Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 806

Chapter 806 Success

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Gao Peng told the Familiars inside the Familiar Space about the situation outside.

Ever since Dumby broke through God, Familiar Space became a small environment with a complete ecosystem.

Its suitable for all Familiars and can automatically derive different environments.

Gao Peng told Desolion about Ocean Holy Lions condition, Desolions expression shifted.

She probably wants you to breed with her, Goldie said seriously.

Brother, my brother lion! Fatty Big Sea threw itself at Desolion, rubbing its head against Desolions chest.

I swear Ill never treat you as a combat unit in the future, Fatty Big Sea swore, Just help your brother out. Please help me.

A cold glint flickered in Desolions eyes, This lioness thinks Im a stud lion.

Whats wrong with stud lions? Think about it. This is a Medium God Ocean Holy Lion. If you get together with her, would you still lack resources in the future? Would you still lack precious materials for making Divine Artifacts? Would others look down on you? Youll be at the zenith of your life as a lion! Who cares after youve succeeded? Fatty Big Sea persuaded.

After hearing Fatty Big Seas words, Desolionwas moved.

Zenith of my life as a lion Desolion had a strange expression.

Exactly, and who would dare treat you as a combat unit in the future? Youre someone with a partner, and shes a Medium God, a sugar mommy! Fatty Big Sea said with deep feeling, Even I want to sell my couple hundred kilos.

But I heard about sugar mommy happy balls, sugar mommy happy fires, would that God have these sorts of hobbies? Desolion was concerned.

Fatty Big Sea scolded secretly, what strange things are Desolion reading?

Then, let me consider it. Desolion still couldnt do it. In its memory, it was the master of the Desolate Labyrinth in Black Fog World, the king that galloped on the plateau, that was chased out of the Black Fog mountain range.

Through observing Desolions condition, Gao Peng found Desolions condition quietly turned to [Secretly Gleeful].

What a dishonest guy.

Then it opened its right hand, a ball of light appeared in its palm, Desolion was summoned.

Desolion secretly observed Ocean Holy Lion, and he was pleased with her appearance. She has a fluid body and looks pretty strong.

Im quite pleased, Desolion said to Gao Peng through the Blood Contract.

Hes rather handsome, not bad, Ocean Holy Lion nodded, satisfaction in her tone.

Desolion couldnt help holding his head up high when he heard this.

Of course, my appearance is inarguable!

Just my fur was the object of so many lionesses dreams on the plateau.

But ever since following this single dog Gao Peng, its been so long since Ivesigh.

Hand him to me, and Ill give you this Resuscitating Heart of the Ocean, Ocean Holy Lion said.

Hand him to you? I think you made a mistake, shouldnt it be lent? Gao Peng asked with confusion.

Its fine for Desolion to go make a friend, but not if he has to give Desolion away.

Ocean Holy Lions eyes glimmered, I made a mistake, lend him to me, and Ill return him in a couple of hours.

[Monster Name] Ocean Holy Lion

[Monster Condition] Healthy (Nervous/Excited/Evil)

Gao Peng thought to himself. This lioness isnt being honest, what else does she want to stir?

But he kept up a smile, Okay, no problem, youll have common interests.

As he said this, Gao Peng controlled Dumbys body to carry Desolion forward.

What about you give me the cash, and I give you the goods? Dumby reached out its right hand.

Desolion was a little unhappy about being treated as goods, but once he thought about the happiness he was about to experience, he didnt care much about titles.

Ocean Holy Lion was cautious as she watched Dumby approach.

Why are you so nervous? Youre a Medium God, Im only an Elementary God, Dumby chuckled.

Maybe Im just nervous because its the first time doing this kind of business. Ocean Holy Lions expression didnt change. She wasnt afraid of Dumby since she was a Medium God. She was just worried Dumby might kill the hostage.

After all, in her eyes, a Quasi-God is probably not very valuable. If she tries to take him by force and this Quasi God Frost Holy Lion is accidentally killed, that would be troublesome.

More importantly, the Frost Holy Lion thats also one of the Seven Holy Lions has a different significance to her.

Only a living Frost Holy Lion would be useful to her.

Dumby took over the Resuscitating Heart of the Ocean, Frost Holy Lion was then turned into a ball of white light and merged into Dumbys Body.

Soul Rule: Tear!

Death Rule: Terminating Finger.

The forces of the two rules set into Ocean Holy Lions body simultaneously.

Unprepared, Ocean Holy Lions spirit was heavily injured. She flew backward.

Although she reacted and dodged the moment Dumby made its move, she was still hit in the chest.

The fur on her chest turned greyish white. The precept power in her body felt jammed when it passed through this area. The power of death blocked this area.

You broke your promise, Ocean Holy Lion was infuriated.

Gao Peng, who was possessing Dumby, said, Why should we keep promises with heresies like you?

Gao Peng returned to Ocean Holy Lion exactly what she just said to Four-Winged Divine Valley Scorpion.

I didnt expect you to have Death Rule, I really underestimated you, Ocean Holy Lion glared at Dumby with hatred.

The power of the Death Rule was like a parasite that continuously depleted her power.

King of Robotics didnt know why Gao Peng acted out against Ocean Holy Lion, but immediately stood behind Gao Peng.

Ice Hell Thousand Bones Tomb. Dumby opened its hands, and a cold light exploded from its palms.

The grayish-white mist mixed with an icy blue mist. Space shook, the sky darkened, a thick greyish blue chain fell from the sky and smashed into the earth.

A frosted White Bones Giant Tomb appeared around Ocean Holy Lion, surrounding her.

Alarms went off in Ocean Holy Lions mind, and Ocean Rule formed an enormous water orb that protected her.

The water orb shook, its surface was continuously corroded by Frost Rule. The water orb even looked like it was going to turn into an ice orb.


Ocean Holy Lion roared, an endless blue light enveloped the entire sky and earth as if placing the world in the oceans abyss.

Dumby was alarmed. White Skeleton Precept formed a shield that protected itself and King of Robotics.

King of Robotics pressed its arms against the white bone shield, and a metallic sheen quickly covered the surface of the white bone shield.

But the expected storm of attacks never came.

Oh no, Dumby withdrew the shield. The Ice Hell Thousand Bones Tomb had a breach. It was empty inside.

She escaped, Gao Peng didnt expect Ocean Holy Lion just to run.

Then Gao Peng left the barrier with King of Robotics. Only after they made sure Ocean Holy Lion didnt follow did they undo the merge.

Three lights faded, Gao Peng, Dumby, and Desolion all appeared in place.

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