Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 796

Chapter 796 Galaxy Spear

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After putting away the 19 different types of dragon meat, Gao Peng summoned Dragon Ant.

First, he handed the Soil Traveling Mud Dragons meat to Dragon Ant, the Soil Traveling Mud Dragons meat was yellowish and mushy like a puddle of mud.

There were even some red blood streaks in it, like red earthworms tossing in the mud.

From its appearance, the Soil Traveling Mud Dragon meat was quite strange.

But Dragon Ant was having a good time, chomping down with its head buried in the meat.

Ten minutes passed, half an hour passed, Dragon Ant didnt have any changes.

Rubbing its stomach, Dragon Ant glanced at Gao Peng, then lowered its head, looking rather guilty.

Its okay, lets try the next type of meat, Gao Peng comforted Dragon Ant.

Dragon Ants ability to inherit characteristics from eating dragon meat doesnt work 100% of the time in the first place.

Failure is normal.

The second type of dragon meat, the third type of dragon meat

Dragon Ant swallowed one type after another of dragon meat.

Dragon Ants passive effect never got triggered, meaning it never gained a new attribute. This has to do with quantity as well. There wasnt much of this dragon meat.

After swallowing the seventh type of dragon meat, Dragon Ant suddenly convulsed, kneeling to the ground with a thump.

The wings on Dragon Ants back spread out, and its eyes glowed an eerie red.

It worked?!

Gao Peng was surprised, the dragon meat he just fed Dragon Ant was from Gloomy Horned Dragon, an Epic Grade dragon clan.

Dragon Ants head slowly cracked open, and two pitch-black horns grew out of its skull.

A row of stats flashed across Gao Pengs eyes.

Dragon Ants newly obtained special characteristic

[Gloomy Horns] When Dragon Ant is in Gloomy Horned Dragon condition, Gloomy Horns will grow out of its forehead. It allows Dragon Ant to obtain additional Dark Element immunity, as well as increase Dragon Ants speed in dark environments.

After eating all 19 types of dragon meat, Dragon Ant obtained three dragon clan conditions.

The other two were Blood Weeping Dragon and Buddha Emperor Dragon.

Blood Weeping Dragon has one special characteristic and Buddha Emperor Dragon has two special characteristics.

Blood Weeping Dragons special characteristic is Blood-Drinking, which allows it to heal its injuries by drinking blood.

Buddha Emperor Dragons special characteristics are Suppressive Prison and Iron Chains.

[Suppressive Prison] Buddha Emperor Dragon will cause additional damage to Dark-type monsters. The damage afflicted will affect the Dark monsters mobility.

[Iron Chains] After Buddha Emperor Dragon is injured, it will increase its defense. The defense is limited to physical and elemental defense, not including soul defense. This ability can be stacked a maximum of nine times.

These three dragon clans abilities werent strong and couldnt be used as aces. They could only be backup plans in specific situations.

Of course, asking for compensation from the natives of this world was only one part of Gao Pengs plan.

It was also to obtain a legal identity.

At least with this identity, Gao Peng wont be attacked by both sides on the battlefield.

Waiting for the two sides to break out into battle and then fishing in the muddied waters is possible in theory.

But this method demands great strength. Only when your strength is at the top of both sides could you enter the battlefield and escape.

The other monsters arent idiots. When a third party enemy appears on the field, their first reaction would be to join hands to attack the third party, which they dont know the intentions of.

Only by entering the battlefield as a mercenary can Gao Peng more directly observe the mysterious Constellation.

Gao Peng found the monsters in Constellation all had Star or Yin attributes. Although there were exceptions, they were very rare.

When are you going to act? Youve been observing for an entire day! Doomsday Volcano Dragon, who had shrunk down many times, said angrily as it stood by Gao Pengs side.

No rush, if I act now I can only catch some small fish. Dont you want to catch a big one? Gao Peng said with a smile.

Hmph. the Doomsday Volcano Dragon scoffed, That better be the case.

Their Gods still havent appeared? Gao Peng muttered, That shouldnt be unless theyre scheming something?

On the battlefield ahead, countless monsters flew out of the rift in the sky.

The one charging in front was a monster that was silver all over with a pair of wings that looked like a water snake.

These monsters were the greatest in quantity, making up nearly 50% of Constellations force. Their tiers varied from Leader Tier to Overlord Tier.

[Monster Name] Star Dark Snake

[Monster Tier] Level 21-80

[Monster Grade] Normal Grade (Excellent Grade) (Perfect Grade) (Epic Grade)

[Monster Attributes] Star

[Monster Ability] Stellar Power Storage Stellar Power Control

[Special Characteristic] Galaxy Tides (When enough Star Dark Snake are located in the same region, it evokes the consonance of Galaxy Tides.

Effect 1. Passive Effect: Galaxy Tides will spread out with the Star Dark Snake group at the center, changing the surrounding environment.

Effect 2. Passive Effect: Star type monsters will receive a power boost in the Galaxy Tides, non-Star type monsters will be suppressed by the Galaxy Tides.

[Monster Weakness] Star Dark Snakes have white scales three inches below their jaws. Attacking the scales here will cause the Star Dark Snake to lose their mobility.

[Monster Description] A type of monster located in the Tyrant Galaxy. Like to act on instinct, like to stay in places where the Power of Stars is dense, dislike the heat.

After reading the description of the special characteristics, Gao Peng carefully observed and noticed a subtle layer of silvery-white ripples spreading out in the air. That must be Galaxy Tides.

Right as Gao Peng was thinking, a strong aura suddenly rose behind the rift.

Then Gao Peng saw a sharp spear piercing the vanity space.


As if the galaxy was backrolling, a dazzling silvery white galaxy penetrated the battlefield.

Its horrifying repercussions tore apart countless monsters in the perimeter, clearing out a large area.

Its here.

Gao Peng narrowed his eyes.

The great Galaxy Spear is here! A booming voice rang out from the fading clouds of dust.


Roar roar roar~.

The monsters on the Constellation side roared with effort.

When all the dust cleared away, a 1.5-meter-tall humanoid monster that crouched on the ground its hindlegs and propped on the ground with its forelegs swept the space in front of it with a cold gaze.

Its gaze was sharp as a blade.

It wore a helmet that covered more than half of its face, and its silver pupils gleamed under the mask.

Two long spears that looked like they were made of aurora were stuck behind its back.

A silvery-white thick-billed parrot stood on this monsters shoulder.

The parrot took a deep breath, then yelled loudly, The great Galaxy Spear is here!

The humanoid monster stood up straight and crossed its arms, raising its chin to look ahead with scorn.

Liuguang, is this your brother? Goldie exclaimed.

Liuguangs face fell.

This height, this body size, this gazewhat a resemblance, Goldie was overwhelmed.

Thats the one who heavily injured Ghost Lamp Fish on the battlefield seven days ago, Doomsday Volcano Dragons puppet said with a low voice.

If not for two other Gods trying their hardest to save Ghost Lamp Fish, this thing would have slaughtered its first God.

Recalling the battle from that day, a hint of fear flashed across Doomsday Volcano Dragons eyes.

You guys go first, dont get too excited. Do you want to make it go away or to make it stay? If you want it to stay, then you have to listen to me, said Gao Peng, It knows about your abilities, but if an unfamiliar face appears it would only become more alert, so we must kill it in one shot!

Dumby patted Doomsday Volcano Dragons puppets shoulder.

Doomsday Volcano Dragon thought for a bit, then nodded gravely.

I hope youre not lying to me. Otherwise, Ill let you know how petty a dragon can be.

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