Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 783

Chapter 783 Eternal Evergreen Bird

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It was the first time the Magical Brain was praised by another.

It was incredibly flattered.

It felt like it had a sacred mission to uphold. It hadnt expected to have such a strong ability!

Flowing Light nodded with satisfaction.

Whats the extent of your ability now? Flowing Light asked quietly.

The Magical Brain pondered for a moment. I can change the appearance and shape of a monster, and basically, one wont be able to see its previous appearance.

Thats so powerful. Flowing Lights eyes brightened.

Its all right, Magical brain became more modest.

Then Half an inch.


Just increase my height by half an inch. Flowing Light smiled.

The Magical Brain had a sudden awakening, all its doubts clearing in a moment. No wonder

No problem!

Purple ripples covered Flowing Light.

The ripples thickened gradually, causing Flowing Light to close its eyes. It felt like it was such an important moment that it required a ceremonial feeling.

It was very happy and eagerly looking forward to the moment when it could open its eyes.

That moment would be the most surprising.

It was so nice to think about it.

Flowing Light! Goldies rude voice rang out.

Flowing Light furrowed its eyebrows. What?

Good luck. Goldie grinned, scratched its butt, and watched happily.

Time went by in seconds, then minutes.

Is it done? Flowing Light asked.

No one answered it.

Floating Lights heart skipped while it had sudden doubts.

About ten minutes later, it asked, How much longer?

I dont know, and Im not sure why my ability to transform doesnt work for you. The tired voice of the Magical Brain rang out.

Flowing Light opened its eyes.

Youre toying with me, it thought.

Heh heh. Goldie smiled smugly. Okay, little brother, now its my turn.

With a buzzing sound, a knife flashed and stopped at Goldies neck.

After two seconds of silence, Flowing Light withdrew its knife arm, turned, and walked away lonesomely.

I know why! Goldie said.

Flowing Light stopped moving and tilted its head.


The reason is simple.

Goldie continued, Its because youre stronger than the Magical Brain!

Flowing Light was stunnedwhat kind of crazy reason was this?!

The ability of the Magical Brain can only be used on beings that are weaker than it, isnt that right?

I dont know said the Magical Brain bitterly.

It had just evolved, so these abilities were still being explored.

It had only recently received the ability to transform other monsters, so it was only now exploring through trial and error.

That should be it, or if you can use it without limitations, wouldnt you be able to transform even gods at will? Goldie shrugged. How can there be such an ability without limitations?

Flowing Light was silent for a moment.

Nodding, its eyes were filled with warmth.

That something was also called hope.

The Magical Brain had a vague sense of foreboding.

You say when youre done. Ill do it! Flowing Light said seriously.

Goldie gave a smile that was filled with meaning.

It looped his arms around the Magical Brain and walked to a corner, Goldie looking serious. Can I ask you something?


Im seriously telling you that this is really a 10 billion investment, even more than 10 billion, 100 billion, a trillion!

The Magical Brain was speechless. What was the use of that much money?

Those fishes that you got from the East China Sea, Ill help you sell them. Theres a big market. Goldie smiled indecently.

Each fish will be a hundred dollars! Goldie held up a finger. A red carp, and no more, or Ill lose money.

The Magical Brain slowly questioned, How do I deliver at such long distances? Even if I did, they would rot.

We can freeze them! Goldie said quickly.

Then lets try it? The Magical Brain was okay with the idea. How many fishes could there be in the entire East China Sea?

It didnt know, because there were too many, and it was too lazy to count.

A fish cost 100 dollars, and 10 billion was only 100 million fishes.

That would have little impact on the entire East China Sea.

It would just treat it as though it was having some fun with Goldie.

The Magical Brain thought of it this way.

After Goldie received by the Magical Brains agreement, it ran to Gao Peng to take his investment.

The Magical Brain looked at Floating Light, who was walking over, and smiled wearily.

Follow me. Floating Light leaped onto the Magical Brains back.

Where to?

To make you stronger!

What? Wait

After sending away the investment-seeking Goldie, Gao Peng rubbed his eyebrows. He had just invested in a company created by Goldie and the Magical Brain.

The companys business involved various aspects of the seafood industries, such as monster trading, selling materials, premium canned fish, producing meat, and so on.

Gao Pengs capital and technology gave him 80 percent equity; the Magical Brain provided raw materials and had ten percent; Goldies private equity accounted for the remaining ten percent.

The reason why Gao Peng held such a large proportion of the shares was that he had to deal with the market necessities, including all the factory work, manpower, and logistics.

After Gao Pengs detailed explanation, Goldie finally understood that the fishes in the East China Sea would probably not be appreciated by the public. Without marketing and capital packaging, the public wouldnt be aware of the products.

So Goldie was very appreciative of Gao Pengs hard work. Before it left, it was very concerned and kept asking Gao Peng whether he would like to share its ten percent of the shares to support him through the difficult times.

Young Master, theres a group of people from the Black Fog World here. Theyre here for you. Gao Peng received a message through the groups internal information channel.

Gao Peng frowned.

He thought for a moment about taking Fatty Big Sea, Dumby, and Silly back to the Black Fog World.

Just as he stepped out of the Spatial Rift, Gao Peng was dyed green.

Over their heads, in the sky, a green sun hung high.

Within the suns outline, a three-legged bird floated.

The sky was covered with terrifying aura, torrents of hurricanes surrounded the outer ring of green sun as if to blow out the entire Black Fog World.

[Monster Name]: Eternal Evergreen Bird

[Monster Grade]: Eternal/Eternal

[Monster Attribute]: Wind

[Mastery Attribute]: Storm rule 7%, Ember wind rule 6%, Ember wind rule 5%

[Special Characteristics]: Howling Wind (Passive Effect 1: Every time a Wind-type rule is used, it will temporarily stack up its mastery over any Wind-type related rule. This will last for a period of time and can be stacked up.

Passive Effect 2: Using the relevant Wind-type rule will increase its flying speed.)

Tear (Passive Effect 1: Each time it causes damage to the enemy, it stands a chance to tear open the enemys wound.

Passive Effect 2: When the enemy is torn apart, vigorous action will result in the wound bleeding and affect the force of its action.

Tips: The lacerated wound cant heal naturally; it needs to be treated with the rule.)

Sun Storm (Active Effect 1: The Eternal Evergreen Bird can summon storms. Storm formations beyond its body will be Sun Storms.

Passive Effect 2: In the Sun Storm, the mastery level of the Eternal Evergreen Bird and its typhoon rule will increase by two percent, which can go beyond the threshold of its level.

[Monster Description]: Born in the storm, the Eternal Evergreen Bird has rapid speed and is also favored by the wind element. This Eternal Evergreen Bird has embarked on the Wind-type Path of Usurpation.

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