Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 797

Chapter 797 Slaying God

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The monsters on both sides of the battlefields backed up, leaving space for the bosses to fight.

Accompanied by a dragon cry, a shadow cast over the sky.

A giant scarlet dragon spread its wings to embrace the entire sky under its span.

It exhaled scorching air, its wings danced, and raised cyclones.

At almost the same moment, the ground beneath Galaxy Spears feet protruded upwards. The soil broke up, sharp thorns pierced through the soil.

With a rumble, the ground tore open, shaking the earth.

Lava Rule: Doomsday Calamity.

Earth Rule: Earth-Dragon Rolling

Two rules exploded at the same time.

Boom boom boom

A red glow dyed the sky, the volcano on Doomsday Volcano Dragons back gave off a brilliant red light.

A meteor that glowed red drew a long tail and fell in the direction of Galaxy Spear.

At the same time, the earth quaked, a rift opened in the ground where a massive Soil Dragon Apparition tumbled out. On its tail was a continent apparition. With a swing of its tail, the continent apparition gradually magnified.

A horrifying gravity pressed crushed the vanity space, cracks spread outwards.

Galaxy Spear took half a step forward with its right leg, the spear in its right hand rotating with the movement of its wrist, a silver shadow dancing along.

It pressed down the spear in its left hand, the point of the spear pierced the soil. Formless ripples spread outward, the ground within a 10-meter radius of the spear point caved downward.

Dumby, when you act, you must kill in one shot, dont give it a chance to retaliate. Galaxy Spears attributes loaded in Gao Pengs eyes, he became very serious after seeing its attributes.

No wonder they lost three against one last week, this Galaxy Spears grade is very high, and its special characteristics arent simple either.

Galaxy Spears left hand shook, the spear picked open the ground, then drew a semicircle in the air. The spear in its hand turned into an arc-shaped silvery-white round shield guarding it.

The Soil Dragon Apparition crashed into the round shield with the continent apparition. No explosion shook the earth and heavens, and the earth dragon merged perfectly into the round spear.

A lively Soil Dragon tattoo appeared on the silvery-white round shield.

[Monster Name] Galaxy Spear Confounding Destroyer

[Monster Tier] Elementary God

[Monster Attribute] Star

[Control of Rule] Starlight Rule 6.6% Combat Rule 8.2%

[Monster Grade] Eternal Grade

[Monster Weakness] Single defense method.

[Special Characteristic] Spear-Shield. Galaxy Spear naturally has two star spears. The spears have two forms. They can switch between spear and shield.

In spear form, it has an additional armor-piercing effect, able to damage the enemys body.

Effect 1. Active Effect: In spear form, Galaxy Spear can accumulate strength to make its next attack more lethal; it can collect a maximum of five times of explosive power.

Effect 2. Active Effect: In shield form, it will automatically activate this ability, allowing the Galaxy Shield to have an engulfment effect. It can engulf the enemys next attack and store it in the Galaxy Shield, able to release that attack at any time, but the released attack is only 80% as strong as the original attack. Using this ability depletes the Star Shields strength, it cannot be used multiple times within a short period.

Galaxy Chains (Elemental Chains that were born with the Galaxy Spear, can track and lock in enemies.)

Effect 1. Passive Effect: Galaxy Spear will automatically condense Galaxy Chains in its body; it can also use its power to condense Galaxy Chains quickly. The rigidity of the Galaxy Chains is related to Galaxy Spears control over Starlight Rule.

Effect 2. Active Effect: Galaxy Spear can toss out the Galaxy Chains, and the Galaxy Chains will automatically track the nearest unit. The unit bound by Galaxy Chains will be damaged by the burn of the Power of Stars, and it has a particular repressive effect on Rules. Its specific effect varies according to the enemys control overrule.)

War Potential (Galaxy Spear is a monster born for war by the Tyrant Galaxy; its unique talent allows it to grow stronger in battle continually.

Effect 1. Passive Effect: After each victory, Galaxy Spear can obtain a certain amount of power feedback.

Effect 2. Passive Effect: Because Galaxy Spear has already broken through God, after each victory, Galaxy Spear will obtain a certain level of understanding of Combat Rule according to its opponents strength.)

[Monster Description] A monster born for war, it can continually grow stronger in battle. Enjoys fighting against strong opponents, dislikes the scent of black pomegranates.

Powerful abilities, it can assume the role of forward in any Familiar team.

Unfortunately, Goldies tier is too much lower than Galaxy Spear. If Goldie were on the same tier, Gao Peng would like to see what would happen if Goldie fought against it.

Galaxy Spears spears can damage the opponents body and has an additional armor-piercing effect, which means that Goldies activated strengthened defense has no effect on it.

But Goldies passive effect can increase its speed and strength, so you really cant tell what would happen without them actually fighting.

Just as Gao Peng was contemplating, the battle was reaching its climax.

Galaxy Spear held the shield in its left hand and the spear in its right, the spear crushed all the Fire Meteors heading towards it.

But these Fire Meteors werent purely physical, more like an aggregate of elements. After the Fire Meteors were shattered, they created shocks that beat back Galaxy Spear.

The ground behind broke up, and a giant magenta silhouette shot out from beneath its feet.

Earth Torrent, Master of Earth Dragon.

Master of Earth Dragons colossal body moved faster than a high-speed train.

It appeared in front of Galaxy Spear in an instant.

Galaxy Spear grunted, and golden light flashed from head to toe. With the blessing of Combat Rule, its strength and speed increased sharply.

Starlight Rule blossomed all over, shooting towards the sky like a meteor shower to halt the Fire Meteors. Starlight Rule collided with Lava Rule, resulting in a stalemate.

At the same time, with a sharp 90-degree turn, Galaxy Spear slammed the Galaxy Shield in its left hand, and the Soil Dragon Apparition flew out and attacked Master of Earth Dragon off guard.

The spear in its right hand that had been accumulating power, shot out!


Blood spewed everywhere.

The spear stabbed into Master of Earth Dragons right eye.

King of Robotics, Dumby. Gao Peng clenched his fist, nows the time!

At this moment, the shield in Galaxy Spears left hand just activated retaliation, it cannot be used again for a while. The spear in its right hand is stuck in Master of Earth Dragons eye, and Starlight Rule was focused on countering Doomsday Volcano Dragons Lava Rule.

With a flash, a tall silhouette appeared before Galaxy Spear.

King of Roboticss five-meter tall body was already a giant compared to Galaxy Spear.

Raising both its arms, a Robotic Divine Fist Apparition floated in the area above the arms, then slammed down heavily.

Ive been waiting for you, Galaxy Spear scoffed. Combat Rule has gifted it with a better sense of danger, so it knew there were enemies hiding in the shadows all along.

So its been prepared all this time.

It released the Galaxy Shield in its left hand, clenching together its six fingers, a blinding silver light appeared in its palm.


Its wrist trembled, silver light formed a long rope that wrapped around King of Robotics.

King of Robotics only felt a copious strength stopping its arms from falling down.

A silvery-white chain full of white light spots bound King of Robotics, repressing its power at the same time.

Lets see who can save you now! Galaxy Spear didnt hesitate at all, putting force with its right hand, the spear grew longer, and was about to press in heavily.

Injuring all of a mans fingers is not as effective as chopping off one!

Ow~ a terrified howl rang from Master of Earth Dragons mouth, it truly felt the threat of death.

On the brink of death, Master of Earth Dragon didnt fear. Rather, it was provoked. The muscles around its eye stirred, entangling the spear-like countless fine metal wires. For a second, the spear was stuck in the eye socket and could not be pulled out.

Galaxy Spears heart skipped a beat, an extreme sense of danger swept its entire body.

Oh no

Its too late now.


Galaxy Spears head shook, a savage Soul Impact Wave tore its brain, even its consciousness fell into a short period of confusion.

Death Rule: Terminating Finger.

A black finger shrouded in endless Air of Death pointed between Galaxy Spears brows.

The thick armor between its brows had no defensive power at this moment.

The finger easily tore a muscle, inserting into the brain.

The period of confusion caused by the Soul Impact Wave had already passed, but the end was determined.

A vicious Air of Death spewed out from Galaxy Spears orifices. Galaxy Spear opened its mouth, puffs of deathly black fog gushed out of its mouth.

It stumbled for two steps, and then Galaxy Spear knelt to the ground with a thump.

Vitality quickly drew out of its body.

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