Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 777

Chapter 777 Growing Brain Evolves

Chapter 777: Growing Brain Evolves!
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Countless sea behemoths in its path moved out of its path. Each of the sea giants steps created gigantic waves on the sea.

Taking large strides, the kungfu sea giant disappeared on the horizon in the blink of an eye.

Everywhere it stepped was silent, only ripples continued to spread.

Reporting, reporting! A giant is approaching the coast on the East Sea. Soldiers on coast guard cried in alarm, quickly reporting the situation through radiogram.

BuzzReceived, can you try to halt it?

This solder looked at the ten-thousand-meter-tall giant in silence.

What does ten thousand meters mean? Mount Everest is 8,848 meters tall, but thats its altitude above sea level. When you stand at the foot of Mount Everest and raise your head to look at the summit, the summit you see is not 8,000 some meters tall.

This sea giants height was approximately equal to two Mount Everests stacked on top of each other.

Needless to say, just its body size standing here brought a huge sense of oppression.

A large shadow arrived like an ultimate darkness, the entire region around the coast was enveloped by the shadow.

Reportingwe cant.

The super giant running rampant on the sea surface ignored the line of defense on the coast.

It took a step forward, advancing thousands of meters.

Only tens of thousands of steps to go from East Sea to Yuzhou.



The sea giant began running forward.

Each step exploded toiling waves on the river surface.

Thunder clouds surrounded the sea giant, followed by downpour.

Red alerts reached all the way to Yuzhou.

Glaring warning lights and sirens pierced the night sky, the red line along the two banks of the Yangtze River were like an awakened dragon.

Warning assessing strength, at least the peak of Overlord Tierinitial stage of Saint Tierlate stage of Saint Tier monster is approaching Yuzhou. Yuzhou citizens, please enter bomb shelters.

Gao Peng squinted and looked to the east. Mountains stood there, the sun was glaring.

But through the Blood Contract Gao Peng felt a familiar aura coming closer, very similar to the aura of Growing Brain.

After a moment of silence, Gao Peng suddenly blinked, could he have messed up?

Currently, in the Base city of Yuzhou.

Department of Safety and Defense.

A department created by many Asian countries and financial groups after the Cataclysm.

The Department of Safety and Defense is responsible for guarding and preventing monster invasion. The warning system on the banks of the Yangtze River was set up by them.

Because of the existence of Huaxia Tribe, the authoritative departments of the Base city of Yuzhou are all controlled by Huaxia people. But to show the tolerance of a great nation and also to silence them, Huaxia Tribe created this merely nominal department with little function.

In outsiders eyes, this department has great function it can guard and defend against monster invasions. But in reality there were many departments whose functions overlapped with it, with clearer division of labor.

So the leisurely Department of Safety and Defense began all sorts of big projects. After all, all the department staff were executives of all sorts of financial groups and countries in Asia, they lacked neither money nor labor. The first big projects they started Yangtze River and the Yellow Rivers alarm system along the river, peri-Asian coastal lines of defense, Wulong Mountain region skylight systems.

The most peculiar was the Wulong Mountain region skylight system. They made it in the name of giving monsters a beautiful night sky. Every night many lights floated in the sky and twinkled like stars.

This made the monsters of Wulong region the subject of mockery for other regions monsters.

Currently, within the Department of Safety and Defense, many officers were holding a meeting in a boardroom.

On the screen before them was footage from a drone.

But due to the elevation, this drone, flying ten thousand meters in the sky, only filmed the sea giants head. Clouds covered the view of the giants body.

This monster is really big, sumnida! (meant to imitate a Korean accent, might be inappropriate to include)

Lets send a troop to intercept this monster. If it enters Yuzhou itll cause a lot of casualties.

This monster is very strong, its a legendary Saint Tier monster. Huaxia people have a better hand than we imagine, let them take care of it themselves.

But we have citizens in the city too.

Ah shibalthats very troublesome sumnida. (again, korean accent)

Ah? But we shouldnt do that should we?

But I want to see the Huaxia people make a fool of themselves too.

Arguments flew in the boardroom.

But overall the worst were to see the Huaxia Tribe embarrass itself. After the world became its current state, even if particular people had bad thoughts against others, they didnt dare to say it in this sort of public occasion.

Humans are a very strange organism. They can fight to the death over a bit of limited resources, but when facing a common enemy, they can band together without hesitation, even if they used to dislike each other or even tried to kill each other in the past.

Lets go, were going to receive Growing Brain. Gao Peng said as he summoned Desolion.

Seeing all the blaring alarms along the river, he knew Growing Brain must have made a big commotion. He might as well go receive it at the downstream of the Yangtze River.

Desolions body shifted and became a 3-meter-long size. This size is most suitable for Gao Peng to sit on. Gao Pengs legs can hang over the sides perfectly, and he wouldnt worry about falling off.

Desolion slammed its paw, the river water beneath its feet instantly froze into a small isle. Desolion ran to the downstream on this isle.

The ice floating on the river were soon swallowed by the giant waves.

Huh, this big guy seems to have stopped.

Is it scheming something?

Ah, look, its shrinking.

The drone quickly descended under remote control, clouds swept past it.

An ice-blue isle appeared in the center of the Yangtze River.

The sea giant broke up layer by layer. The collapsing sea water rushed into the Yangtze River, raising its water level.

There seemed to be a white monster in the center of the isle. A person stood next to it. That monster rose its head, then the footage went black.

Youve made too big of a commotion, be careful next time, Gao Peng said to Growing Brain.

The two-meter-tall waterman standing before Gao Peng nodded to show it understood.

Lets go, I brought you something that can make you evolve. Gao Peng lept and got on Desolions back, the two beasts and one human drew two white lines and landed in a mountain creek in the middle of the mountains on either side of the river, and found flat ground.

Gao Peng summoned Silly, taking out a dark purple mushroom-like thing from Sillys space.

The bottom part was a tendon from a monsters spine, the top was an umbrella-shaped brain.

The surface of the dark purple tendon had many greenish black veins. The parts of the veins exposed in the air were a greenish black color, but parts of them were buried in the tendon.

The veins embedded in the tendon were a sapphire color.

The most amazing thing is the brain at the top of the tendon was still alive.

Contracting and exhaling like a heart.

And this brain wasnt very big compared to the tendon beneath it, their size difference was like that of an enokitake.

The surface of the brain was covered with greenish black veins, but after this brain was exposed to air, it kept absorbing the gas in the air, coagulating into peanut-sized blood drops on its surface.

After Silly took this thing out, it flew backwards a bit, and secretly sighed in relief.

Gao Peng finally took this gross thing out of my space.

Gao Peng rolled his eyes, this things not even that gross, why are you running?

He gestured at Silly to fly back.

He took out some materials from Sillys body and a mixing table.

He began mixing in the wild.

Desolion swung its claw, four ice walls rose from the ground, icy mist drifted in the air. The insects, small animals, and bacteria on the ground and in the dirt were instantly frozen into ice bits. A gust of wind blew past, and a hole suddenly opened on an ice wall. All the ice bits were disposed of from the hole.

The icy air on the four ice walls gathered and didnt spread outwards, nor did it absorb the heat from surrounding air, so the temperature in the area Gao Peng was in didnt change.

Ten minutes later, Gao Peng mixed half a bottle of black chemical.

Gao Peng used a pipette to suck two drops of the black juice to drip onto the ground. Sizzle

Without even a bit of smoke, two washbasin-sized pits were corroded in the ground.

Gao Peng nodded in satisfaction, then poured the rest of the chemicals in his hand onto the tendon.

The tendon instantly drew taut.

Like a hurt earthworm, it curled its body into a ring. The dark purple skin cracked, exposing the bloody inside.


Faint cries came from the air.

Gao Pengs expression didnt change, he turned to look at Growing Brain, and said in a louder voice, True form!

Two waterspouts shot out of the mountain creek and merged into the waterman before Gao Peng. Bang.

Water blasted.

When the mist cleared away,

A giant brain two meters in diameter appeared.

Gao Peng grabbed the dark purple tendon in his left hand and inserted it into the top of Growing Brain.

Growing Brain shivered.

A mushroom grew on the brain, the mushroom cap was another smaller brain, this scene looked particularly strange.

Gao Peng took two steps back with his hands behind his back, sighing with emotion. This little brain must be the ugliest among all his Familiars.

The skinned dark purple tendon quivered violently, blood ran out of it.

The blood dyed Growing Brain red.

After a few moments, a dense purple light enveloped it.

The purple light pillar shot into the sky, breaking up the white clouds overhead, creating ripples in the air.

The phenomenon here attracted the attention of many nearby monsters.

Ripples formed on the river surface. A giant dark grey fish head stuck out, its wide back was like an eyot.

Vicious growling came from the mountains behind them.

A moment later, a golden ape climbed onto a giant rock on the mountain and stealthily observed Gao Pengs crew.

Aside from these two big guys, countless pairs of spying eyes came from the forest, sky, and water.

Master? Desolion said in a low voice.

If his master commands, it can kill everything hiding within a ten-kilometer radius within three seconds!

Gao Peng didnt say anything as he leaned against a tree.

After a long while, Gao Peng said casually, Silly, go take care of them.

Puji? a certain jellyfish lazing around with juice blanked, doubting what it heard.

Gao Peng sighed, youre a Quasi God now, can you act a little more like one?

A couple days ago, I went to the mall and found there were 17 new flavors of juice.

A soft tentacle pressed on Gao Pengs lips, a wise glow came from Sillys eyes.

Gao Yue Yue, say no more, I got it!

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