Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 775

Chapter 775 Divine Egg

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Okay, I know. Gao Peng waved his hand, and the little yellow bird in the sky flew away, chirping.

These are new Familiars bred by the groups researchers in the time Gao Peng was gone. Theyre called Human Speech Birds.

Human Speech Birds can talk in the human tongue, and their IQs arent any lower than 10-year-old humans.

Gao Peng was intrigued, so it took out a monster core crystal from his pocket. The glimmering yellow core crystal was more dazzling than a diamond.

The Human Speech Bird that was halfway gone turned its body 180 degrees around and landed at Gao Pengs feet.

It put its two wings together and bowed continuously.

Happy new year boss, be prosperous boss, marry 100 wives in the new year boss.

Who taught it these things

You cant say happy new year randomly. Gao Peng knelt down to rub the Human Speech Birds little head and gave it the core crystal.

The Human Speech Bird was so happy its eyes squinted to a slit, and its mouth was flat from smiling.

A hundred? Im going to marry five hundred. Gao Peng teased the little yellow bird with a grin.

The little yellow bird was astonished when it heard what Gao Peng said. Pervert!

Gao Peng,

Whose little bird is this, why is it so untamed?

Goldie. Gao Peng gave Goldie a look.

Goldie understood.

It took a step forward. Its shadow was hovering over the Human Speech Bird.

The Human Speech Bird raised its head. The sunlight was blocked out, and a giant looked down at it.

It trembled.

The Human Speech Bird spread its wings and got ready to flee when a finger stabbed down like a column.

The Human Speech Birds head staggered, it spread its wings and fell on the ground.

Goldie withdrew its carrot-sized finger, letting out a wicked chuckle from its mouth.

It looked at Gao Peng, master and subordinate, chuckling like two heartless tyrants.

Grandpa, you were looking for me? Gao Peng walked into the Southern Sky Group plaza.

Yes, there are some things, but theyre not urgent. Have a cup of tea first. Ji Hanwu poured a cup of tea for Gao Peng and gestured at him to sit.

Gao Peng sat down, puzzled. He chugged the tea down in one gulp.

What is it, Grandpa?

Several things. If I dont look for you, youre probably going to go off again after a while. Ji Hanwu shook his head. He talked about Gao Peng running off, but he wasnt worried at all.

Gao Peng wasnt awkward having his plans pointed out, he just smiled.

First thing, these foreigners you subdued, since you said they should live on the Continent Emperor Turtle island when we were developing a city, it overlapped with their living area, and there were some conflicts. But these foreigners mightve been beaten up by you before, so they were pretty easy to talk with.

A couple of elders from their tribes came and discussed with me afterward. I decided to take in most of the youths from their tribes into our Southern Sky Group, what do you think?

Gao Peng blanked. Thats what he wanted to tell me?

After a moment of silence, Gao Peng nodded, Lets do what you said. But they are foreigners, after all, so they cant be trusted completely yet. Give them some peripheral jobs. Its best to incorporate them into the core after a couple of generations, or after exams.

Rest assured.

The other thing is your Uncle Lius Familiar returned from the depths of the Black Fog World. It also brought back a strange item. Go take a look when youre free.

Then lets go now, Gao Peng said as he rose.

Uncle Liu settled in a small courtyard on the mountain. The courtyard was located on a clearing on the mountain. There was a fence outside the courtyard, circling a small pond.

Casual and unique, a beautiful sight.

The door to the courtyard was wide open, that fit Uncle Lius style.

Gao Peng, theres divine aura. Fatty Big Sea frowned and said in a low voice,


Gao Peng blanked for a second, nodding without a change in expression.

Youre here, Little Gao and Old Ji. I just made some food, come eat with me. Uncle Liu came out of the house with a bowl and placed it on the wooden table in the courtyard, gesturing at Gao Peng to come over. I heard Old Ji said you were coming, so I went to buy some dragon meat.

Gao Peng nodded, looking at the courtyard behind Uncle Liu, a hint of inquisitiveness in his eyes.

You sensed it, huh. Its that thing in my backyard. My vulture brought it back a while ago.

Wheres the Blood Eye Bearded Vulture? Gao Peng didnt see the Blood Eye Bearded Vulture. Its body size makes it hard to hide.

Its gone off to train, probably behind that hill. Uncle Liu pointed at a distant mountain with his chopsticks.

After dinner, Uncle Liu brought Gao Peng and Ji Hanwu to his backyard.

The backyard was much more spacious than Gao Peng imagined, an enormous black egg stood in the spacious backyard.

The black egg was five meters tall. Its silhouette looked like a goose egg.

Many dark purple cloud-like patterns ran on the surface of the black egg. The surface also had two layers of black halos around it.

Just from its appearance, you could tell this enormous egg was extraordinary.

[Item Name] Innate God of Black Fog (Egg)

[Item Description] The God of Fog fell on the battlefield. After countless years of nirvana, it finally reformed into an egg, but in the process of nirvana, it absorbed a lot of Dark Power, causing some mutations.

Sh*t, a divine egg?

Gao Peng didnt know what to say, perhaps Uncle Liu is the legendary Chosen Son?

Uhat his age maybe Chosen Son isnt so appropriate. Maybe hes the legendary Chosen Uncle.

Big Sea, if a fallen God congeals into an egg, would it still have memories of the past after birth?

Normally, it wouldnt, Fatty Big Seas face was perplexed. Ah, Gao Peng, youre saying this is a reborn God? I thought it was a Gods Offspring or Cursed Gods egg.

Its the God of Fog you mentioned before, the one who fought against many on its own.

Thats it? Fatty Big Sea looked at the egg with confusion. I remember it wasnt Dark attribute. Look how black this egg is, its almost turned into a thousand-year-old egg.

Fatty Big Sea cleared its throat, After Gods fall take note, a real fall, not those who are heavily injured and fall asleep after they fall, their memories disappear, unless theyve made preparations.

Uncle Liu, who was listening on the side, hesitated for a long while, Little Peng, youre saying theres a God in this egg?


Then, you have it. Uncle Liu chuckled.

Gao Peng looked at Uncle Liu with shock.

Uncle Liu shook his head, Im old. This thing is probably more helpful to you young people.

Thats okay. You take care of it, Uncle Liu. Also, dont let the people from other tribes know, Gao Peng said seriously, Although it seems like we are in cooperation now. If they find out about this eggTheir tribes have lots of people.

You really dont want it? Uncle Liu was helpless. This is a new years gift from uncle. See, its almost a new year, uncle doesnt have anything else good for you.

Gao Peng didnt know whether he should cry or laugh, but he wasnt being humble either. Hes about to have a mass of Familiars who are going to become Gods, and he doesnt know when this egg will hatch. By the time it does, itll be pretty meaningless to him. The metal man who returned with me this time is a Goda living one.

And Dumbys going to break through God Tier in two months at most.

I like to travel around. Im more assured leaving this egg at home.

The metal man who returned with you is a God? Old Ji was bewildered. He thought it was Gao Pengs friend. He even asked someone to make a bucket of metal water for it to drink.

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