach.

After passing through a stomach, the Voucher of Wind didnt have any changes.

If theres a Voucher of Wind, then there must be a Voucher of Fire. He might as well use this Voucher of Wind to trade with others in the future.

Gao Peng made his decision and hid this item in Sillys space.

If its useless now, then hell just put it aside.

Just because its useless now doesnt mean itll be useless in the future.

Seeing these Wind type monsters craze over it, perhaps he can use it as some sort of compensation, and hire some free fighters.

Aside from the two Vouchers of Wind, there were other reaps.

Some Quasi God Tier Meat Essence.

Gao Peng divided these Meat Essences among Goldie, Liuguang, and Moneymaker.

Moneymaker promoted by two levels and Goldie and Liuguang both promoted by one level. Currently theyre all at level 99.


Gao Peng felt his Familiars strengths are all going to rupture soon.


The rest of the human race on Continent Emperor Turtles back assimilated into the Huaxia tribe. The two civilizations had cultural collisions and created brilliant sparks.

The secret medicine of their tribe had some similarities with the Huaxia Tribes Familiar Reagent.

Many of the secret medicines in their tribes are unique, legacies from countless years passed down in their civilization.

Of course, because many of the Familiars are unique to their world, their actual values arent as high as imagined. Rather, they have more research value.

Cousin, cousin, can you see if theres something wrong with my Familiar? Karen Chen barged into Gao Pengs courtyard.

Gao Pengs arms remained steady. He finished combining the last bit of solvent, then put it on the tube rack on the table.

How old are you? Youre still so careless, if you keep being like this youll never get married.

How is that possible? Just by having you as my cousin, the people who want to marry me can line up from the Southern Heavenly Gates all the way to the City of Hope. Karen Chen knitted her brow and humphed.

Gao Peng: Should I praise you, or should I praise you?

Cousin, you gave me this Familiar, is it about to die? Karen Chen summoned her Familiar.

A giant black python a dozen feet long covered in wilted yellowed leaves coiled on the ground.

This looks likethe Dark Dodder from the sewers.

Its been a couple of years. After Gao Peng gave it to his cousin, he hasnt thought much about it.

The Dark Dodder seemed to recognize Gao Peng, the culprit who caught it out of the sewer. Its branches and leaves curled up feebly to greet Gao Peng.

What did you feed it?

Justjust some monster core crystals.

Stop feeding it for now. Its too full. It was about to evolve, but then you kept feeding it, so its evolution is postponed so it can digest nutrients. After a while, this Dodder became depressed.

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