Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 791

Chapter 791 Black Monkey

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It was as if two people were fighting and another person was coaxing them to stop.

While coaxing them to stop, he was hugging one of the people fighting and stopping him from moving. He was even saying some comforting words.

Calm down, calm down. Dont be impulsive. Impulse is the devil, a demon, a monster.

If you have such guts, then go and hug that person opposite me. What logic is there in grabbing me and refusing to let me go?!

After dealing with the Inferno Tyrant, Gao Peng and his entourage relocated again to look for Flamys last competitor. Gao Peng also conveniently stored away the corpse of the Inferno Tyrant on the ground.

After half a day, a silvery light shone in this small world. A sharp, silver knife cut through the Vanity Space, forming a crack. The silver Light of God swept through the Vanity Space, jolting it and forcibly opening up a Spatial Tunnel.

Two rays of silvery light flew out from the Spatial Tunnel and landed on the ground. Two silver phoenixes, one large and one small, showed themselves.

My friend told me the last time that he lives here. The little silver phoenix assessed her surroundings.

She was a little unaccustomed to the blistering hot environment. A silver barrier shone and blocked the heatwaves outside.

Is he not around?, the silver phoenix asked doubtfully.

They did not conceal their breaths either. Logically, he should have been here a long time ago.

This time, she had actually expended a lot of effort to convince her mother to accept her friend into the constellation.

Theres an Air of Death here. The eyes of the large phoenix emitted a gentle, white light.

Everything around them was decomposing, including the Air of Death in the atmosphere that had yet to dissipate completely.

The Air of Death was pulled back by an invisible force, outlining a blurry apparition on the ground.

It was precisely the appearance of the Inferno Tyrant.

Its him! The tone of the little silver phoenix was laced with shock and anger.

Mother, you must help my friend

Thats enough.

Whatever the little silver phoenix wanted to say afterward was interrupted.

Im very sorry that your friend was unlucky, but this matter has nothing to do with us.

Why? The little silver phoenix was completely puzzled.

Because this is his fate. He was not yet a member of our constellation. This time, we have something even more important to do.

Mother, are you not here for the purpose of enlisting my friend, the little phoenix muttered to herself.

No. Her response was very cruel and very resolute too. The large silver phoenix immediately cut off the hopes of the little silver phoenix.

Oh The little silver phoenix was stunned.

A little world in the Surface Sea that was on the edge of ruin.

This small world was already counting down to destruction. Destruction was irreversible.

A big part of the sky collapsed to reveal a pitch-black crevice.

Outside the crevice was the boundless Vanity Space. A few gigantic monsters in the Vanity Space wandered past the surface of the crevice from time to time, greedily spying on this world that was on the verge of destruction.

In the center of the small world, an odd and deformed peak that looked like it had been pinched out by some massive force stood tall, just like a pole stuck in the ground.

An incomparably gigantic palm print could even be seen on the surface of this mountain peak. It looked as if it was the result of kneading by some strange force.

A black-colored monkey sat atop the hill.

There was a vertical strand of golden fur on the monkeys forehead.

The monkey sat on a piece of rock. There was a bamboo basket by his feet.

There were numerous golden ores placed inside the bamboo basket.

The monkey grabbed a handful of ores and threw them into the sky.

They were hurled out of this world through the crack, forming a stream of shooting stars in the horizon.

The golden ores did not stop growing bigger in the Vanity Space, transforming into meteorites which stretched across the Vanity Space in disorder.

The large monsters wandering about the Vanity Space roared and surged forth.

They fell over each other in a mad rush to be first.

The monkeys elbow was supported by his own thigh.

He gazed straight ahead with vacant eyes.

As if there was nothing around him that mattered to him.

He occasionally grabbed a handful of stones and fed them to the giant monsters in the Vanity Space outside this world.

The giant monsters in the Vanity Space were extremely obedient in front of this monkey. Of course, it was because they had learned many lessons from the numerous mistakes of their predecessors.

A ray of silvery light flew from afar and landed on the top of the mountain.

Just like countless stars falling from the sky.

The black monkey did not stop his movements and said coolly, Why are you guys from the star alliance looking for me?

Were now a constellation. The star alliance is a thing of the past, the silver phoenix said.

The black monkey sneered. How pretentious. Whats the difference?

Im here to seek your cooperation. Our constellation has decided to look for a new hideout. We have to choose an area from the Surface Sea

Ok. I understand. The black monkey continued neutrally, Im not interested.

But this is also a chance. The silver phoenix swallowed her subsequent words.

Because a pair of ice-cold eyes were locked on her. She suspected that she would suffer death if she simply said another word!

His power became even more terrifying!

As expected of the most fearsome being in the history of the clan of Heaven-Capturing Apes.

Get lost.

The silver phoenix sighed and turned to leave.

Once the silver phoenix had gone far away, the black monkey stretched out his hand and grabbed at the crevice.

A large, furry hand that was massive beyond compare passed through the crack directly and suddenly grabbed at the chaotic Vanity Space.

A few giant monsters in the Vanity Space did not dodge in time and were caught in his palm.

Krk, krk.

The black monkey was chewing on something in his mouth.

The sounds were sharp and crisp.

You guys must be careful. The giant monsters in the Vanity Turbulence are extremely dangerous. If you run into a herd of giant monsters, I may not be able to save you, the old Bi Fang said in a low voice.

That place is really very remote. I didnt think that there wouldnt be a Spatial Tunnel leading straight to it. We even have to go through the Vanity Turbulence, another old senior of the Bi Fang Clan grumbled.

A ray of silvery light flashed ahead of them in the Vanity Turbulence.

The speed of the silvery light was extremely quick.

Gao Peng barely caught a glimpse of a silver phoenix which seemed to be made up of starlight disappear in front of his eyes.

The old Bi Fang waited for that phoenix to travel into the distance before saying, That phoenix we saw earlier is very powerful.

Gao Peng nodded silently, because the only thing he saw was a mess of numbers when he wanted to look up the attributes of this phoenix.

This was just a short interlude. Gao Peng did not know this phoenix, nor did this phoenix know him.

Along the way, they did not encounter any monsters in the Vanity Space. This made the old Bi Fang a little surprised. He merely attributed it to his own good luck.

When they stepped onto the plane, the abundant water elements in the air hit them in the face.

This was a plane where water elements were at an advantage.

It was unbelievable that a Fire-type monster that possessed the Voucher of Fire had been born in such an environment.

It was very rare.

The location of this monster was very obvious. As the Eternal Evergreen bird had said, this monster was inside a yin yang lake.

This yin yang lake was divided into the fire lake and the water lake.

There was natural rock magma in it, and a natural cold pond.

It was extremely rare that these two entirely opposite attributes were found together.

The thing that was hardest to come by was that the color of the water lake was completely ice-blue in color. Coupled with the scarlet fire lake, the two colors of red and blue mutually reflected off each other.

All it took was one glance for such an amazing terrain to be absolutely unforgettable.

Most importantly, it was very easy to locate.

They flew in the sky and conducted an inch-by-inch search. At the same time, they captured monsters on the way and inquired from them. After a week, they finally found the yin yang lake that had been recorded.

At the bottom of the yin yang lake, a massive crocodile with a long mouth and black nails sticking out from his entire body lay at the bottom of the lake.

His eyes were blown wide open when he sensed the breath of the Voucher of Fire within Flamys body.

The bottom of the lake was sent into complete turbulence.

Rumbling sounds, rumbling sounds

Luminescent blue flames curled around his body.

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