Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 787

Chapter 787 Were All Behind You

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Goldie, with a swollen face, limped ahead, there were peck marks all over his body.

Five meters behind it, a large Bi Fang, who due to its large size had its eyes squeezed into a triangle, followed Goldie.

What else havent you told me? Flamy asked coldly.

At this moment, the glamour of Goldie as Boss Goldie was nowhere to be found. The sunglasses on his face had disappeared too.

No, I really told you everything. Goldie was dejected.

Oh, are you aggrieved?

No grievance

Am I bullying you?


Did I wrong you?


I heard that you still have three adoptive children?


With whom? Flamy asked casually.

Goldie was in a daze.

What and whose.

I merely took in foster sons. Why is she making it out to be like I had an affair?

Goldie reacted quickly, Gao Peng and I.

Flamy, who was walking behind, stumbled to the ground.

Flamy looks up, her eyes full of panic.

What happened during my absence.

Goldie was moved by his moment of quick wits. Suddenly he heard Flamy quietly saying, I am suddenly reminded of something. How would Gap Peng, with his lonesome personality, be agreeable to have adopted sons with you?

Goldie, from now on, your three adoptive sons have been renamed Imperial roast duck, Jinling duck, and Devils White Horse.

Goldie: ???

I know the first two. But whats the last name?

As for you, youll be called baldie duck!

Goldie was a little confused.

My name wasnt even as good as that Devils White Horse.

They quarreled all the way back to Southern Sky Group.

A mountain outside Southern Sky Group was crowded with Bi Fang.

The tortoise carrying the mountain was very quiet.

It dared not move.

Id like to introduce you to the Bi Fang tribe. This is the grandmaster, Gao Peng quietly introduced Old Bi Fang to the crowd.

All the other members of the Bi Fang tribe had stayed outside. Only Flamy and Old Bi Fang were in the main hall. Otherwise, the palace couldnt be able to house so many familiars.

Gao Peng didnt know the specific identity of Old Bi Fang, hence referred to him as the grandmaster. Anyway, there wont be any mistake in addressing him that way.

This is my grandfather, the chief of the Huaxia Tribe. You can understand it as the Head Elder.

These are my partners, Dumby, Da Zi, Flamy, Goldie

This is the Eternal Evergreen Bird. Hey, say hello to everyone. Stop playing games.

Gao Peng was speechless toward this internet-addicted Eternal Evergreen Bird.

BIU. the last two squares were eliminated, and a big smile appears on the screen.

The Eternal Evergreen Bird contentedly sneezed.

Then he turned around and looked at the crowd, blankly, Who are you?

A row of black lines appeared at the corner of Gao Pengs eyes.

Before this, no matter how one shouted, no one could move the Eternal Evergreen Bird, so Gao Peng simply held this meeting in the Eternal Evergreen Birds room.

Is this guy truly so addicted to the game that he didnt pay attention to the people around or pretending to be naive?

Gao Peng cant comprehend the Eternal Evergreen Bird.

Gao Peng repeated what he had just asked.

Only then did the Eternal Evergreen Bird gave a nod. Superficially answered two questions then continued to click on for another round.

It had hundreds of feathers on one wing, each of which was as flexible as a finger.

The mouse in which the size of a large grinding plate could be easily controlled by it.

This Eternal Evergreen Bird is an Internet addict. I will convey his opinions on behalf of him. Gao Peng said without any change in expression.

At the same time, he stealthily glanced at the Eternal Evergreen Bird.

The bird is still playing games and turned a deaf ear to the ongoings.

The Old Bi Fang looked at it twice. It was interesting, so he went up to watch the screen carefully.

What is this? the Old Bi Fang was curious. This thing doesnt emit any trace of elements, but it moves by itself. It was very interesting.

This is a computer. For the first time, Eternal Evergreen Bird spoke.

Gaopengs saw that the situation was not good.

One Internet-addicted Bird was enough. Having another group of them would be trouble.

Gao Peng quickly spoke, the voucher of Fire.

The atmosphere grew chilly.

The Eternal Evergreen Bird rolled his eyes, vulgar issues.

Then they went on playing games.

Old Bi Fang drew back his attention and looked at Gao Peng with a smile. Ok, lets get down to business.

Well, lets settle the bill. To find the voucher of fire for you, it took me a lot of money to get the news. One portion of the Soul Devouring Hundred Grass Stone, two portions of the Purple Yingyun Iron, and two Anti-Magic Stone

Old Bi Fang looks strange. Isnt Flamy your familiar? Do you still need me

Even as a family, we have to be fair. At this moment, she is not my familiar, she is my partner, but she is also an excellent descendant of your Bi Fang family. I cant take away the responsibility of cultivating your descendant.

Old Bi Fang lost his smile, forget it, whatever makes you happy.

You want to make her a divine artifact, for a Ghoul type God I know a place. There would be something suitable for her to make a divine artifact, said old Bi Fang

Gao Peng nodded, In a fight like this, can we fight her competitors until they are half dead and then let Flamy end it, would this be feasible?

This was the simplest way that Gao Peng could think of.

Flamy would have no risk. Things are made simple.

That wont work, Old Bi Fang shook his head, even if she killed her competitors, they would not release the Voucher of Fire.

Why? Gao Peng didnt understand.

I dont know, but thats the regulations. Even if you wanted to secretly hurt her competitors and try to get her an advantage, you cant even do that.

Gao Peng frowned. How can this be so weird? Is this considered a rule? But to stipulate it as a regulation seemed reasonable too.

But we are not completely useless. Our Bi Fang family is her backing. With us coming along with Flamy, we can challenge the enemy endlessly and without any worries. Even if we fail, it doesnt matter. We can give her countless opportunities.

Gao Peng nodded cautiously, In the sea-facing Mysterious Fire world, Inferno Mountain Sea, a monster had once seen a quasi god-level monster with a voucher of fire appear. However, the inferno mountain sea is very large, and it would be difficult to search it thoroughly unless theres divine intervention.

This is your first fight. Lets try to get a good start, the old Bi Fang smiled at Flamy kindly.

Flamy nodded nervously.

Goldie stood beside her and patted his chest, Dont be afraid, Ill protect you.

Flamy glared at him, you just worry about not getting killed yourself. That will save me some trouble .

After Goldies interruption, Flamy was not as nervous as she had initially been.

Gao Peng said with a kind smile, Dont worry. You have all of our backings.

No one knows how many planes there were in the sea. Most of the creatures in the sea would not leave their world within their life span.

Even the gods have only wandered a small area of the sea, which was considered a large space for them.

The location of the Inferno sea was not far from the black fog world, merely a distance of more than ten small worlds.

With knowledge of the fixed Spatial Tunnel, it took less than a month to reach the Inferno plane.

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