Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 805

Chapter 805 Honey Trap

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Thanks for your hard work, White Dragon. After a pause, Ji Hanwu smiled and said, Perhaps we should call you Black Dragon now.

Master can call me whatever you please, my name is just an alias, Black Dragon said in a muffled voice.

Black smoke swirled around Black Dragon. The black fog got thicker and thicker, forming a thundercloud that flowed out of the window gaps. The tip of the entire building was completely enveloped by the black fog, looking like a magical castle that stood in the night.

How does it feel to devour a God?

Black Dragon narrowed its eyes, licking its lips with its crimson tongue, Nothing like ever before.

Lets advance together, old sport. Ji Hanwu coughed, putting a palm over his mouth.

I have a feeling that we might not be able to hide for long.

Then let us receive the true hurricane, and see whos the ultimate darkness, Black Dragon raised its head, its voice deep and eerie.

Achoo. Gao Peng sneezed.

Gao Peng has been very busy lately, mostly in a mental sense.

His familiars were all at the critical period of a breakthrough. All they need to become Gods is to forge Gods Altar.

Forging Gods Altar wasnt hard. Gao Pengs Familiars all have very high grades, the cream of the crop in their kinds, so they all meet the requirements.

But with Dumby as the exemplar, they all hope to break through the limit, so theyre stuck at the current stage of condensing Godhoods and unwilling to forge Gods Altar. They all want to go a step further, and perhaps they could condense new Godhoods?

Aside from that, Gao Peng had to collect valuable materials for his Familiars to make Divine Artifacts once they become Gods and also materials for Fatty Big Sea to recover to Eternal Grade.

There are no wind howling rocks here, lets go to the next location. Gao Peng, who was wearing a woven straw hat, wiped the sweat on his face and urged.

Wait. Goldie sat cross-legged on a big rock. Its bald head shimmered under the blazing sunlight, like an extra-large lightbulb.

Whats up with you now? Gao Peng was speechless at the sight.

Im contemplating. Goldie had a serious face.

Then, have you contemplated anything? Gao Peng rolled his eyes.

No, Goldie smiled, But I have to try. Otherwise, how would I know if I can contemplate anything? Theres an old saying that goes halfway through its sentence, Goldie forgot what the rest of that old saying was.

So it jumped off the rock, and rubbed its head in embarrassment, and quickly changed the subject, Lets set off, Gao Peng!

They walked forward for several hours. Dumby stopped, Master, there are energy waves ahead.

Approximately what tier?

God tier, said Dumby.

Then, lets take a look.

Two powerful entities were at a stalemate above the Thousand Places Lake.

On the left was a divine blue lion who was blue all over and had a pair of pure-white eyes. Behind the divine lion was the apparition of a vast ocean land.

On the right was a Four-Winged Divine Valley Scorpion that was gilt gold all over. Behind the Four-Winged Divine Valley Scorpion was a boundless sunset desert apparition.

Two completely opposite rules collided, distorting the vanity space.

Thousand Places Lake has always been my territory. Old scorpion, youre crossing the line! the divine blue lion growled.

No, no, in fact, since I remember, this place used to be a desert long ago. It became a lake afterward, so Im also qualified to fight over this treasure, the Four-Winged Divine Valley Scorpion on the opposite side said lazily.

When its voice fell, ten thousand meter tall waves formed death whirlpools that enveloped Four-Winged Divine Valley Scorpion. This was a rule projection, and the massive rule projection completely covered Four-Winged Divine Valley Scorpion.

Even a mountain would be ground to dust.

Another sneak attackyoure shameless as always. the Ocean Rule projection slowly solidified, becoming a yellowish-brown color, finally desertifying completely. It merged into the terrifying desert and becoming part of it. So many years of fighting against me, and you always sneak attack.

Why should I follow the rules against vile creatures like you? The divine blue lion scoffed.

Sh*t, that shameless attitude, and you say its not your relative, Goldie, who was watching from a distance, turned and said to Desolion with shock.

Desolions face fell. Youre insulting me, arent you? Youre insulting me!

At the same time, Desolion was in shock as well because the divine blue lion in the distance looked so much like himself.

Aside from the difference in color, both its stature and appearance were extremely similar. The only difference might be that its female, and Desolion was male.

[Monster Name] Ocean Holy Lion

[Monster Grade] Mythical Grade/Mythical Grade

[Monster Tier] Medium God

[Monster Attribute] Water

[Monster Description] Ocean Saint Lion, one of the Seven Holy Lions. Its a natural ruler of the Lion Clan, extremely rare.

Thats Ocean Holy Lion, one of the Seven Holy Lions, Gao Peng said.

Ill definitely be just as strong in the future. Desolions eyes glimmered, he found the goal he wanted to work towards.

They were both one of the Seven Holy Lions, so theoretically, he could reach the same level that she can.

Shh, Gao Peng signaled them to be quiet, continuing to observe their battle in the dark.

Beneath everyones feet was an area of metalized ground. This was a Mechanic Territory that King of Robotics created to hide everyones auras.

Ocean Holy Lion and Four-Winged Divine Valley Scorpion then broke out into battle.

In the end, Ocean Holy Lion won because of her higher skill, forcing Four-Winged Divine Valley Scorpion to back off.

Since there were many lakes in the area, there were more water elements, and Water Rule was stronger than other rules here. Hence Ocean Holy Lion won.

When Gao Peng saw the treasure Ocean Holy Lion took out from the lake, he hesitated in his departure.

He was about to leave because Ocean Holy Lion was very strong. Medium Gods and Elementary Gods differences werent reflected in stats but in the difference between rules.

Rules surpassing 10% was an important threshold.

But Gao Peng didnt expect the treasure they were fighting over was Resuscitating Heart of the Ocean.

That was the last ingredient for restoring Fatty Big Sea to Eternal Grade.

Resuscitating Heart of the Ocean is a treasure to ordinary water-type monsters. It can be used to make Divine Artifacts, as well as to restore Divine Artifacts. If you carry one around for an extended period of time, it also increases the speed at which you comprehend water type rules.

But it has a hidden function, that is recovering a monsters fallen grade.

Gao Peng put all the other Familiars into the Familiar Space, leaving only Dumby and King of Robotics outside.

Dumby and King of Robotics blocked Ocean Holy Lion from the front and back.

Ocean Holy Lion paused, then scoffed after sensing Dumby and King of Robotics were Elementary Gods, I sensed bugs hiding in the dark, you finally cant restrain yourselves.

Suddenly, Ocean Holy Lion turned around to stare at Dumby, a hint of confusion in her eyes, You have the aura of another Holy Lion.

Her gaze became excited, giving off an odd aura.

A male too?!

Desolion sneezed in the Familiar Space.

Ocean Holy Lions expression changed, as if remembering something, You want this Resuscitating Heart of the Ocean? Thats not impossible, but you have to find me the other Holy Lion.

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