Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 810

Chapter 810 Death Master

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The Death Dragon Tyrant did not have any expression change. It seemed that he was used to being scolded.

I am speaking nicely to you. Its not right for you to scold me and tell me to go away. In this world, is killing each other the only way to solve problems? If I killed your son, you will avenge your son and come after me, even if you killed me, my offspring will avenge me, and then you will also have your offspring. When will vengeance ever end? Death Dragon Tyrant said all of this in a single breath.

Anyway, anyway, are you serious, dont you know that this is the site of our undead divine system, even if you kill us, you cant get away, the Death Dragon Tyrant sighed, What about this, lets find a way to have a solution to the problem


The Death Dragon Tyrant didnt manage to say another word. It couldnt stand the incessant nagging. Its eyes that could indict fear shot out countless rays.

The dense rays engulfed both the Death Dragon Tyrant and Dumby.

What theyou are actually serious. You, this monster, why cant you be reasonable. A monster as unreasonable as you are would find it hard to find a partner.

Master it Dumby stretched out his hand and summoned the Bone Shield Barrier in front of him.

This was the first time it has seen such a talkative monster and it was even a median god.

This is its ability. Gao Peng said, Yanling Dragon Curse, as long as it kept talking in front of the enemy, it could continuously increase its power. The enhancement brought by Yanling Dragon Curse can be stacked up by 50%.

The Death Dragon Tyrant used the bone rule to summon the White Bone Barrier Shield, though it was called a shield, it was actually closer to a wall, or a giant wall that was more than ten meters thick.

The giant white bone wall was penetrated by the rays. Some of the rays landed on the Death Dragon Tyrant, leaving small potholes wounds. The wounds were not deep, but they were very dense, and the punctured wounds did not heal automatically. Fortunately, the body of the Death Dragon Tyrant was dead and would no longer bleed. Otherwise, bleeding alone could be painful.

You are not the first to not give me any face, the Death Dragon Tyrants expression turned ugly.

The Death Dragon Tyrants face darkened, But your end will be exactly like the rest of them.

The voice faded off.

The space on the left suddenly broke open.

A stout arm squeezed into the space.


The black cloud was blasted as if a giant hand had smacked a mosquito.

The dark cloud held by the giant hand was crushed directly.

The broken black cloud wanted to sneak out from the gap between the giant hands.

This time it was not the owner of the giant hands that attacked, but a giant red sword falling from the sky.

The wind that swept through swallowed up the dark clouds, and the cold chilly light appeared.

In under two strokes, the Blood Eye Cloud King completely fell.

This is the consequence of not giving me face. The Death Dragon Tyrant shook his head coldly, then changed his tone, with his nostrils turned skyward, Fortunately, the Death Master came in time.

Let me introduce to you, this is my newfound friend, and he is also a god of our ghoul race. To be honest, the first time I saw him, I even thought Death Dragon Tyrant said.

In the vanity space, a trace of ripples cracked, and the vanity space seemed to be torn open by a pair of cold hands.

The dark space gap absorbed all the surrounding light and then finally appeared.

The moment when Dumby saw the being, Dumby had a strange feeling in his heart, and Gao Peng, who had merged with Dumby, also had this strange feeling.

This was

The being in front of their eyes no longer absorbed the light, exposing his bones of gold at the bottom.

His eyes, which were not particularly large, were burning with the calm red flames.

On its body, there was a black-red armor. The surface of the armor was covered with cracks and scars, indicating that it had experienced a very cruel war. Not particularly burly, but his body gave a feeling that he could take on the whole world.

But these were secondary. The most important thing was that looking at him was like looking at Dumby in a mirror.

So similar,

He looked almost the same as Dumby, and there was not much appearance difference!

No wonder the Death Dragon Tyrant was willing to help us. Gao Peng was amazed.

This is fate, with a faint sigh, the being who torn up the vanity space walked in front of Dumby and stared deeply at Dumbys face. As he as a skeleton, his expression could not be seen. But everyone at the scene felt a nostalgic emotion.

Maybe you can be a qualified heir, said the Death Master.

Gao Peng thought it was unbelievable. This was the first time in many years that he had seen a monster of the same race as his familiar.

He was a little surprised but didnt find it unacceptable.

Because in his introduction to the familiars, it was never said that they were unique, and he had long proved that they could be manufactured in batches.

Since they could be manufactured in batches, then it might appear in the wild. At this point in time, Gao Peng could only express his admiration for the powers of the creator.

I think I may not be able to take on such a heavy responsibility, Dumby declined the kindness of the Death master.

The Death Master fell silent, like the storm before a thunderstorm. The air was particularly tense.

You are a death master, the natural owner of the dead, even if you do not choose this path, destiny will eventually lead you down this road, it was as I did back then, the Death master said slowly.

Its a pity that I didnt have your good luck to meet a kind senior like myself.

Are you bragging about yourselfthe brag was so subtle.

The Death Master took a deep look at Dumby, Do you have a trainer? Rest assured that our undead divine system does not bother about small matters like these. If you become the heir of the undead gods, you can also better protect your trainer.

After a short pause, Dumby said, How did you find out?

I also have a soul godhood. The Death Master chuckled. Although your souls are very closely knitted, I can still see some small traces. It just so happened that I have seen a trainer before.

Thats all for now. Think about it.

I would like to give you one last friendly advice. I killed a lot of gods that year, so I now become what they want me to be, but you have to rememberyou are a death master like me, they will never let the threat of having a new death master to appear.

You are still too weak right now. You dont deserve the name of the Death Master. Keep working at it.

When he was done speaking, the death master waved his hand, turned around, and left, leaving only a fading voice, Think about it yourself, when you have decided, let the Death Dragon Tyrant know. If you dont want to accept the role, it doesnt matter. I never force anyone.

The Death Dragon Tyrant took a deep look at Dumby, I didnt expect Godfather to value you so much, and want to train you to become the new master of our undead divine system. But this path is not so simple. Maybe you are right to refuse.

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