Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 816

Chapter 816 Ive Really Never Seen A God As Despicable As You

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Stop! I wont fight with you anymore! The Eternal Evergreen Bird turned his head angrily and glared fiercely at Olu. Ive never seen a God as despicable as you!

Olu removed his hands from the keyboard and sat on them. He looked up innocently. What?

Did you use your ability again just now? The Eternal Evergreen Bird felt indignant.

I didnt. Olu tilted his head.

Then why did my character die?!

Because youre a greenhorn, Olu said proudly.

The Eternal Evergreen was about to explode from anger.

You youre not allowed to use your creepy ability next time.

What are you talking about?

After five minutes, the character controlled by the Eternal Evergreen Bird ran over from the revival location. The two characters met outside the city.

Olus eyes gleamed. A strange kind of lightwave spread outwards with Olu at the center.

In the blink of an eye, it turned into a domain that included the entire main hall. Only the host computer happened to be just outside the domain.

Everything inside this domain was slowed down. Time seemed to become much slower.

Olu was the only one whose speed was not affected at all.

Click-clack, click-clack.

A series of brutal attacks using the keyboard.

When the domain disappeared, the image on the Eternal Evergreen Birds screen had already turned into a grayscale image.

The Eternal Evergreen Bird,

If not for the fact that I cant beat you, I would definitely beat you to death, you little brat.

The Spatial Tunnel on the Qing Tian Plateau suddenly flashed, and a glittering-gold Giant Buddha funneled through from outside.

Why did you come back? A slight breeze started blowing on the Plateau out of nowhere. The grass swayed in the direction of the wind, and a gentle voice echoed in the sky.

Hmph! The golden body of the Giant Buddha was tattered. His chest, arms, and shoulder blades had all been attacked, and fine cracks were spreading outwards like a spider web. I will definitely take revenge for this,

The Blissful Buddha said. He had escaped after much difficulty only to be attacked before he had managed to go far.

He had not even managed to see who his opponent was clearly. The image flashed past his eyes, and in the next moment, he was sent flying from a blow.

The Blissful Buddha could do nothing. After a moment of fury, he decisively turned around and fled in the other direction!

Rays of green light rose from the prairie like auroras. They merged in the sky to form a giant green dragon that occupied the entire sky.

Is this the reason you revealed our location here?

Since you want to leave, Ill let you leave. But youre the one who encountered danger and fled here of your own accord, divulging the exact location of the exit. The voice of the Azure Dragon was very loud. So, you hope that we can protect you?

The Blissful Buddha was unbearably angry. To begin with, the enemies outside were drawn out by the humans in here. What has it got to do with me? Im the victim.

Youve said everything good and bad. That mouth of yours has such a sharp tongue. Its a real pity that you didnt learn some Mouth Escape Precept. A few figures came from the other side of the Qing Tian Plateau. The voice had come from the top of the head of a purple centipede dragon.

A fairly young youth sat on the top of the centipede dragons head with his legs crossed. His gaze was cold as ice.

Its you? The Blissful Buddha recognized Gao Peng because Gao Peng had come to the Huan Mountain once not long ago.

Ill give you two choices on account of the fact that you protected the Yifang people for so many years. The first option, join the Huaxia Clan and become Huaxias sacrifice. The second option, Ill kill you and dig out your Godhood, Gao Pengs cold voice reached him.

The Blissful Buddha gazed gravely at the God whom Gao Peng was sitting on. He was not the same God as the previous one.

The Blissful Buddha turned his head to look at the Azure Dragon. When did you become a lackey of the humans?

Senior Azure Dragon wont attack you. I alone am enough to kill you.

The Azure Dragon glanced at Gao Peng meaningfully mainly at Da Zi underneath Gao Peng.

Dont worry, I wont do anything, the Azure Dragon said.

After obtaining an affirmative answer from the Azure Dragon, the Blissful Buddha heaved a sigh of relief. He turned around confidently although he was but a beginner God who had just broken through to the God Tier. I remember that you have another God Tier Familiar. Thats your ultimate trump card. Do you think that Im no match for you if its two of you against me? Im already at the peak grade of beginner Gods. I can probably defeat ten weaklings like the one under you.

When Da Zi heard the Blissful Buddha say that he could defeat ten powerful opponents like Da Zi, his pupils shrank, and a thin layer of Lightning Arc flowed across the surface of his body.

Do you mean to say that youre choosing the second option?

Gao Peng smiled insincerely. Did he really think that they would treat him with courtesy after defeating him and then subduing him?

He meant it when he said he was going to kill him! He was definitely going to kill him today!

Gao Peng vanished immediately and merged with Da Zi beneath him.

At the same moment that Gao Peng merged with Da Zi, a giant fist shining with gold light brushed past the top of Da Zis head. The cold and harsh wind caused the hair on the nape of Da Zis neck to blow about.

Roar! Da Zi violently spewed out a pillar of lightning

The Blissful Buddha was immediately sent flying from the blow. His massive body lifted with its countless sections of land.

The Blissful Buddha crawled up from the ground. You cant hurt me A lightning arc flashed past, and the wound on the Blissful Buddhas chest suddenly split open. The crack became even bigger.

9% Strengthening Rule. You may be able to resist physics damage effectively, but how can you withstand elemental damage?, Gao Peng sneered.

Gao Peng had really never feared anyone when it came to battling those of the same Tier.

Da Zis Lightning Rule had already hit 4%. Although it paled slightly in comparison to the Blissful Buddhas 9% Golden Light Rule and 9% Strengthening Rule, it was an undeniable fact that the Lightning Rule was nevertheless of a higher grade than the Golden Light Rule.

The Golden Light Rule was just one of the Light Rules. The Strengthening Rule was also one of the Everlasting Rules. However, the Lightning Rule was an Elemental Source Rule

The Blissful Buddha was stunned from shock. The chap on the other side obviously did not have as high a level of control over Rules as him, but why was his power so terrifying?

After testing the damage Da Zi could cause, Gao Peng did not want to continue wasting time.

The Vanity Space was distorted, and the Dragon Ant was summoned.

The Blissful Buddhas heart jolted. Was this another new God whom he had never seen before?

Double Convergence.

The Dragon Ant transformed into a mass of white light and melted into Da Zis body.

A new Thousands Transformation Godhood appeared in Da Zis Spirit Sea. The Thousands Transformation Godhood transformed into Thunder Godhoods.

The two Thunder Godhoods shone on Gods Altar. Da Zis control of the Lightning Rule immediately increased exponentially, jumping from 4% to 8%.

Lightning Rule: Punishment from the Heavens!


Dense black clouds covered the sky. Thunder roared, and lightning flashed.

The furious and frequent sounds of thunder fell from the highest of the heavens.

When these sounds of thunder covered the surface of the Blissful Buddhas body, they transformed into chains that bound him.

Golden light shone brilliantly, dyeing the earth and heaven completely golden.

A golden thunder sword, accompanied by the piercing sounds of reverberating thunder, sliced the entire world into two.


With a tremble of his body, the Blissful Buddha froze on the spot.

Swiftly following this, a fine black thread pierced through his body from his brow downwards, splitting him into two.

I Dont you need me? Why did you kill kill

A loud rumble.

The Blissful Buddha collapsed onto the ground, kicking up quite a dust.

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