Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 778

Chapter 778 Magical Brain

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Silly hugged two tentacles to its body, mumbling to itself in a low voice.

Gao Peng raised his ears to hear what it was going on about.

Im a good kid, I never kill, its all because evil Gao Yue Yue is forcing me so please dont blame me.

And then

A ring of clear ripples enclosed the surrounding space.

Spatial Shift.

If the world were a painting, then whats happening in front of them is a sharp blade has cut two little circles in on this painting.

Then these two little circles of the exact same size will switch locations.

Thats the application of a Quasi God Tier space ability.

Spatial transposition, swapping two completely opposite spaces.

On the river, only half of a turtle shell and tail floated on the water, blood dyed the center of the river red. On the opposite bank, a gold-furred ape missing two arms glanced at Silly across the river in horror, then turned and ran away.

Gao Peng fell into thought as he looked at the half giant turtles corpse in the river.

Not bad, Silly. Youve done well, you killed the strongest monster, Gao Peng praised.


It has nothing to do with me! Silly said hurriedly.


A blast of air swept across the ground.

All the surrounding trees were struck down by the blast, weeds pressed themselves against the ground.

After the light faded, a dark purple brain floated in mid-air.

The surface of the brain was covered in blue veins, glamorous yet wicked.

[Monster Name] Magical Brain

[Monster Tier] Level 89 (Saint Tier)

[Monster Grade] Legendary Grade/Legendary Grade

[Monster Attribute] Psychic

[Monster Ability] Psychic Power Lv 7 Extraordinary Brain Lv 7 Spirit Space Lv 6 Psychic Control Lv 6 Magical Power Lv 6

[Monster Condition] Healthy (Happy)

[Special Characteristic]

Hyperdimensional Chord (The ultimate limit of psychic ability is changing the world through psychic power. This creature with only a brain has more possibilities.

Effect 1. Active Effect: Thought Seizing: Its strong spirit allows it to seize the body of lifeless objects, thus obtaining the ability to move. Seizing speed increases.

Effect 2. Extraordinary Vitality: The nonliving thing it seizes will quickly mutate, giving birth to all sorts of extraordinary attributes.

Current seizes: Yangtze River + East Sea, seizing progress 99.6%)

Extraordinary Transformation (The magical brain allows it to escape the constraints of the ordinary. Magical blood flows in its veins, giving it the ability to transform other life using its own special powers.

Effect 1. Active Effect: Magical Brain can use its own power to temporarily transform other beings, but the target must have a lower grade, and the targets strength cannot exceed Magical Brain by too much, otherwise the effect would be extremely unstable.

Effect 2. Passive Effect: The effect of the transformation done by Magical Brain will last for a certain period of time, but if Magical Brain continuously strengthens this effect, over time the transformations will be permanently fixed on the target.

Hint: Magical Brains transformative effects include and are not limited to changing the subjects appearance, changing the subjects number and form of organs.)

[Monster Description] Magical Brain that lives in a hyperdimensional world. A strange life, they derive joy from transforming other living beings; they dislike when others go against their will.

Growing Brain evolved into Magical Brain.

Its Special Characteristics changed too.

This proves one of Gao Pengs theories, that Special Characteristics are ranked too. The current Hyperdimensional Chord is clearly much stronger than the previous Thought Chord.

The abilities of the characteristics are about the same, but Hyperdimensional Chord has a greater effect than Thought chord.

The nonliving thing that is seized by the brain mutates quickly now rather than slowly. And the seizing speed has increased.

This allows the brains combat capacity increase more quickly.

Gao Peng was intrigued by the newly added Extraordinary Transformation ability.

Usually, monster characteristics add directly to the monsters fighting capacity, such as Flamys Wings of Fire.

But there are also some unique Special Characteristics. These Special Characteristics dont directly add to a monsters combat capacity, but can have a big effect when used correctly. For example, when Desolion broke through Mythical Grade, it awakened Divine Sound.

Magical Brains newly awakened Extraordinary Transformation is a unique characteristic that increases strength indirectly, rather than directly increasing combat capacity.

And it looks very interesting.

The subject of transformation be a lower grade, and cannot exceed it too much in strength. In other words, any monster that is Epic Grade or lower who are below Quasi God can be transformed by Magical Brain.

Magical Brain might be a mad scientists favorite Familiar.

Come back with me first, you can probably continue seizing East Sea from here right? Gao Peng was entranced in thought as he looked at Magical Brain.

Magical Brain nodded, I can, Master, though the seizing speed from here is slightly slower. Huh, Master, Im finding I seize even faster here than when I was in the East Sea.

Your ability increased with your evolution, said Gao Peng.

The Yangtze River flowed into the East Sea. From a physical perspective, the two are actually connected, so Magical Brain can continue seizing the East Sea from the Yangtze River.

Returning to Yuzhou, Gao Peng went directly to a white building next to the river. There was a symbol on the wall, the outside was a blue ring, and the middle was an eye. This was the logo of the laboratory under Southern Sky Group.

The white building was constructed next to the Yangtze River, it had the aura of Growing Brain.

Almost all the prevailing water monsters in the Yangtze River are Growing Brains godsons, so no water monster dares to invade this building that has Growing Brains aura.

Aside from this building, there are other people who want to build things next to the river, but they all get destroyed by monsters in the water within a day. After a while, the banks of the Yangtze River became considered Southern Skys private property.

Youre pretty great, did you bring all your godsons into the East Sea? Gao Peng said to Magical Brain after he found out. It was hard to tell if it was a praise or a reprimand.

Magical Brain thought quickly. The blue veins on the brain turned on high speed, like a starting machine, glowing an eerie blue color.

I think master is praising me!

Magical Brain felt confident, Dear master, my godsons arent limited to the East Sea. I even have godsons in the Yellow Sea, Bo Sea, and Pacific Ocean.

Gao Peng was puzzled, Why are you adopting so many godsons? You like hearing people call you dad?

Who wouldnt?

What did you say?

Oh oh, its because I saw they were pretty gifted so I cherish their talents.

Alright. Gao Peng reluctantly believed what it said.

Entering the lab building, Gao Peng took out his identity card and took over a lab room in the building.

This lab building is one of 36 research centers under the Southern Sky Group. Its responsible for developing new Water type monsters and testing the abilities of new Water type monster species.

Floors -1 to -5 in the lab building were all half-immersed in the Yangtze River.

Young Master, I finally get to see you in living form! A researcher wearing a pair of thick glasses and a white lab coat ran over to Gao Peng with a pile of files in his hands, as if seeing the object of his faith.

Hello. Although what he said could be interpreted differently, Gao Peng didnt pay it any thought when he remembered most researchers are like this. Besides, this was his own employee.

Look, Young Master, we finally bred this Water Banded Krait three months ago using the formula you left. This is a picture of the finished Water Banded Krait, but we found this Water Banded Krait is very timid. Unless its receiving a lethal attack, otherwise it just runs away when it sees other monsters. Were working on nurturing its personality.

Gao Peng took the photo. On the photo was a three-meter-long white based banded krait swimming in a lab tank.

Yes, this is Water Banded Krait, youve done well breeding it. But personality is inherent, thats the task of a Monster Trainer, youve done a good job. Gao Peng suddenly thought of Magical Brains ability, and his voice got dim.

Wait, bring me some Water Banded Kraits, Im going to do an experiment.

Hearing the Young Master was going to personally do an experiment, the researchers eyes filled with excitement behind his thick glasses.

To these researchers, Gao Peng was like a hack.

Of all the new Familiars that the 36 labs are researching or have successfully created, 9 out of 10 are related to the Young Master. They were all done with directions given by the Young Master, and all the researchers need to do is to continue researching on this path.

Sometimes he even wants to split the Young Masters brain open and see whats inside.

Why are you looking at me like that? Are there flowers on my face? Gao Peng said with a smile.

The researcher quickly removed his gaze from Gao Pengs forehead.

Five minutes later, the glass door opened. A glass tank came in on a white cart.

Three Water Banded Kraits floated in the tank. The three Water Banded Kraits each took up three corners of the tank, coiling into balls.

[Monster Name] Water Banded Krait

[Monster Grade] Normal Grade/Normal Grade

[Monster Level] Level 32

[Monster Attribute] Water/Poison

[Monster Condition] Healthy (Afraid)

[Monster Description] A venomous snake type monster that lives in the water. Because they have very small gallbladders, their personality is very timid. They like to eat alligator weed and fear monsters that are bigger than them.

It because of their eyes and gallbladder. A smaller gallbladder means a timid personality?

Magical Brain, test out your new ability. Make this little water snakes gallbladder bigger.

Magical Brain turned around, a purple light shrouded a Water Banded Krait .

Gao Peng couldnt tell a difference where he stood, so he merged with Magical Brain.

After merging, Gao Peng found he got Magical Brains sight and senses.

It was a very strange sensation. Gao Peng saw many purple ripples enveloping the Water Banded Krait. The Water Banded Kraits muscles, bones, and organs all showed up in the brain clearly under the purple ripples.

Then Growing Brain operated on high speed, it was like a precise machine.

Under the stimulus of the purple ripples, the Water Banded Kraits gallbladder gradually expanded inside its body, like a balloon.

Wait, the gallbladders big enough! Gao Pengs expression changed.

The purple ripples vanished.

The lower back section of the Water Banded Kraits body was swollen like a goose egg, as if it swallowed a rock that was stuck in its body.


Water Banded Krait s previously bashful expression changed, it took on an extremely sharp glare!

This Water Banded Krait leapt out of the tank, coiling on the ground. Its teeth were bared, arrogant and rampant.

Hiss hiss hiss~~~

The Water Banded Krait swayed its head around. Its eyes were filled with violence, its mouth never closed, the four fangs had a cold glint.

Squish. Gao Peng stepped down, the Water Banded Krait became a ball of ground meat.

This ones a moron, lets try again.

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