Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 794

Chapter 794 Departure

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Returning to Black Fog World, Gao Peng sent people to stand guard at the spatial rifts around Black Fog World. He also secretly made preparations for migration.

How disastrous, with any misfortune, they might have to run again.

Gao Peng sat on the edge of the Continent Emperor Turtle, tens of thousands of meters below his feet as if he stood on the clouds.

Gao Peng sighed.

Being weak was tough. You couldnt offend anyone.

But that couldnt be helped. You cant just open a small universe with ambition alone.

This wasnt just a small difference.

When the difference was too big, its better just to run.

Were going back, the old Bi Fang bid farewell to Gao Peng. These Bi Fang have left Fire God Valley for so long, and they took away quite a big part of the clans force. It was fine in the short term, but not in the long term.

Gao Peng turned around. He understood the old Bi Fangs decision, Okay, take Flamy with you.

The old Bi Fang blanked for a second. He thought Gao Peng might make other terms or try to make her stay.

Okay, the old Bi Fang nodded. He wanted to take Flamy in the first place and prepared many excuses before he talked to Gao Peng. It seems like he doesnt need them now.

After a moment of hesitation, he said, I know youre not going to leave now, but if you reallycome down to it, our Fire God Valley can house a couple of thousand people.

That was the old Bi Fangs promise.

Gao Peng smiled, nodding, Thank you, then.

Good luck to you, the old Bi Fang sighed, turning to leave, Were leaving tomorrow.

After the old Bi Fang left, Goldie strutted over with red eyes, Gao Peng, is Flamy leaving again?

Yes, Gao Peng looked at Goldies forced calm expression, like a parent comforting a hurt child. He pat the ground next to himself. Goldie sat to Gao Pengs right.

Fire God Valley is better for Flamys growth. There are people there to teach her. And besidesits safer there, Gao Peng stated calmly as he looked at the scenery in the distance.

Goldie heard that the place was safer, so it didnt speak anymore.

Goldie often seems nonsensical, but it knows whats right and wrong on cardinal issues.

Goldie pouted, sitting in place like a silent gourd.

One man, one duck, two hands propping on the ground, two legs hanging in the air, no one spoke for a long time.

An unknown aura hung over Sky City.

Many residents of Sky City found the officials in the city werent talkative today. Only the officials of Sky City knew about the Constellation infiltration.

Information was controlled, not released to the others below because it would only cause a commotion.

Even Da Zi, who was so mischievous, didnt go play today but stayed to train at the training grounds.

At night, Gao Peng summoned all the Familiars he had a Blood Contract with.

Looking around at his Familiars, Gao Peng said in a faint voice, You probably know about the Constellation infiltration. Black Fog World is not in the range of infiltration yet, but if the war continues, it will spread here eventually.

You are all my partners. I signed the Blood Contract with you, but I never treated you like pets. Today is the same.

Da Zi quietly scratched itself, Gao Peng seemed very serious today.

Tomorrow, the Bi Fang Clan will leave. Because of Flamy, we have a good relationship with the Bi Fang Clan. Tomorrow, you may leave with Flamy and train in the Fire God Valley. You can return after your strengths have increased substantially, Gao Peng was about to continue when he was interrupted.

Gao Yue Yue! Im not leaving!!! A round ball of fire fell from the sky.

Flamy ran over with its belly out.

She sat to Gao Pengs right with a slam, turning her neck to look at Gao Peng.

Im not leaving, Flamy said fiercely.

Youre all staying, how can I leave? I dont want to be a deserter! Flamy was enraged.

Youre not a deserter, Gao Peng patted Flamys belly, the warm feathers were soft and smooth.

Listen to my analysis, go form a good relationship with the Bi Fang Clan, then when were in danger we can ask you for help, right? Gao Peng explained to Flamy.

I know Gao Yue Yue is deceitful, so I wont listen to your analysis, Flamy humphed, raising her neck up high.

Its an order, Gao Pengs brows were knitted, he said in a low voice, Alright, were leaving tomorrow. Goldie and Flamy, go for a walk.

Goldie chuckled and ran off with Flamy in its arms.

Flamy struggled to no effect.

You baldy, let go of me. Flamys voice got lower and lower.

Okay, lets continue where I left off. Gao Peng cleared his throat.

Im not leaving. Ill follow you wherever you go! Da Zi was impatient to express itself, pouncing on Gao Peng like a husky.

Silly slowly took out a bottle of the newest licorice-flavored juice from its space. It stuck a straw in the bottle and blew into it, glub glub glub~

After it stopped, the juice in the bottle gushed out of the straw because of the pressure.

Theres juice to drink with Gao Peng! Silly was the second to express its opinion.

Dumby hugged its arms, leaning on a tree, saying with a raspy voice, Protect the master.

Liuguang licked its blade, its expression serious, I have to help Magical Brain evolve.

Magical Brain wasnt here right now. It just finished seizing the East Sea two days ago. Currently, its seizing the Yellow Sea, Bo Sea, and working towards seizing the Pacific Ocean.

Dragon Cultivation Books pages flipped.

Desolion, who was grooming itself, froze and coughed, promising it would stay and protect its master.

Dragon Ant crouched on the ground, grabbing a handful of dirt on the ground, its eyes filled with frenzy when it heard Gao Pengs speech, Master, are we going to fight?

Gao Peng nodded. He wasnt the passive type.

Two great forces engaging in war is a disaster, but also an opportunity.

Such a big disaster would have countless bodies for him to pick up.

Dragon Ants expression changed, saying naively, I become stronger by eating dragon meat.

The Familiars were used to this scene.

Dragon Ants body hosts seven consciousnesses, which often switch. One minute Elder Baby is talking to you, and the next minute its Third Baby.

Gao Peng licked his dry lips, getting a warm feeling in his heart.

The next morning, Flamy walked with Goldie in a daze. Gao Peng stood in front of them.

Seeing Gao Peng again, unsure how Goldie convinced her, Flamy didnt talk anymore about staying, just stared at Gao Peng with bitter eyes.

For you, eat it. Dont let the other people in the Bi Fang clan see it. Gao Peng gave Flamy a scarlet crystal.

The three Quasi Gods corpses they brought back were decomposed overnight. Inferno Tyrants corpse had the great fortune of getting a fire special characteristic crystal.

Flamys eyes got red.

Alright, its not like were parting forever, youre just going to train for a while, Gao Peng said cooly.

Nine-thirty in the morning, the Bi Fang Clan left. Red clouds covered 3000 kilometers of the sky.

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