Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 808

Chapter 808 The Six Kings Of The Galaxy

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At the center of a countless sea of planes of existence, there were endless vanity turbulences. Near chaotic areas by the surface sea, and between the gaps of the planes, was a space that was collectively called the vanity space.

Due to the powerful superstars in the chaotic vanity space that naturally emitted energy waves, the airflow in this region was considerably aggressive. The energy waves of different planes would collide to form strong vanity turbulence.

The farther one was from these vanity turbulences, the smoother the fluctuations in the air. But the distance also came with increasingly corrosive and chaotic gas.

However, although these chaotic gases were more corrosive, they were more likely to breed soil that was conducive to the survival of monsters.

There were more monsters in the chaotic vanity space than in the Vanity Turbulence.

In addition to the super large heavyweight world system like the Jiutian Shidi, in the chaos, there was another common environment stars.

Cold and dead stars float in the chaotic vanity space.

Just as deadwood falls to the bottom of the lake, a prosperous life cycle would be born from this rotten wood. It was the same for the dead star, where all kinds of chaotic creatures live on the planet and after a long period of evolution, these creatures and the dead star have achieved a win-win ecology system.

This was the origin of the star system.

The Tyrant Galaxy was a cluster of dead stars, where at its peak had millions of dead stars.

The dead stars along the edges were ash white, some dead stars were dark red, there was no atmosphere in the chaos, the surface of the planet was filled with holes, occasionally one could see huge deformed monsters crawling lazily on the surface of these stars; some of the death stars had been broken open, like an apple that had been bitten, revealing the sore-like holes within the planet.

As the line of sight extends inwards, the level of completeness of the dead star becomes higher and higher.

The stars in sight were also gradually starting to glow.

In terms of appearance, these stars were not much different from the outer dead stars, but they are more complete, and the surface of these stars was covered with a silver-white mask, like the atmosphere. Through this silver-white mask, one could see the many blue holes in the dead star, and a blue rainbow light was emerging from the holes.

The light on these planets ranged from weak to strong, the weak or dying light, gave one a feeling of it being extinguished at any time.

The glow on the surface of the weakest dead star gradually disappeared, and the light in the blue hole on the surface of the star converged slowly and finally completely extinguishes.

Father, another star has gone out. A conversation came from a space deep in the Tyrant Galaxy.

I can feel it We have not much time left. Wes, lets fight hand in hand. I will plunder the battle for you. We must win this battle.

Wes will obey.

There were endless white lights interwoven in the depths of the Tyrant Galaxy. The white light formed a huge circle. In the middle of the circle, a huge double-sided butterfly appeared in the sky.

From the front, it was a butterfly, but on the back, it carried a milky cocoon. Its pair of huge wings seemed to be made up of pure starlight that stretched across its body.

The invasion of the constellation was in its most intense stage. The constellation wanted to settle in the surface sea while the surface sea wanted desperately to guard its territory. This was because the territory was limited in size, and every space one gave up would mean smaller space for themselves.

But the ambition of the constellation obviously went beyond one or two small planes.

Gao Peng, who was fishing in these troubled waters, also felt the pressure.

Fortunately, with Desolion breaking through the divine level, and the King of Robotics ingesting a large number of minerals and saw a 70% recovery, this was equivalent to Gao Peng carrying eight god-level familiars with him.

No one could stop Gao Peng if he wanted to escape unless he encounters the presence of a higher god-level monster.

All the monsters were fleeing, some from this plane to the next plane, and some from the next plane coming over.

But for many monsters below god level, it seemed that no matter where they flee, they were always under the shadow of war.

And as time went by, more and more monsters were killed and wounded. The hatred by both sides could no longer be controlled by the leaders of each side.

After some time, Gao Peng heard a piece of breaking news from an escaping monster The leader of the Nature Divine System had killed a star king in the forest sea plane.

There were six star kings in the constellation.

Gao Peng had heard the name of the kings of the constellation from the constellation monsters. The status as the kings of the constellation was not bestowed by anyone but referred to the six strongest beings that were acknowledged by the whole of the Tyrant Galaxy.

Galactic Silver Phoenix, Star Fist, Star Spinning Lighted Dragon, Omniscient Shadow, Titan Light Ape, Double Faced Star Eating Butterfly.

This time, it was the Titan Light Ape that had fallen.

Because he had not met it before, Gao Peng did not know the specific strength of Titan light ape.

But if he did not guess wrong, he might have met the Galactic Silver Phoenix more than once.

As the six top being, the Titan Light Ape would be the same level as Galactic Silver Phoenix.

Even after hearing this news, Gao Peng didnt have too many ideas. He continued to fish in troubled waters.

Because it was a long distance away, at least was not at the same level as he was.

But Gao Peng wasnt happy for too long. Gao Peng had once again sneakily picked up the body of a God on the battlefield, and he finally annoyed some being who issued a hunting order for Gao Peng.

Gao Peng, who was sitting on the ground, stood up. He didnt have time to step on the firepit. His face changed a little. That fellow was catching up to them again, lets go.

He kept all the familiar in the familiar space. Then, merged with the Dragon Ant and Da Zi. The Dragon Ant used his Thousands Transformation Godhood to transformed into the thunder godhood. Floating on the altar within Da Zis body were two identical bright purple godhoods.

The two similar-looking thunder godhood concurrently gave out a bright purple glow, and the chains of rules appeared.


Da Zi turned into a purple mirage and dashed into the sky.

Eat my ashes! Gao Peng scolded in a low voice.

The guy behind him was not faster than the double powered Da Zi, but his tracking ability was relentless. This fellow would catch up with him after Gao Peng barely had enough rest.

Gao Peng did not dare to escape to the dark fog world, but could only continue to fly to the deep part of the surface sea.

A minute after Gao Peng left, there was an explosion of dark clouds in the sky. In the dark, a pair of scarlet eyes appeared.

Where the dark clouds passed, black gas was left behind. Some birds accidentally collided with it and immediately corroded into a pile of white bones falling into the forest.

Gao Peng, why does it keep chasing us? Da Zi said grievously.

This is its ability, Gao Peng has a headache. The fellow behind him has characteristics of a tracking monster. All enemies locked down by him would leave footprints, and his eyes could see these footprints.

That guy is a high-level God. If you want to tire him out, it would be unrealistic. You have to find a way to kill him. Otherwise, there will be even more trouble when the other powerful beings of the constellation are free after the end of the war. Gao Peng thought about how to deal with the guy behind him.

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