Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 779

Chapter 779 Qing Tian Dragon

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Hiss the remaining two Water Banded Kraits were even more terrified when they saw this, hiding in the corner of the tank.

One of the Water Banded Kraits pupils dilated, its tail twitched, and fell down straight.

It was scared senseless.

Gao Peng reached a hand into the tank and grabbed a water snake to put on the table.

Try again, but dont make the gallbladder too big this time, said Gao Peng.


After the first experience, the second time Magical Brain magnified the gallbladder, the gallbladder grew gradually in the Water Banded Kraits body. It wasnt as exaggerated as the first time, just five times its original size.

Hiss? The Water Banded Krait opened its eyes, slowly slithering towards Gao Peng. It flicked its tongue out at Gao Peng and rubbed its triangular head against Gao Pengs boots.

After seeing what happened to its friend, it knew what it should do.

This Water Banded Kraits condition also changed from the initial Afraid to Curious.

This ability is great, a grin crept onto Gao Pengs face. This Water Banded Krait was just a small attempt.

Gao Peng had many other ideas.

In the following days, Gao Peng remained in the lab. The other researchers didnt know what tests Gao Peng was performing, they just sent in monsters every now and then.

Phewfinally a success.

Gao Peng wiped the sweat on his forehead.

The blue light on Magical Brains surface veins faded away.

On the ground before them stood a strange-looking but familiar monster.

It was a shrimp monster that stood on its feet.

Its two hindlegs became thick and strong, its feet were like that of a duck. It even had webs between its toes.

A thick armor covered the surface of the hindlegs. The entire body was covered in a thick exoskeleton armor. The two front legs were like javelins and the upper arms were empty on the inside, the bottom parts had a spike segment that gave off a cold glint.

It only needed 0.1 second to shoot out its spike that can tear through a five-centimeter-thick piece of alloy steel board.

It had a breathing system that was suitable for amphibians. The strangest thing was that this monster that used to be a clown shrimp had an odd human face that looked like it was crying or laughing under Gao Pengs manipulation.

Gao Peng named this monster Gentleshrimp.

Then Gao Peng saw that the clown shrimps name in the stats frame he saw became Gentleshrimp.

This. Gao Peng felt like he discovered something.

He turned around and tried to change Magical Brains name, but this time the new name didnt appear in the stats frame.

Is it because I changed this monsters appearance by too much, to the point where its a completely different species compared to previously, so I can name it?

Gao Pengs eyes beamed.

How interesting.

After their first success, Gao Peng and Magical Brains monster creation speed got faster.

This time they only spent a day and a half to create the second monster.

In the middle of the lab room stood a monster that was 30 centimeters taller than Gentleshrimp, also standing up like a human. Its stomach and back were all covered in a thick, black armor. The top of its head had a black human face, you could barely see the outlines of the human face.

Three pairs of sharp claws grew out of its shoulders.

Above the three pairs of sharp claws were one pair of dark and strong paws. The paws were covered in dense thorns.

Gao Peng named this guy Crab Butcher.

Gao Peng bred ten Gentleshrimps and ten Crab Butchers, five male and five female of each. It was easy to breed more from that.

This was Gao Pengs perverse humor. These two monsters were just for practice, hell create more interesting monsters at Southern Heavenly Gate.

Yuzhou City, ever since the Cataclysm you could no longer tell its original outline.

This entire city is also one of the safest cities in the world.

With the combination of danger and safety, its created a nearly mad sort of prosperity, extravagance, hedonism.

Monster battle arenas, demon clubs, breeding bases, monster research centers, monster amusement parks, spectre bars.

In the past two years, countless entertainment industries sprang up.

Just like where the sun shines, there are shadows, the spacious underground sewage became the residence of homeless people.

Some were there because of dire circumstances, some simply enjoyed the darkness and loneliness of this place.

Wife, daughterI miss you. In a certain corner of the sewage, an alcoholic leaned against the cold wall and cried. His suit was crumpled into a ball and thrown to the side, the floor next to him had piles of empty bottles, his hair was a mess.

When the night falls silent, loneliness washes over him like waves.

They eat at his heart like countless maggots.

Under the influence of alcohol, the mans face was red, his gaze hazy.

The pressure of life, his longing for his wife and daughter, fear for the future, all these emotions rose in his heart.

Finally exploding like a bomb.

He released his Blood Contract, then took out the poison he prepared from his pocket and swallowed it with some alcohol.

A minute later, the man held his stomach and couldnt help retching in the passage. Alcohol, stomach acid, and blood water mixed together.

Three minutes later, the mans pupils dilated, his struggling grew weak.

In a daze, he seemed to see an infinite light at the end of the underground tunnel. In the light, a woman walked towards him with a little girl in her hand, it was the two people hes been dreaming of.

Hehehe. the man wanted to say something, but he couldnt make a sound. Using the last of his strength, he reached out his arm, his stiff and pale knuckles quivered.

Wait for mewait for me, Ill be joining you soon.

The man finally took his last breath, the aura of life drew away from his body like waves.

The man lying on the ground was like a lump of burnt ashes.


A man with a shaggy beard in a black jacket walked out of the corner of the underground tunnel. Hes seen this situation many times before, but he was still a little emotional.

A white meatball with two little wings hovered next to him.

Its his Familiar, Dream Ball Beast. It can create environments using a persons inner emotions. The stronger the emotions, the more realistic the created environment. All the environments reflect what the person yearns for in their heart.

This type of Familiar is widely used in entertainment clubs.

So people can die of loneliness, said a raspy voice in the underground tunnel.

The black jacket man paused his steps, the hair on his back stood up. A skeleton appeared out of nowhere next to the mans corpse. The skeleton faced to the side, crouching on the ground, its five fingers sweeping across the mans cheek.

Somehow the black jacket man saw death on this giant skeleton. Yes! Death!

A terrifying black aura surrounded it, just one look made him feel like he saw his imminent death.

II didnt kill him. I just saw that he killed himself so I did something good and showed him what he yearned for, the black jacket man said quickly.

Dumby didnt respond, just stood up to walk deeper into the tunnel.

I know.

Dumby didnt have time to pay any mind to him, because the death he felt from the man who suicided made its Death Rule finally reach 1%.

A hundred kilometers outside Yuzhou City, mountain peak.

The night sky was dotted with stars, the moon hung high overhead.

A dark gold skeleton sat on the mountain peak with its legs crossed.

A dark red flame burned outside the skeleton. Dumby stripped the flame out of its body bit by bit.

After promoting to God, you become a body entirely of rules. Anything below a rule cannot exist inside the body.

The dark red flame was stripped from each bone on Dumbys body.

Roar Suddenly the shadow of a black winged behemoth shot out from the dark flames.

Fire burned in Dumbys eye sockets. With a cold humph, a jet-black Godhood light of god flowed. A black thread flew out of Dumbys fingertip and sank into the behemoth before it.

The behemoth screamed and popped like a bubble.

Whats that? Gao Peng asked on the mountain peak next to it.

Fatty Big Sea chuckled, Just the tactic of a God. It wants to overtake the body and reincarnate, but its not nearly good enough.

Seeing that Gao Peng still didnt understand, Fatty Big Sea explained in more detail, If Im not mistaken, this dark flame is the tactic of a God. It contains the will of that God. If this dark flame can gather 1% of a precept, it can have an additional Godhood when it promotes to God.

You mentioned before that the easiest opportunity for Gods to gather Godhood is when they promote from Quasi God to God, right? So some Quasi Gods will try hard to collect the Power of Dark Flames, to the amount of a Godhood. Gao Peng said with thought.

Yes, but they didnt realize we dont even care about this dark flame, we didnt even gather 1%.

Gao Peng rubbed his chin, So youre saying luck grew out of adversity?

Luck grew out of laziness, Fatty Big Sea added in statement.

Im not lazy, youre the laziest okay, Gao Peng said and walked away.

Leaving behind Fatty Big Sea: ???

Four Godhoods were taken by Dumby into its body, merging into its soul.

Dumby grunted, the four Godhood burned into the depths of its soul like searing iron.

The excruciating pain eroded its soul like waves.

Dumbys soul began to mutate in this moment.


A massive Soul Power swept the entire world.

Even Yuzhou CIty, which was a hundred kilometers away, was more than half covered by this Soul Power.

All the Familiars on the street, in their homes, in their rooms, let out different levels of cries depending on their strength.

Far in the west, on Qing Tian Plateau, a giant dragon sleeping underground opened its eyes.

A Familiar broke through God Tier. What a shocking gift, its only been 20 years since the Cataclysm.

Qing Tian Plateau shook, a giant rift opened in the middle of the ground. The rift tore through nearly half of Qing Tian Plateau.

A blurry azure phantom rose into the sky from the depths of the earth, the night sky was dyed a dark green.

A moment later, two full white moons rose on the night sky, in the middle of the moons were a pitch black slit the shape of thunder.

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