Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 800

Chapter 800 Panic Instigator

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Was there anyone who could help kill this despicable human being?

The Lord of the Earth was very oppressed.

Although the reward was paid by Apocalypse Volcano Dragon, it had also given some compensation to Apocalypse Volcano Dragon after that.

No wonder that old dragon left so quickly. This was the reason!

The Lord of the Earth forced a smile, I dont have much treasure, what else do you need?

Soul Snatching Gold, and Dead Soul Jade, Gao Peng said.

Both the Soul Snatching Gold and Dead Soul Jade were the primary materials for making the Dumbys divine artifact.

And both of these materials are found underground, so it was likely for the Lord of the Earth to have both materials.

The Lord of the Earth did have these two materials, but it didnt have much. They were precious materials that he used to exchange with other gods, so it was distressing.

But Gao Pengs demands were not overboard.

This material could not be used independently, and its divine artifact did not need these materials.

The Lord of the Earth plunged into the ground.

After a while, the ground broke open, a piece of gold and a piece of black material emerged from the ground.

Nothing else appeared.

The Lord of the Earth had disappeared.

It just wanted the cursed man to leave soon.

Through the Lord of the Earth, Gao Peng had received the information he wanted the distribution of nearby powers.

The surface sea was very large. Even the Lord of the Earth did not know how large the potential sea area was.

But it knew the power distribution of the surface sea.

The location of this area was fought among three gods.

Deep Ocean Divine system, Nature Divine system, and undead Divine system.

In the past, the three gods fought against each other, but now since they were facing a common enemy The three gods had abandoned previous suspicions and cooperated.

The nearest was the Deep Ocean Divine system.

There was no supreme existence in the deep ocean divine system. They were similar to an alliance of beings.

There were three leaders in the deep ocean divine system.

They were the Extreme Abyss Devourer, Panic Instigator, and the Sea Storm Emperor.

The most powerful and mysterious of the three was the Panic Instigator.

It was said that it was a giant deep-sea beast on the surface sea. It had devoured the gods even when it was a quasi God, and later ruled the majority of the surface sea.

After that, its claws extended into the nearby planes. It was unknown how many planes had been harmed, but its enemies were terrified of it.

This was how it derived its name, Panic Instigator.

These were all open news. The Lord of the Earth was aware of another piece of news. There were as many as five planes controlled by the Panic Instigator!

Its power seemed to be not limited to the sea. It was known to control the Fear rule and the Ocean rule, as well as the Cruelty rule.

The Nature Divine system was different from the Deep Ocean Divine system in its three leaders operation. It had a supreme leader, named Strength Supreme.

Strength Supremes body was an immeasurable Vajra tree with copper skin and iron bone, and its strength was infinite.

When the Lord of the Earth spoke of Strength Supreme, it had aspirations to flipping the soil Strength Supremes roots.

The other Undead Divine system was the weakest, residing in a corner. Before the invasion of the constellation, the Undead Divine system was the one to be bullied.

As long as something was hard to judge happened, the Undead Divine system would be called in to evaluate the issue.

In the end, the Undead Divine system would inevitably offend one party, and after that, would be taught a lesson and taken advantage of.

Sometimes when things go wrong, the blame would be put on the Undead Divine system. What the truth was, it did not matter

Just beat up the Undead Divine system for it.

And get more things from them along the way.

Then everyones happy.

The current situation of the Undead Divine system was due to an undead being who led it 800,000 years ago. It led the Undead Divine system to its peak. The Undead Divine system, in its peak period, had a strong reputation in the surface sea.

Of course, the Lord of the Earth wasnt born yet.

So it didnt know exactly what happened, it just knew that there was a big commotion.

Gao Peng thought for a long time and decided to take a look at the Deep Ocean Divine system first.

Deep Ocean Divine system and Nature Divine system were used to being arrogant. They must be more competitive.

After so many years of working in the Undead Divine system, they should also be used to it There was also nothing to benefit from it, so Gao Peng doesnt worry about it.

Gao Peng, things are so fierce here.

Stepping out of the Spatial Tunnel, Goldie exclaimed.

This Spatial Tunnel was located on an island.

In the sky, not too far from the island were waves of fighting.

The fighting was very vicious.

All of a sudden, the water around the island fluctuated violently. The next moment, countless water droplets flew up into the sky.

It was as though heaven and earth swapped roles, and it was raining cats and dogs from the ground towards the sky.

The dense raindrops spread out wildly, one after another, blending as one.

In the billowing waves, a blue giant, with a height of one kilometer holding a trident in his hand, roared skywards and raised his trident in his hand.

Then the unparalleled blue light diffused from the halberd tip.

Ocean rule Sea Current Showers.

The sea was split, and countless weapons made of seawater flew to the sky.

In the sky, a silver Phoenix crowed, fluttering its wings, starlight shone all over from the sky, and bright stars appeared in the sky. A huge star projection slowly emerged above the silver Phoenix.

The projection of this star gradually grew bigger, and the silver starlight fell from the stars.

The sacred starlight allowed the precept power to clean up the filth of time.

It collided with the Ocean rule, the collision of the two laws led to unprecedented chaos fluctuations.

The world seemed to be in a disaster. A thousand feet of waves were surging.

Desolion spat out a cold breath and froze the huge waves that were about to engulf the island.

This power from a Quasi god did not attract the attention of the two beings in the distant battle.

Only powers from a god would alert them.

I am invincible in the ocean! The one-kilometer giant roared wildly and waved his arms. In the vanity space, a whirlpool of angry ocean rule formed, ready to tear apart the Phoenix in the sky.

A silver barrier appeared on the body of the Phoenix to counteract the whirlpool.

Suddenly the silver Phoenix opened its mouth and let out a silver light spot.

One kilometer giant carefully waved its trident, trying to break the silver spots.

Who knew, when this silver light spot was hit by Trident, it exploded.

All over the sky, the silver light thread spread and engulfed the giant.

Not good, The now silver giant immediately reacted, but it was still a step too slow, the surrounding environment had changed.

The most important thing was that it could not feel the ocean!

As it said just now, as long as it was in the ocean, it was invincible.

It could always get endless power and support.

If you cant kill it quickly, its source of energy would continue to heal the wound.

Unless the whole ocean was boiled dry, or it was moved to an environment where there was no ocean.

And now it could not feel the sea.

You know the space rule. Sea Storm Emperor s tone lowered, throughout the battle, it never revealed the fact that that knew a space move.

You cant die in the ocean, but what about now?

With a lowered tone, a terrifying presence emerged from behind.

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