Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 790

Chapter 790 Im All About Fairness When It Comes To Battles

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To begin with, the effect of the Voucher of Fire was to advance the grade of a monster.

Gao Peng was in deep thought. No wonder so many monsters were on a wild goose chase for her.

There was no need for other ingredients and no need to put in the utmost effort to search for those treasures either. Most importantly, although these monsters expended a lot of effort finding some of the legendary treasures, they did not necessarily evolve after consuming them.

No wonder there were so many monsters all hoping to obtain the Voucher of Fire.

It was simple and straightforward and extremely convenient and fast.

They could evolve without working hard or taking trouble over it.

The evolved forms that ultimately resulted from different routes of evolution were all different as well. Gao Peng was also looking forward to Flamys evolved form after relying on the Voucher of Fire to evolve.

During the subsequent period of time, Flamy challenged the other Quasi Gods who had obtained the Voucher of Fire. Gao Peng and the rest had found out from the Eternal Evergreen Bird the location of the three Fire-type Quasi Gods.

While the Golden Blaze Demon Earth Hedgehog had significant power, it nevertheless paled in comparison to the other two Fire-type Quasi Gods.

Flamys second opponent was the Inferno Tyrant.

The Inferno Tyrant was an elemental-type monster. His entire body burned with raging flames. He was more than ten meters tall, and there were three Flame Auras circling its feet.

Flamy, who had always relied on her own Fire Resistance to suppress others, finally got a taste of her own medicine this time.

By nature, the Inferno Tyrant had an extremely high Fire Element Immunity. His immunity against fire elements was even more frightening than Flamys.

He barely felt anything when Flamys flames fell on him. The injury caused to him was negligible.

Were in trouble now. The old Bi Fangs gaze was venomous. If they continued to fight fairly, Flamy would definitely not be a match for the Inferno Tyrant.

It was not because Flamy was not powerful, but because Flamy was coincidentally suppressed.

The Inferno Tyrant on the volcano was beating its sturdy chest in a frenzy and roaring in anger.

He stretched his right hand into the magma lake beneath his feet and grabbed a large amount of magma. It coagulated in his hand into a red spear.

A terrifying Godly Aura gathered on the spear and was violently hurled out just like Spartan soldiers.


The fearsome blasts collided with the rock walls, creating explosive slamming sounds.

The spear very narrowly passed under Flamys left wing. It would have pierced through her heart if it had leaned a little closer to the left.

Flamy directed her flames in a counter-attack, transforming the area where the Inferno Tyrant was into a sea of fire.

However, in the sea of fire, the motion of the Inferno Tyrant was completely unaffected. On the contrary, it moved even more swiftly than it had before.

The Inferno Tyrant grabbed spear after spear from the magma. Then, he hurled them in a frenzy.

After dodging 36 spears in succession, Flamy was finally hit in a moment of carelessness. The section of her wing that was hit suddenly exploded, immediately creating a huge hole.

The Inferno Tyrant grinned evilly. He stooped down at the waist once again and lifted some magma. The magma streamed downwards, just like mud.

It formed a ridiculously massive battle-ax in the hand of the Inferno Tyrant.

The edges of the battle-ax had sharp serrations. As long as the ax was pulled downwards after it had successfully hit the opponent, flesh and bone would be torn into pieces.

Flamys speed was affected by her injured wing. She looked on helplessly as the Inferno Tyrant approached her without stopping.

How dare you hurt my wife! Yours truly is going to hack you to death, you idiot!!! With a glare, Goldie retrieved his Divine Axe from behind his back and rushed forward insolently.

Goldie, dont make a move, the old Bi Fang hastily called out to him. If Goldie interfered, the nature of this battle would change. Even if they won in the end, they would not be able to obtain the Voucher of Fire. In that case, why did they come all the way here?

Just to duel with a Quasi God that they had never met before?

They would not have so much energy to get involved in something that was not their business, even if they ate too much.

But Gao Peng had another way of thinking. Earlier, they had obtained the Voucher of Wind after the corpses of that Gold Plated Heavenly Beetle, and the Wing of Savage Sand had decomposed.

This also meant that the ability of the Dark Child was the exception to the norm.

Not even the old Bi Fang and the rest of them had ever possessed such power. They may not even have heard of it.

The ability of Dark Child was very abnormal.

As a result, Gao Peng did not want to reveal Dark Childs power in front of the old Bi Fang.

Goldie, dont do anything. You need only help Flamy fend off attacks from the Inferno Tyrant, Gao Peng communicated to Goldie in secret through the Blood Contract.

Goldie stopped in his tracks and moved the Divine Axe behind his back in understanding.

The eyes of the Inferno Tyrant flashed. A bald and tattooed duck suddenly stood in front of him and wrapped himself around his legs unyieldingly.

The Inferno Tyrant stumbled and nearly fell. Fortunately, Goldie was holding on to his legs.

That was the only reason he did not fall.

The Inferno Tyrant lowered his head, and he had a contorted expression on his face. At such a close distance, it was also very difficult to fully use the giant ax.

It would grow stronger with every inch. But it was difficult to make good use of it when someone was clinging to his back.

The Inferno Tyrant simply threw aside the giant ax. His massive hands wrapped around Goldies head, just like a butcher squeezing a watermelon.

Goldies head was more solid than he had imagined.

He could not squeeze his hard head.

This is a battle between us competitors for the Voucher of Fire. How can you interfere?, the Inferno Tyrant roared at Goldie.

Im not interfering, Goldie said peacefully. He dangled off the legs of the Inferno Tyrant like a dried fish and pressed his face to the Inferno Tyrants thigh.

Then, what are you doing right now? The Inferno Tyrant was about to turn mad. He could not even leave. This duck had extraordinary strength.

Furthermore, he was also extremely good at enduring beatings. There was no effect at all, either when his blows fell on this duck.

Goldie played the role of a human shield. Goldie did not retaliate either. He was just like a troublemaker, allowing the Inferno Tyrant to hit him as he wished.

Although the Inferno Tyrant looked strong, in reality, he was considered more of a Magic-type monster.

How could his physical power compare to that of Goldie, a monster who purely engaged in close-range physical combat?

Goldie took on all the flames of the Inferno Tyrant, allowing Flamy to stand behind him and release flames to her hearts content.

After discovering that Fire-type attacks did not have much effect on the Inferno Tyrant, Flamy switched to Soul-type attacks instead.

Apart from being in control of flame attacks, Flamy also had the ability to initiate soul attacks.

Her Soul Power transformed into the Great Clock, which jolted the soul of the Inferno Tyrant dead, obliterating it bit by bit.

The Inferno Tyrant ultimately collapsed unwillingly. Before he died, he looked up to the sky and sighed deeply at the fact that the thieving bird had actually cheated.

Flamy said arrogantly, How did I cheat? I was the only bird hitting you. I definitely engaged in a fair battle with you.

Then what was he doing?! The Inferno Tyrant pointed at this bald duck that was sticking to him relentlessly like dogskin plaster.

Im an admirer of yours. I wanted to hug my idol. You can ignore me, Goldie said expressionlessly.

The Inferno Tyrant died with his grudge unsatisfied.

He lay on the ground and stared at Goldie unwaveringly.

After welding together with the Voucher of Fire of the Inferno Tyrant, Flamys breath increased sharply once again.

Goldie released both of his hands and crawled up from the ground.

His chest and face were completely red from the heat and were slightly injured by burning.

Flamy flew over to him. As she looked at Goldies injuries, her gaze softened by a few degrees.

Goodness. Its not a big deal. Goldie patted his bum offhandedly.

Its a minor injury. Its alright as long as youre fine. Goldie turned his head and walked to Gao Pengs side.

Gao Peng summoned Xiao Cao to treat Flamys and Goldies injuries.

The old Bi Fang averted his gaze. He did not think that a battle could even be conducted this way

He had learned something new.

He had really learned something new

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