Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 801

Chapter 801 Condensing Godhood

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When the Sea Storm Emperor heard the voice behind him, he turned his head quickly. The Trident in his hand burst back and pulled out a sea blue light arc.

But there was nothing. He turned his head only to see an empty starry sky.



The face of the Sea Storm Emperors face suddenly sank inwards, and a deep pit emerged.

Almost simultaneously, the Sea Storm Emperors chest exploded.

An aftershock of terror ripped apart the starry sky, and space cracks spread backward.

Olu is the strongest! a tender, childlike voice reverberated in the starry sky. This voice directly sounded in the minds of all beings.

The emperor turned his head, and not too far away, was a monster sitting on a meteorite. The monsters head was similar to that of a werewolf.

But there were two blue circles extending back on its shoulders. The arms were covered with a layer of a black exoskeleton. Its pure white hands were smooth and clean.

Its physique was not big, only slightly more than a meter. To the Sea Storm Emperor, it was like a small spot.

Space? Time? the Sea Storm Emperors pupil shrank, he felt the power in the air had not completely dispersed.

It also sensed the fluctuation of residual elements in the air. How could there be a monster that could control the two top rules, space, and time at the same time? Wont it be invincible!

Oru, kill it. Said the Silver Phoenix.

No one commands Olu. The meteorite was controlled by an inexplicable force and stayed in place. Olu stood up, looked at the silver Phoenix with his head askew, and then at the.

Then suddenly sneezed, and used his paw to rub his nose. There was no next move.

The Sea Storm Emperor was thinking, this strange guy didnt seem to be very obedient, this was for the best. He could find a chance to escape.

Once the idea appeared, the Sea Storm Emperor started to look for opportunities.

Suddenly, with a bang, the Sea Storm Emperors body had a dispersion, and countless water droplets exploded in all directions.

Every water drop contains the consciousness of the Sea Storm Emperor. As long as one water drop can escape, it could be reborn.

If it was in the ocean with this ability, it was almost impossible to be killed, but it was the starry sky here.

Although there might be water in the sky, it was obvious that there was nothing but meteorites in the nearby area.

The wings of the silver Phoenix were open, and the horrifying silver light rose from the sky. A circle of silver halo spread out, and all the water drops in which the silver halo reaches evaporated.

But there were still more drops of water escaping farther.

Olu, if you let it go, your father would be very angry! Silver Phoenix said angrily.

How can you be so annoying, sparrow? Olus face darkened, he stood up, and his right hand spread open his fingers in the empty air,

Then with its five fingers as the midpoint, an extremely bright gray-white field opens.

Everything in the field became extremely slow.

Including the silver Phoenix, you could even see the iridescent light from its wings stretching out little by little.

Olu jumped up and gave a punch.

The water droplets in the distance were engulfed by the shadow punch and disappeared completely.

Only then did Oru withdrew his domain.

The air returned to its normal flow.

The gray and white field reentered Olus right palm. Olu wrapped his two small hands in his chest and looked at the silver Phoenix coldly.

After checking repeatedly, silver Phoenix confirmed that the Sea Storm Emperor had truly fallen. Relieved, it said, weve finished the task. Lets go back.

Oru wont go back. Olu wants to play for a while longer. Olu defiantly glanced at the silver Phoenix and ran off in front of her.

At the same time, he made up his mind that as long as the old sparrow dares to stop him, I would just beat her up.

Silver Phoenix frowned. Olu was very powerful, but he refused to obey orders, and she could not stop him.

Anyway, the task was done. Go to play if you want.

Seeing that the silver Phoenix didnt stop him, Olus eyes showed a trace of regret.

On the other side, Gao Peng saw the Sea Storm Emperor being removed by some means of space control. It was a headache.

He was just strolling around and suddenly bumped into this kind of war between the big boys.

Although Gao Peng could not see the specific attributes of the emperor, he could see his name.

It was one of the three great leaders of the Deep Ocean Divine system, the Sea Storm Emperor.

In the next few days, the Deep Ocean Divine system of that area went into a frenzy.

After inquiring, Gao Peng learned of the demise of the Sea Storm Emperor.

Looking back on that days scene, Gao Peng had a sense that he had witnessed history.

With the Deep Ocean Divine system in a frenzy, Gao Pengs attempt at fishing in troubled waters became more convenient.

Sometimes he helped the Deep Ocean Divine system fight as a wandering soldier and left after getting some items. He never stayed in a fixed battlefield.

Even if one of the constellations wanted revenge, it could find no one.

Gao Peng only killed quasi God level monsters, and he would not accept the god level and above.

Although quasi god-level strength was not too bad, and it can be regarded as one of the backbones in the constellation, but not the main pillar.

A small number of fallen quasi gods would not attract much attention.

In a month, Gao Peng picked up more than 30 quasi gods bodies.

All the main familiars under his command had been upgraded to level 100.

To become a god, you would only need to cast a Gods figure and build an altar.

Gao Peng didnt let Goldie and the rest become a God too quickly but allowed them to fully tap on their potential before becoming a God, and strive to understand more laws.

Because it was very difficult to unite new gods after becoming a one.

Of course, it depended on talent.

It was no use spending more time if you didnt have enough talent.

Da Zi could only condense one rule the Thunder Rule.

Maybe it was related to Da Zis talent. Da Zi currently has seventy-two wings, which could store thirty-six different peals of thunder.

In fact, many monsters only needed to uncover one type of thunder and explore it to the maximum, to condense corresponding godhood, such as blood thunder rule, wind thunder rule, Yin thunder rule, etc.

Da Zis thirty-six different claps of thunder naturally did not condense into thirty-six godhood.

This was because while some thunders were different, they actually belonged to a certain rule, just like there were many branches on the trunk.

And now that Da Zi condensed the Thunder Rule. These other rules become branches under the Thunder rule.

Gao Peng, Im useless, Da Zi cried and hawed, his two claws clung onto Gao Peng.

Whats the matter Gao Peng asked doubtfully.

Goldie that dreadful baldie had gathered three godhood. I have only one, a red-eyed Da Zi stuttered sadly.

Goldie has three? Gao Peng really didnt know. He only remembered that Goldie had condensed his second godhood a week ago. Now he was onto his third?

It doesnt matter. It doesnt mean that the more things there are, the stronger they will be. It depends on the specific rules that unite them. Gao Peng comforted.

Really? Di Zi stopped crying, and he looked at Gao Peng suspiciously. Would he be lying to me?

Im so simpleminded and lovely. What if I have been lied to.

I am not lying to you, Gao Peng smiled, then patted Da Zis claws with his palm, Why dont you release me first

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