Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 795

Chapter 795 Im A Wandering Mercenary

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Packing up his things, Gao Peng issued the necessary orders.

Dumby left behind the Amorphic Hell Tree on its right hand.

Amorphic Hell Tree was planted on a mountain.

After it was planted, Amorphic Hell Tree sprouted madly. Everything within a ten-kilometer radius became a ghost region.

Dense thunder clouds covered the sky above Amorphic Hell Tree. Beneath the dark thunder clouds, Amorphic Tree that was white as bones expanded continuously.

Ever since Dumby broke through God Tier, Amorphic Hell Trees level fed off Dumby and promoted to Quasi God.

Because its been in Dumbys shadow, Amorphic Hell Trees existence was never significant.

After Dumby leaves, Amorphic Hell Tree will be able to showcase its grandeur.

On the windowsill, Ji Hanwu gazed at Amorphic Hell Tree, growing on the mountain. He had a lost expression, and his eyes were unfocused.

He doesnt know when it started, that hes been protected by his grandson.

This feelingmade his proud self somewhat defeated.

Ang. White Dragon shrank to the size of an ordinary python, coiling in the room and rubbing its head against Ji Hanwus shoulder.

Ji Hanwu made a decision, and he stroked White Dragons head gently.

White Dragons eyes narrowed, comforted by the gesture.

Youre leaving. In the vanity space, an invisible net seemed to appear. In the depths of the net, a colossal monster crawled, its eight emerald pupils staring at Fatty Big Sea, who was lying on the ground like a dead fish.

Yeah, this trip might take a while.

When are you coming back?

Who knows? Fatty Big Sea said cooly, With any luck, a couple of months. Otherwiseyou dislike me anyway. Youll never have to see my annoying face again.

Windstorm Water Magic Spiders glare grew cold.

Then die out there.

Ripples glimmered in the vanity space, and then Windstorm Water Magic Spider vanished into the air.

Fatty Big Sea lay on the ground, its tail tapping the ground constantly.

A long while later, a bitter smile crept onto Fatty Big Seas face.

Forget me. Its better.

I was never a good father.

In the sky above the East Sea, a giant red and white seagull circled the air, carrying a package in its claws.

After circling thrice, it threw the package into the sea.

The moment the package hit the sea, a big hand rose out of the water to grab it.

A waterman stood up from the sea.

It opened the package and the envelope inside.

Magical Brains water puppet read the letter quickly.

Then mumbled to itself in a low voice.

Rest assured, master, Ill definitely carry out your orders.

In Sky City, Gao Peng finished packing his things. The room had the same setup as Gao Pengs room in Changan.

Each piece of furniture here was transferred from the old house in Changan.

Pushing open the bedroom door, Gao Peng walked to his parents photo frame, then fell silent for a long time.

Im leaving.

Thump thump thump.

A knocking sound came from outside.

Gao Peng turned around.

The room he lives in is a single mansion. Only very few people are allowed to come in. Whoevers knocking is probably a familiar person.

Opening the front door, an unexpected person stood outside.

Gao Peng went blank for a bit, then asked, Why is it you?

Am I unwelcome? Karen Chen rolled her eyes.

I heard Great-Uncle say you might be leaving for a long time, so I came to see you.

Youre making it seem like a permanent parting, Gao Peng chuckled.

Im afraid you might not come back, Karen Chen rolled her eyes.

How can you talk about your big brother like that? Brat, youve become so conceited after getting the title of Mother of the Heavenly Chart, Gao Peng sneered.

You! Karen Chen got mad.

Why would a girl in her twenties like the title of Mother of the Heavenly Chart.

Alright, alright, Im leaving. Youre a big girl now, marry soon and have a chubby child.

Gao Peng was all set for his trip.

Sky Citys safety is ensured by Windstorm Water Magic Spider, Amorphic Hell Tree, and Eternal Evergreen Bird. Most importantly, Eternal Evergreen Bird.

Its safety was guaranteed.

In the eastern region of the Surface Sea, Constellations infiltration was reaching its climax.

Not only Constellation, but many nearby forces also found out about Constellations infiltration of the Surface Sea.

In a short time, three Gods fell.

These three Gods were from the same world.

Stepping out of the spatial rift, a ball of raging fire flashed across them.

Gao Peng didnt have to do anything. A fierce fist smashed the ball of fire.

Little kid, dont spit fire randomly, Gao Peng said with a smile as he halted Goldies swinging fist.

A black and red Lava Dragon glanced at Gao Peng in fear, then turned around and backed off slowly, fleeing into the distance.

Catch it.

Goldie charged up and grabbed the Lava Dragon, and tugged its tail back.


Lava Dragon smashed into the ground.

I have no malice, Im not a bad guy, Gao Peng said gently, Do you understand?

Lava Dragon turned around and looked at its tail, nodding silently.

I understand.

Im looking for an entity with authority in this world. Im a wandering mercenary, Im here to help you, said Gao Peng.

A wandering mercenary?

Lava Dragon was puzzled, whats that?

Wandering mercenary. A thousand-meter tall, mountain peak-sized Doomsday Volcano Dragon bent its neck and said, Human, I dont know what a mercenary is, tell me your intentions.

You dont know what a mercenary is, thats troublesome. It seems like the Surface Sea doesnt have mercenaries.

A mercenary is a helper, but we help for a price since were helping with our lives on the line, said Gao Peng.

Doomsday Volcano Dragon thought for a second, Thats fair.

Then what do you need? asked Doomsday Volcano Dragon.

A big volcano was toiling on Doomsday Volcano Dragons back, the volcanic ashes spouting out of the volcano gathered into thunderclouds in the sky.

Gao Peng looked around at the dragon clans around. This plane had many dragon clan monsters. I need the meat of your dragon clans, meat with enough weight.

His voice fell.

Gao Peng felt many unfriendly gazed directed at himself.

Gao Peng was prepared when he made this demand, but he believed these dragon clans would definitely agree in the end.

These dragon clans are greedy by nature. If you ask for treasures, its hard to get any high tier treasures from their hands.

Might as well just ask them for meat.

Meat can grow out again if you rest well.

A little meat is nothing to these vital and gigantic creatures.

You want our meat? Doomsday Volcano Dragon was infuriated.

This human made such an evil demand.

How about this, lets split it up. There are quite a few dragons here, just a little bit of meat from each dragon, Gao Peng said with a smile.

Dumby released its God Tier aura in a timely manner.

The dragons present got jittery.

In the end, Gao Peng got quite a large amount of dragon meat, 19 clans in total.

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