Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 802

Chapter 802 Godhood

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Ha ha ha ha. There was a peal of bell-like chirpy laughter from the vanity space.

The claw that Da Zi was about to release tightened. Gao Peng let out a sigh.

Da Zi, be good. Let go.

Da Zis mouth shriveled, Gao Yueyue, you really were deceiving me.

I have decided to leave you alone for three hours No, two hours! I want you to experience the pain of losing a loved one!

With such a thought, Da Zi let go of his claws proudly, turned away without looking back, leaving with a suave demeanor.

After a while, Da Zi hid behind the hillside and peeped out his head to observe Gao Pengs every move.

Gao Peng searched for the source of the voice. At first, Gao Peng thought it was a Silly laughing.

Because the voice was similar to that of Silly, like a child.

But then Gao Peng noticed that Silly was floating in the sun in the distance.

Even after reaching level 100, that bum was still lazy. So far, it had not condensed any space godhood. Even Da Zi had condensed out a godhood!

The playful laughter lingered in his ears. Gao Peng could feel that the monster was not far away from him. He should be nearby, but he could not see it.

Gao Peng frowned. This should be the power of space.

If its the ability of space type, then Silly would be the one to act.

Calling Silly over, Gao Peng shared Sillys vision.

Later, Gao Peng saw a small monster hiding in the space gap, laughing and kicking his short legs into the sky.

This little monsters awareness was very, very high. When Silly spotted it, he simultaneously turned his head to look at Silly.

As though hes seen some wild beast, Gaopengs whole body had goosebumps.

Hmm, this is not fun, pouting, the little monster jumped and disappeared in the air.

It took a long time for this feeling to pass.

Gao Peng stood in place for a long time before he was relieved.

The monster gave him an extremely dangerous feeling.

Fortunately, there had been no malice.

It was not only Gao Peng but Silly too. After this, Silly was triggered and flew aside to practice hard to condense his own godhood.

Just that, it was unknown how long his persistence would last.

Silly used to work so hard, but every time he just kept on for a few days, then revert to his laziness again.

As the saying goes, you need to poke a toad for it to jump each time.

Oh right, was Goldie condensing his third godhood?

Gao Peng called Goldie, let me see what the rule of your new condensed godhood is.

The first two godhoods by Goldie were perseverance godhood and Vajra godhood. They were decent and by the book, but werent high-level rules.

Here. Goldie spread his palm and condensed a pure and transparent colorless Godhood.

When this godhood appeared, all elements nearby were repelled by an invisible force.

This is the Forbidden demon godhood? Gao Peng was surprised that the ability to forbid demons could also be condensed into a rule.

Was this rule a general rule, a high-level rule, or a top-level rule?

Gao Peng could not give an accurate judgment.

It could only be said that under certain circumstances, the forbidden demon godhood could play a strong role, but sometimes it could, at times, be useless.

It belongs to the Mutated sword rule.

Gao Peng tentatively classified this rule as rare.

The strength of this was difficult to judge, but it was truly rare.

Yes, can you continue to condense godhood? asked Gao Peng.

Goldie touched his bare head, Looks like I cant. I have been squeezed dry.

Goldie made a gesture with his two hands, like holding a ball.

But then felt that the gesture was not appropriate, so he squeezed his thumb and forefinger tightly, leaving a little space in the middle.

Nothing, Goldie showed his hands.

Gao Peng nodded. Condensing godhood was actually to refining and accumulating the strength in the body, and then embodying it in another form.

Only when the quasi God level was made perfect could the rule be completely refined. Refining the lowest standard rule within the quasi god level.

Lets see how the other familiars are progressing.Gao Peng thought and walked along with Goldie.

Da Zi, with half his head exposed, stared at Gao Pengs back without blinking an eye.

There was no doubt who Gaopeng expected the most from among the familiars under him, the Dragon Ant.

Because of their special abilities, Dragon Ant had control over the most number of monster attributes.

Every new monster attribute could bring about new power.

Dragon Ant had locked itself up for two weeks. Gao Peng went to check and found that the Dragon Ant was still behind closed doors. He ordered Goldie to continue to protect the Dragon ant.

Flowing Light just came out.

It had condensed the Tearing Godhood and the Shadow Godhood.

Flowing light held up his head and chest, and was proud as a little general.

Im going to find a partner to show off my godhood.

Goldie was picking his nostrils. He had a tablet on his left hand and was watching a movie. As soon as Flowing Light opened his mouth, he turned his back.

Flowing Light stopped whatever he wanted to say.

Secretly looking inside, Dragon Ant was still training.

A big hand came down from the sky and covered Flowing Lights head.

Little kids, move aside, the master said not to disturb him.

Flowing Light walked away pridefully. After walking for a distance, he saw Da Zi was creeping discreetly at the back of the hillside, he happily flew over and landed beside Da Zi, Da Zi shhh.

Da Zi slowly shook his head and motioned Flowing Light not to speak.

Flowing Light followed Da Zis line of sight, Gao Peng was talking and laughing with Fatty Big Sea and Desolion.

Flowing Light had a moment of awakening

Desolion also had two godhood, the icy godhood, and the frost godhood.

It was not very abnormal, but rather standard.

As long as we can continue to understand other rules, in the future, we would have the opportunity to understand the more advanced Ice rule.

Fatty Big Sea was not in a hurry to accumulate godhood. He hoped to gather godhood after he recovers his eternal grade.

Its not easy to have a chance at a comeback. Of course, it must be well-managed, Fatty Big Sea said seriously.

He decided to work on godhood only when there was no further progress.

Gao Peng thought it shouldnt matter, Just that In this way, your strength will be in bottleneck state for a long time.

It doesnt matter. Its not a big deal to be a little gigolo, Fatty Big Sea didnt care.

You cant be a little gigolo, but its possible for you to be a Fat gigolo.

Then, Ill be the most bum-like fat Gigolo. Fatty Big Sea was lying comfortably on the ground. His eyes narrowed into two lines.

You have such great ambition, Gao Peng couldnt say anything.

Haha, I have been protecting for so long, I also want to experience the feeling of being protected.

Ok, in the future, Ill protect you, Desolion promised.

Fatty Big Sea,

Hey, what kind of look is that? Desolion felt like he had been insulted.

Fatty Big Sea flipped to the other side to sun himself.

Aside from them, the Dragon Cultivation Book was stuck at level 99, so it was temporarily unable to understand the rules.

At the same time, the level of White Clam had also been raised to 84 and is steadily improving, striving to catch up with the second group of the bum team.

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