Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 792

Chapter 792 Jade Water Demon Crocodile

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A terrifying breath burst out of the massive crocodile in the water. The surface of the lake burned with luminescent blue flames.

The flames caused the surface of the lake to freeze. The low temperatures of the cold waves swept into the sky.

The low temperatures swept across the surroundings. Everything that the cold wave passed over was frozen, and frost began to form.

The chilly air transformed into ripples that spread outwards. Ripple after ripple enveloped all sides.

Desolion took a step forward and opened his mouth to swallow. All of the cold air on this side was swallowed by Desolion into his stomach.

Desolions eyes brightened, and two streams of white fog spurted from his nostrils.

The low temperatures did no harm at all to Gao Peng and the rest.

How weak.

Flamy lowered her head disdainfully and cast a glance at the Jade Water Demon Crocodile. Weakling, he cant even beat my comrade.

Flamy gathered her wings and drew a circular arc with her body in midair before descending from the sky.

Creating a beautiful mark in the sky.

Like a slanted line is drawn across the horizon.

A downward stroke to the left, a downward stroke to the right.

The flames were just like wings swelling and being gathered together soon after.

Forming a tight and delicate dark-green flame armor.

In particular, Flamys beak had turned entirely dark green, emitting a harsh cold light.


There was a clamor of smoke and dust as the earth shattered layer by layer.

Flamy pierced through the back of the Jade Water Demon Crocodile.

Immediately forming a massive and bloody hole.

A massive volume of Wooden Heart Flames entered the body of the Jade Water Demon Crocodile, causing it to burn thereafter.


It exploded and resulted in double the damage.

The explosion created a massive cave in the back of the Jade Water Demon Crocodile that was dripping with blood.

Amidst the piercing pain, the Jade Water Demon Crocodile rolled its body. The fatal signature move of the Crocodile was the Toss of Death.

The biting force of the Quasi God Jade Water Demon Crocodile was naturally terrifying. Although he was unable to bite the bird on his back, it did not mean that he had no other method of counter-attack.

A ferocious spark flashed in his eyes.

With the Jade Water Demon Crocodile as the center, his upper and lower bodies each emitted luminescent-blue projections.

Like a prehistoric demon crocodile that had stepped out from the distant past opening its large mouth.

The terrifying crocodile, which could swallow the heavens and devour the earth, opened his jaws wide. His densely-packed and sharp teeth hung from his upper jaw like saws.

The invisible ripples in the air spread outwards, followed swiftly by a vicious atmosphere locked on Flamy.

The Cold Flames: The Toss of Nightmares!

As silent as an elegant lady and as brisk as a rabbit escaping, the massive mouth erupted in that short moment.

The elements boiled, and blue tidal waves spilled out of the narrow gap in his closed lips.

After that, the sky spun, and the earth turned, and time was thrown into disorder.

Leaving only the sounds of the waves whirling between heaven and earth, lingering at ones ears.

Goldies eyes turned red. He grabbed ahold of the divine ax on his back and slammed it downwards. In the near distance, the remnants of the axs brilliance split a mountain into two.

Flamy is fine, Gao Peng gazed straight ahead and said.

Goldies face heated up. He raised the divine ax in his hands horizontally in front of his chest. Then, he gently rubbed the edge of the ax blade and sighed, saying, As expected, this ax of mine is still as sharp as ever.

After easing the awkward atmosphere, Goldie concealed the unnecessary expressions on his face and hauled the massive ax onto his back once again.

On the battlefield ahead of them, flames were gathering in the sky to form a flower.

The flower bloomed, and a round Bi Fang flew out from its center.

Who else could it be but Flamy?

However, Flamys breath was extremely messed up at present. There were also a few small wounds on her wings, back, and neck, which seemed to have been caused by a blade.

It was very obvious that Flamy had also paid a certain price in order to avoid the fatal blow of the Jade Water Demon Crocodile.

After being attacked once, Flamy became aware of her advantage and also her opponents advantage. So, she hid in the distance and did not engage in close-range combat with this chap.

She transformed the area where the Jade Water Demon Crocodile was situated, into a sea of fire.

The immunity of the Jade Water Demon Crocodile against flames was not as high as the previous two Quasi Gods. When faced with terrifyingly high temperatures, he could only choose to avoid them. But at the same time, speed was not his strong point either. He had no way of shrugging Flamy off at all.

Yet, Flamy would notice as soon as he wanted to counter-attack and use her advantage of flight to evade his attacks.

After an hour, the Jade Water Demon Crocodile was slowing down more and more. He had been burnt to the point where his skin was split and his flesh torn.

There was even the fragrance of something akin to chicken drifting in the air.

In the end, it fell to the ground with a thud and died.

Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap~.

The crisp sounds of applause reverberated in the sky.

Gao Peng, Goldie, Desolion, Liuguang, and Silly were clapping enthusiastically.

Fatty Big Sea lay on the ground on his side, patting his flabby belly with his fin.

The air was brimming with a joyous atmosphere.

Flamy turned around with a disgruntled expression on her face. What are you guys doing?

Brilliant! Brilliant! Gao Peng nodded his head vigorously.

Goldie smiled until his mouth was lopsided.

Flamy was flustered. She finally realized what Gao Pengs shameless disciples were doing.

Didnt I just kill a Quasi God on my own without relying on you guys? Is there a need to go so overboard?

She glared menacingly at Goldie. I cant do anything about Gao Peng, but I can do something about you, you little baldy!

Goldie was still smiling dumbly. He was completely unaware of what fate had in store for him thereafter.

After absorbing the Voucher of Fire from the Jade Water Demon Crocodile, Flamys breath continued to increase.

After a long time, Flamy said, Im at a bottleneck. I feel as if I will be able to evolve if I absorb just one more. Flamy sounded a little excited.

We will keep a lookout. Gao Peng nodded, reminding Flamy to remain calm and patient.

They were just about to leave when a fearsome blast exploded above them.

Gao Peng looked up only to see a huge crack. A long blade that was whitish-gold in color came through the crack and sliced the sky open.

All living things could sense the powerful force emanating from the surface of the sky. The other party had no intention of hiding it either. The elements in the sky were currently rioting.

Lets go, Gao Peng hastily said without hesitation.

They had just walked a few hundred meters away when the Vanity Space turned distorted in front of them. A Tree Man with eight leaves on his head appeared and blocked them.

Vigilance was evident in Gao Pengs eyes.

This Tree Man was a mid-tier True God who possessed 18.2% of Tree Pith Precepts.

Ive been observing you people for a very long time. Im also aware that all of you just killed the Jade Water Demon Crocodile.

So, are you going to take revenge on us for him? Gao Peng said slowly. He stealthily stored Flamy and the rest away in his Familiar Space, leaving only Dumby outside.

With Dumby, the old Bi Fang, and another God from the Bi Fang Clan, Gao Peng was not afraid of this Tree Man.

Im not taking revenge for him. I just want to tell you that I mean no harm. It seemed that the Tree Man did not speak often. His tone was very stiff.

Our world has been invaded. I want to ask for your help in assisting us in resisting the evil spirits from foreign realms.

My apologies. Theres nothing I can do. Gao Peng shook his head. Then, he merged with Dumby and left with the old Bi Fang and the others, skirting around the Tree Man.

Immense disappointment showed in the vacant eyes of the Tree Man.

However, this feeling was swept away in no time. He turned his head and gazed at the sky silently.

The soil by the Tree Mans feet started turning, and a Mud Man burrowed out from the soil.

The Mud Man opened his mouth. His hollow mouth was so black that it seemed like a black hole. I told you from the start that it was impossible. You really have a block of wood for a brain.

I have to at least give it a try. The Tree Man was not angry, either.

The old loach and I are planning to leave. Come with us too, the Mud Man said.

You guys go ahead. I wont be leaving. The Tree Man shook his head slowly.

Are you mad? Are you a match for him? Even in the Constellation, this chap is well-known.

The Tree Man raised his head and looked up at the sky. Branches and branches dangled from his drooping arms to the soil by his feet. In the blink of an eye, they took root in the soil by a depth of a few kilometers. They were even continuing to stretch further into the ground.

The dense roots broke through the surface of the ground like pythons. The Tree Man looked up at the sky and uttered a cry, stretching his arms wide open as if looking up at the sky and embracing the sun.



One by one, tree trunks rose from the ground.

There were no branches or leaves on the thick tree trunks. They were just cylindrical tree trunks that were ash-brown in color. They shot into the sky like massive pillars meant to support the sky.

I was born in this world. Even if I die, I must return to my homeland.

Amidst the huge waves that filled the sky, the soil clamored as it whirled and soared into the sky, swept along by the vines.

For a moment, the sky was hidden, and the earth was covered as dust filled the whole sky.

Seriously The Mud Man shook his head. Youve shown yourself to be such a good person. Im afraid of death, alright?

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