Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 798

Chapter 798 Eternal Crystallization

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With the fall of the Galaxy Spear, Dumby took a deep breath.

A wisp of gray mist was extracted from the body of the Galaxy Spear and then inhaled by Dumby, through his nose.

The Soul Precept on the Gods altar shook slightly, absorbing a God-level spirit, providing Dumby with many benefits.

Subsequently, Dumby bent over and picked up the dead body of the Galaxy Spear.

The Apocalypse Volcano Dragon and the Lord of the Earth gathered around, their eyes staring at the dead body that Dumby was carrying.

Its the Starlight rule. What you have are the Lava rule and Earth rule. Wouldnt it be useless to take his body? Gao Peng came forward.

the Apocalypse Volcano Dragon snorted. We had done our best just now. Apocalypse Volcano Dragon

It cant be that we get nothing.

With that thought, the Apocalypse Volcano Dragons head shifted closer, and the wave of heat from its nostrils, which was bigger than a cave, blew on Gao Pengs face.

Dumby turned his head, and the soul flames within his empty eyes were burning.

The Death rule at its fingertips quietly coagulated.

Ah ha ha ha, of course, its yours. The Apocalypse Volcano Dragon suddenly lifted his head and laughed twice dryly.

Although the dead body of a God is precious, it would not want to risk its life to fight for it.

With the death of the Galaxy Spear, the rest of the constellation monsters clan were suddenly without a leader, and the Apocalypse Volcano Dragon would take his anger out on these monsters.

When taking away the body of the Galaxy Spear, Gao Peng also took all the familiars away from the battlefield.

Although quasi God had some value, it was not worth much compared with the corpse of the God.

Even if you wanted the meat, you should let others have some soup.

Each God has its own authentic artifact, and the Galaxy Spear was no different. However, the divine artifact of Galaxy Spear was different from the general artifacts. It was a more peculiar element artifact.

This divine artifact was three feet and six inches long. It looked like a piece of auspicious white jade.

This auspicious jade was very shiny, and its appearance was surrounded by a light white fog.

Dumby lifted the divine artifact, with a flick, the white jade artifact transformed into an ever-changing milky holy light. With a move within his mind, the Transformation in his hand became a spear, a shift in his mind, and a pure white enchanted sickle.

[Artifact name] Transformation

[Precept content] Aurora rule 1.2%

The precept content of this item was pitiful. The Galaxy Spear should be a poor God.

In the battle just now, one could see that the battle power of the Galaxy Spear compared to those of the same level, was very strong. Generally speaking, the strength represented wealth. Unless the Galaxy Spear had only been recently promoted to god level and there was no time to nurture the divine artifact.

Dumby played with Transformation for a while then handed it out.

This divine artifact was too weak to interest Dumby.

At only 1.2% of the Auroras rule, this was not even a match to the White Skeleton Precept that Dumby could condense using the White Bone soldiers. Moreover, the White Skeleton Precept now had a mastery level of 3.2%, which was nearly three times that of Transformation.

Who do you want? Gao Peng took over Transformation. Its weight was almost negligible. It was even lighter than that of cotton of the same volume.

Swish Swash.

A row of little claws rosed.

Gao Peng, Am I not your little Darling, Da Zi tearfully said, his small claws touch the corner of the eye to swipe off non-existent tears.

Flowing Light, you already have a divine artifact. Why are you fighting with me? Da Zi righteously scolded Flowing Light.

The fingers were almost jabbing Floating Lights forehead.

Floating Lights rolled his eyes, took two looks at Da Zi, then quietly exited.

Da Zi happily lifted the edges of his mouth.

With the exception of the three strong enemies, Dumby, Goldie, and Da Zi, there were four other competitors of Silly, Dragon Ant, Desolion, and White Clam.

Da Zi suddenly looked towards a small figure at the end.

The palm-sized White Clam opened its shell and spat out a large colorful bubble.

The colorful bubbles transformed into various patterns, including squares, columns, and hexagon stars.

How old are you? Divine artifacts are for big kids like us. Little children Kids like you should be drinking juice, Da Zi said seriously. You wouldnt be able to use an artifact even if it was given to you.

Silly, who was holding on to a glass of juice and eating a melon, thought that he was being targeted even though he did nothing.

Silly threw a mild tantrum and exerted the power of space.

There was a ripple and flash. Space shifted.

Da Zi and Desolion, who was standing to Da Zis left, were covered with the power of space and disappeared in place.

When the cold wind blew, the dragon ant blinked.

Three hundred miles away, Desolion and Da Zi faced each other.

Compared to Da Zi, Desolion was completely dejected. I didnt say anything. I didnt do anything. Why must I suffer bad luck with him?

Silly looked at his work of art, this seemed to be pretty good?

Silly, what have you done. Gao Peng frowned and reprimanded him.

Silly was alert. He obediently hid the glass bottle in his hand, kept all his feelers in his back, turned around, and looked serious.

This artifact, you shouldnt be taking it, Gao Peng said softly.

Silly was secretly happy. He didnt like to fight. He didnt really need it. He merely wanted to enrich his small Treasury with this artifact. To think Gao Peng forgave me so easily.

At last, the Dragon Ant had the ownership of Transformation.

However, the transformation also complemented the Dragon Ant.

The Dragon Ants ability was very changeable, and it had seven consciousness. Therefore, having an artifact with fixed restriction would not be as convenient as owning one like Transformation.

The body of the Galaxy Spear was handed to Dark Child to decompose.

Three hours later, the body had been broken down by Dark Child.

On the altar, there was only one dark golden crystal remaining on the altar.

The dark gold crystals had twenty-four sides, each with the same area.

There were spines on six sides of the crystal, at the top, the bottom, on the left, at the back.

With this crystal, the air was filled with a sweet scent.

Even Gao Peng could smell it.

Upon smelling the fragrance, Da Zi, Goldie, and the Dragon Ant got into a frenzy.

All of them turned their heads and stared at the crystal in Gao Pengs hand.

[Item name] Eternal crystal

[Item Description] The remaining perfect essence of the eternal grade monster when it had been completely decomposed. This contains an eternal secret.

For Dumby, Gao Peng was quick to decide.

Dumby was the strongest and didnt fight for anything. Even those divine artifacts, Dumby had always given it up to its other partners.

Dumby received the eternal crystal. When the eternal crystal touched Dumbys fingertips, it turned into a golden light and integrated with Dumbys body.

Dumbys body trembled, and there were some changes in his body that could not be explained.

Roar. In the distance, a Dragons roar was heard, and the huge body of the Apocalypse Volcano Dragon appeared in the sky.

Apocalypse Volcano Dragon landed on the ground, scanning around doubtfully and observing, staring with its big eyes the houses nearby.

Isnt it still wartime, what are you doing here? asked Gao Peng.

The Apocalypse Volcano Dragon said nothing, and finally, his eyes were locked on the abnormal state of Dumby.

Something strange flashed in its eyes.

The Apocalypse Volcano Dragon quietly commended himself for identifying something good here, but it was just that it had been taken by this skeletal being.

I saw a few constellation monsters flying by just now, so I thought, Ill have a look, the Apocalypse Volcano Dragon said. After saying that, he took a side glance at the King of Robotics, and flew off with an unwilling heart.

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