Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 799

Chapter 799 Death Master

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Gao Peng watched the departing back view of the Apocalypse Volcano Dragon. Fortunately, there was the King of Robotics guarding it against the sides.

Otherwise, that greedy dragon would never leave so easily.

Reminded of the King of Robotics, Gao Peng turned to look at him and found his eyes closed, with his back facing them. He seemed to have noticed nothing.

With time, Dumbys evolution took two days.

In the past two days, Gao Peng saw with his own eyes how a cocoon wrapped Dumby. A thin black silk thread emerged on the surface of Dumbys body and then wound into a cocoon wrapping him up.

Just like that, Dumby turned into a big black egg.

Two days later, the big black egg cracked, and Dumby woke up from his deep sleep.

After waking up, Dumby had an indefinable change in his temperament.

There was not much change in appearance and form compared to his pre-evolution, and this change was more in temperament.

Dumby has broken through eternal grade? Da Zi said enviously.

Gao Peng squinted at Dumby for a long time, then nodded, Dumby has broken through eternal.

[Monster Name] Death Master

[Monster Level] Elementary God

[Control of Rule] death Rule 5% Soul precept 3.4% Ghoul Precept

3% White Skeleton Precept 3.2%

[Monster Grade] eternal grade

[Special Characteristics]

Heart of the Yin Soul (omitted) (state of switching)

Ghoul Flame (omitted) (resurrecting the dead)

Death Soul (the Death soul transformed from the extreme yin soul).

[Passive Effect] All dead life within a certain area to the host can be swallowed by the host. The soul will be refined into pure soul essence to strengthen the hosts soul.

The flame in Dumbys eyes turned pure gold, and powerful waves of terror were released outward.

The number of monster characteristics of the eternal and mythical grade was equal.

The only difference between eternal and mythical grade was that the grade level of eternal grade would never decline.

For Gao Peng, a middle-class agent with limited assets, it was a poor deal.

But Gao Peng was not stingy with his materials.

However, when Dumby truly broke through to eternity grade, Gao Peng realized that his thinking was wrong.

Unlike Fatty Big Sea, which has not yet fully recovered to its eternal quality, Dumby was the true blue eternity peak.

The improvement to eternal grade brought an indescribable change to Dumby.

Aside from the monsters extremely Yin body evolving into the Death Soul, there was an overall growth in power.

It was similar to when it broke through from the legendary grade to the mythical quality when all strength in the body gained an all-around surge.


Master, I can understand the rule faster, said Dumby in a deep voice.

Gao Pengs eyes brightened, and his talent had improved.

On the other side, the Apocalypse Volcano Dragon cleaned up the battlefield.

Due to the fall of the Galaxy Spear, the invasion of the world on the other side of the space channel had been suspended.

Even though it was the constellation clan, it couldnt provide more power to support the battle in a short time.

This time, the invading star cluster was out to take action, and each small plane world had sent corresponding strong opponents.

And according to early information, the Galaxy Spear could singlehandedly take the three worlds down.

Im ready to go, old earthworm. Would you like to go with me? Apocalypse Volcano Dragon bent down and stamped his feet.

After a long time, from deep in the earth came a murky voice, you go ahead.

Will you stay and die? Apocalypse Volcano Dragon shook his head,

Although they managed to beat back a wave of enemy invasion.

But the Apocalypse Volcano Dragon was very clear that the victory had a lot to do with that despicable human being.

If it was not because of him, with between him and the old earthworm, they wouldnt have beaten that dwarf.

Moreover, they only destroyed a small part of the behemoth constellation attack.

This time there was the cunning human mercenary. What about the next time?

The upcoming counterattack would only be more terrifying.

So the Apocalypse Volcano Dragon thought of leaving.

The world was so big. It should be easy to find a shelter.

You go. Said the Lord of the Earth.

For the Lord of the Earth, the invasion by the constellation would surely fail.

Besides, if one of the two gods died, but the other escaped, the world would not entirely fall into its control.

It even hoped that the Apocalypse Volcano Dragon would never return.

Apocalypse Volcano Dragon shook his head and turned to leave.

Which way should I go?

The Apocalypse Volcano Dragon thought to itself.

Wars have broken out nearby. No matter where one went, one would be affected by the war. It might as well run further away! Escape to the edge of the surface sea, which was close to Jiutian Shidi. The constellation should not expand in that direction for the time being.

Having made up his mind, the Apocalypse Volcano Dragon set out overnight.

On a regular day, it couldnt have been so easy to get the body of the God!

Because generally speaking, gods have their own small circle, to touch one God would be to antagonize a group of Gods.

Of course, the exception would be Fatty Big Fish, who was annihilated before it could manage its own small circle.

These gods have a long life, in their long lifespan, other than cultivating themselves, they move around.

And the gods body was filled with treasures. The most precious thing for each God would be their divine artifact.

They will be an easy target if they dont unite as a group.

But during this special period of constellation invasion, things were different.

At this crucial period, unless you are a god made of plastic, otherwise, who would have time to care about the other gods.

Gao Peng educated his group of familiars, we will continue to move deeper. But remember our purpose. We are just here to help.

All the familiars nodded.

By the way, I havent had time to ask the Apocalypse Volcano Dragon for information about other worlds nearby, Gao Peng rubbed his forehead in frustration.

When Gao Peng found the old nest of Apocalypse Volcano Dragon, they only saw an abandoned sinkhole.

It left without taking its stuff? Gao Peng was speechless.

The heavenly sinkhole was a mess, and things were scattered on the ground.

This was a Gods nest, and ordinary monsters would not dare to mess up such a large thing.

So this mess was made by the Apocalypse Volcano Dragon himself.

He left in such haste

Its Ok. Theres another one, Gao Peng turned around.

By asking the local quasi gods, it was easy to find out where the Lord of the Earth lived.

At first, the Lord of the Earth thought that Gao Peng was coming to fight him over the control of the world.

It was relieved when it learned that Gao Peng was just asking for information.

In a bid to get this human to leave, it hurriedly shared everything it knew in a single breath.

After listening to the Lord of the Earths narration, Gao Peng was thoughtful. He had thought that the Surface Sea would be on the losing end, but unexpectedly, they had great potential.

No wonder the Lord of the Earth was unwilling to leave and believed that the surface sea would win.

By the way, since I have helped you so much, would there be any reward? Gao Peng said shyly.

The Lord of the Earth was stunned. Didnt the Apocalypse Volcano Dragon pay you?

As you rightly mentioned, it was another who has paid. You havent paid yet. Gao Peng said seriously.

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