Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 793

Chapter 793 Tyrant Galaxy

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The clay person froze and a network of fissures opened on its dry body.

Then it shattered into bits on the ground.

The ground shook, an area of land was torn out of the earth.

A lush divine tree rose into the sky.

Eight leaves at the crown of the tree swayed, glimmering golden light. Then, gold leaves began sprouting all over the branches.

A wind blew forth, the leaves rustled.

The roots under the divine tree snarled into a hollow sphere.

The ball of soil was very big, many times bigger than even the divine trees trunk.

The center of the tree trunk suddenly split open, and a holy green light radiated from within as if an eye opened on the tree.

Impossibly strange.

A green light shot out of the gap in the tree into the sky, all the air in its path was infected and lignified.

Vines tangled around the green light.

The platinum knife foot was struck by the green light, the injury protruded outward, forming a green burl.

Thousands of vines several hundred meters long shot out from the burl and wrapped around the knife foot.

Wood Rule Regenerating Leaves!

Once you become the host of the parasitic burls, lignified vines grow out endlessly from the burl, strangling the host like a snake. The energy for the vines growth also comes from the host itself.

The longer you were infected, the worse your situation.

The platinum foot shook, a defensive aura swirled around it. Silvery white sword lights flew around the air.

The vines broke up in segments.

The air suddenly quivered, another regions space became visibly distorted.

Then it broke.

Another sharp foot covered in platinum light burst through the space.

Cutting down like a divine knife from heaven.

The tree person seemed to have foreseen this. A tree trunk flew in from the side to block the divine knife.


Like a chopper hitting wood.

The wood broke into two.

But it took most of the strength of the attack. The network of vines managed to halt the platinum divine knife.

Its attacks were intercepted twice in a row.

After a moment of silence, the entity outside the world withdrew its two feet, leaving two gaping holes in the sky.

The holes shrank continuously.

The powers of the world automatically patched up the spatial rifts created by the alien destructive force.

The tree person continued to be on guard for a bit. No movements came from outside the world.

It seems to really have given up.

The tree person let out a sigh of relief. It finally managed to drag out some time.

Thats the only thing it can do for this world.


A platinum blade penetrated the space between its brows.

Time stopped at this moment.

The tree person opened its mouth to say something. Then, holes opened all over its body, rays of platinum light shot out of its mouth and those holes.

The blade made an obscure sound against the tree.

The tree person let out a mingled roar. It trembled, then its body finally broke.

At the edge of this world, a clay person and a fish person sensed something. They turned around to look in the direction of the tree person.

Then they gazed at each other and sighed.

They felt sad for the loss of their kind.

Theyve been friends for hundreds of thousands of years.

And yet its dead all of a sudden.

They just stepped through the Vanity Tunnel when a light flashed before their eyes.

The Vanity Tunnel was hashed by two terrifying platinum knives.

The two Gods were exposed in the Vanity Turbulence

In the vanity space before them, a massive monster slowly appeared.

Its body was nearly the size of a continent, like a beetle magnified infinite times.

But it had eight arms, the front part of each arm was a platinum blade arm.

Its back had countless dense black chimney holes, which spouted platinum fog into the air. Platinum fog formed a canopy over the top of the monsters head.

Platinum Blade, Edolas. The clay person took on a pained expression, We didnt stop you, nor did we fight against you. What your Constellation wants to do has nothing to do with us.

Yield, or die!!!

A horrible Spiritual Wave swept across the entire chaotic vanity space.

On the other side, Gao Peng had left for a while.

He felt a terrifying aura behind him.

The old Bi Fang said in a low voice, A big scary thing showed up behind us.

How scary? Gao Peng asked.

The old Bi Fang thought for a bit and gave an easily understood comparison, Like the silver phoenix we saw that day.

Gao Peng recalled the silver phoenix from that day. It was an encoded tier individual.

The highest tier of existence Gao Peng can see right now is Higher God.

Any monsters above Higher God appear encoded in Gao Pengs eyes.

Perhaps because Gao Pengs Soul Power differed too much from that tier of monster.

Its worth mentioning the old Bi Fang is a Higher God

Another God in the Bi Fang clan is a Medium God.

Good thing we walk fast, otherwise it would have caught us, Gao Peng repressed his desire to look back. With that level of being, just your gaze could expose you.

Only after they made some distance did everyone let down their guards. Fortunately, it didnt notice them.

Sir, have you heard of Constellations? Gao Peng remembered the voice of the clay person in the chaotic vanity space, saying the Platinum Blade came from Constellation.

Constellationno. Ive heard of Star Covenant though, the old Bi Fang shook his head.

Constellation and Star Covenant, Gao Peng suspected these two groups were related just by looking at their names.

What organization is Star Covenant?

Star Covenant isnt an organization. Its an alliance located in the Tyrant Galaxy, the old Bi Fang said.

Star Covenant has a long history. Its a very ancient alliance that has existed for millions of years. At first, Star Covenant only had some Star type monsters. Then a big civil war broke out in Surface Sea, and some monsters fled to Tyrant Galaxy. Some monsters that committed crimes or were exiled were also sent to Tyrant Galaxy.

Back then, no one really cared about Star Covenant. It was nameless. What made Star Covenant famous was a war.

Five hundred thousand years ago, Star Covenant made an infiltration, sweeping the entire universe from Tyrant Galaxy.

Gao Peng was bewildered when he heard this, sweeping the entire universe, they were that amazing?

The old Bi Fang seemed to recall something funny, and couldnt hold in a laugh, Then this infiltration started great and ended poorly. Star Covenants aggressive infiltration lasted only five years before it was put down by allied forces. The leader and vice leader of the Star Covenant were both killed, and their bodies put on display for 300 years.

Star Covenant holed up again in Tyrant Galaxy and was no longer heard from. I dont know what happened after that.

Thought you were a grandmaster, but you were only a platinum.

Not as bad as a bronze, at least they were bold enough to fight all the forces in the universe and didnt get wiped out, so they do have some skills.

Then, have you heard of Platinum Blade? Gao Peng asked.

No. The old Bi Fang was certain he never heard of Platinum Blade.

Either its a new star

Or its an alias.

On their way back, Gao Peng and the rest noticed several planes were being infiltrated.

There werent any entities on the level of Platinum Blade among the infiltrators, but they probably belonged to the same force.

Luckily, Black Fog World was located at the border of Surface Sea and Jiutian Shidi, so Black Fog World and the other small, nearby worlds didnt show signs of infiltration.

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